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I've only been at the store a month only on weekends. But I recently missed a day of work and had no idea and no one even told me until I went in to pick up a check. Aren't they allowed to call you and ask? Just to ease my brain here; they cant' fire me over that right??
birdoparadise birdoparadise 22-25 2 Answers Jun 14, 2014 in Community

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In Nevada, no call, no show is grounds for termination. It is strange that nobody talked to you about it.

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Yea this whole store is confusing me.

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Do you have a boss? Ask?

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She won't be in again til tuesday.

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Well, hopefully she is good at her job, recognizes anybody can make this mistake (I have, as a full-time employee, thought it was Saturday and it was Friday... I could have been denied unemployment had I been fired). Humans make mistakes. Breathe. I suspect all will be fine.

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