hi, i was watching oprah today and the show was about a woman who had a sex change operation to become a man, got married to another woman and is now pregnant....i'm just wondering what people think about this...(no nasty prejudice comments please - just honest thoughts and conversation...) I'm not sure what the laws are in other countries but in Australia, if you have a sex change operation, then you can legally go back and change your birth certificate and say that you were born a man on your birth certificate, even if you were born a woman. e.g. if you were born Jane Smith, female, you can legally have a new birth certificate made up to state that you were born Andrew Smith, male. i'm don't agree with this aspect of sex change because if you were born a woman and you have a sex change, then you should be proud of making that choice and not be in a situation where you have the power to hide your past...i'm not sure if changing your sex on your birth certificate will eventually have other legal complications but regardless, you were born what you were born; it's part of your life and what helps to shape who you are, so i can't understand why that should be changed, even if you want to do so physically.... I believe that there should be proper access to change your driver's licence; phone bills etc etc but not your birth certificate. they are official records of what happened at the time...i don't think your mum will ever forget giving birth to Jane Smith, so why do you pretend or try to convince her that she gave birth to Andrew Smith?? ...but that's my thoughts and i haven't experienced anything like this in my circle of friends/family or work, so i don't know how it feels.... So, back to this oprah thing....if you are a woman and chose to be a man, why then, do you keep your sex organs? if you want to be a man, be a man....go the whole way....if you chose to be a man, then you automatically forgo having the ability to give birth to a child - that's the fundamental difference between a man and a woman....i know we live in a world where we want it all - but let's face it - we can't...that's just life and we need to learn to get over it..... so, if men are now giving birth - are they really men? or are they just women, pretending to be men? it's not biologically possible for a man to have a child - or are we moving to a society where we are trying to pretend that it now is? are you a man or a women if you are pregnant with a child, after having a sex operation to be a man? and if you went to all that trouble and expense to be a man, then why would you then announce publicly that you are a woman, by having a baby? what then, do we teach our children in biology about pregancy and where babies come from? do we then start to teach teenage boys, how to give birth naturally, along with safe sex education and football? if more and more 'men' give birth to children, how do we address this in schools? i'm confused by all this....i hold no judgement, just curious and wanting to learn how transexuals think or how other people who may have more information/experience on this than me's always seems so taboo to discuss but i just want to learn... thankyou...
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I didn't realize that a sex-change enabled a person to still have the genitals of their former gender. In any case, it's my opinion that anyone capable of getting pregnant ought to be able to do so.

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This is Thomas Beatie, right? They have two children now. It's making people question and rethink "What is a family." Which I think should be re-evaluated instead of judged or prohibited. First of all, the long process of changing a gender has a lot of psychological testing. So it's not a willy nilly process. The real issue is that there psychologically inept abusive parents having children who are in heterosexual, non transgendered/reassigned relationships. Taking away his rights to have a child does not stop child abuse or dysfunction. It only reflects our feelings about him being pregnant. The rights of the child tends to be ignored when we are approached with something different and not what we think is "normal". Should this person's right to have children be taken away? And "why"? Because we don't think it is right or because we don't think it is normal? They shouldn't have a right to raise a family because? I feel we can address anything to our children and that the problem is we expect the school system to address things that not everyone can agree with. There's the huge debate. As a top priority, mutual respect for differences and respect of life should prevail when approaching difficult situations. The rest are details that should be worked out in a humane and just manner without the quick judgment and hasty conclusions.

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of course he should. you can't tell someone they're not "allowed" to get pregnant, anyways- it's his body, and if it works that way, he can do what he wants.

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They still have the female organs I think but if they are on hormone therapy can they get pregnant?

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Thank you for the question. I actually don't see why not. One of my cousins is transgender and I understand that there are good medical reasons why -- for female to male gender reassignment in particular -- many transgender people do NOT opt to go "all the way" where surgical options are concerned.

Basically, using plastic surgery to construct an artificial vagina from a penis gives reasonably satisfactory results. But constructing a functioning penis from vaginal tissue is far more challenging given the current state of medical knowledge.

I have a gay male friend who raised three happy children, first as a single dad, and for the past 9 years or so with a male partner with whom he is in a committed relationship.

And I know of single fathers and single mothers who are doing an incredibly good job of raising their children. I simply cannot find a reason why a transgendered person cannot be a good parent.

Ironically, as a Catholic I am not totally comfortable with the idea of artificial insemination, and the idea of a transgendered Dad having a child naturally with a woman actually troubles me less (no moral questions about selective reduction when too many embryos "take").

It is a question of individual conscience. A matter between gay Catholics and G*d. My religion forbids me to judge; we are taught that sexual inclination is not a lifestyle choice, but a question of biology.

So gay Catholics are to be welcomed and supported if they wish to hear mass, even if they might not be able to receive Holy Communion. Being born gay (or a man in the body of a woman etc) is not a grounds for excommunication or shunning. HTH...


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I think that people change their birth cert because they believe that they were born the wrong sex and the sex change op just brings them in line with who they really are - so they do not want a reminder of the mistake that occurred when they were born.

If a woman becomes a man then as far as I know they do not remove the inner reproductive organs - so the uterus etc still remains. I don't see anything wrong with a man having a baby - if he has the organs to do so.

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well how are they technically a man if they still have their womb -- seems like they would still be a woman

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