After inequality has been abolished of course... Obviously we can no longer stand for the few governing the whole.
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I don't think this will work. It's hard enough to overthrow a corrupt government. We would be unable to overthrow the world. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" (Lord Acton). It is the nature of human beings to want to feel special and priviledged over others. We would end up with a world caste system and no hope of change.

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Culturally, the world would become less and less diverse.

Now would that be a good thing or not? I don't know.

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Too big, open to corruption.

Best Answer think inequality will be abolished at some point? Good God the hippies poisoned every generation after ......... minimized / regulated maybe but abolished my *** and no thanks i don't believe in giving any government power to rule the world the division of nations is all that keeps our world half sane now .

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Absolute power ruins absolutely, someone once said.

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Read the book "1984" by George Orwell to find out.

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Not enough space to write everything here. :)

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A word of warning from Europe the EURO zone is not working so world government would be a disaster.

USA should now distance itself from all other countries and stay immune to all world problems.

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Please. If two or three who are gathered together have a hard time getting along, and they do, how exactly will 7 or 8 billion people pull it off? Obviously, you have been drinking more than I have.

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i been saying this all along. get rid of countries and have a federation..

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LOL...I was waiting for an answer like yours...The thing is, the NWO/GLOBALISM/OWO is a topic that is being discussed more and more EVERYWHERE and I am now interested in what others have to say about it.....
THE FEDERATION theme is one a friend of mine INSISTED must take place and WILL take place and of course he is a TREKKY Addict....STEP AWAY FROM THE FRIGGIN TV I say to him.
Actually, I asked a casual aquaintence about OWO and he said it's already here...Maybe some clarity on what the heck IT "IS" is in order???
....LOL Thanks for Your input "ONE" :))

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i think i'm a commie more each day.. you can see where bthe human race ends up given free reign to do what ever, and personal wealth is the root of all evil. i can not believe (don't crucify me its my own belief is ) the goverment should have 100 % control over education,health, defence' electricity,water,comunications. and farming produce, the moment any of these things were privatised, for A cost cutting, B allowing someone to amass personal wealth. standards drop, fee rise. if the government profited 100% and recieved taxes on top. cost of living would be dirt cheap. :)

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No time like the present. If something is clearly an inevitability then I'd rather it come about while I'm alive and deal with it myself instead of leaving it for future generations to overcome.

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Brother it will always be a few. If not one.

A Future Head of our World Union, one amongst others, but the most influential.

Henri Thomas Borno, HTB, birth August 7th 1987 at 8:07 PM.

Test it out with the prayers on the next link called "Secret Copyrighted Works Golden." If you reach enlightenment that quickly, then so be it. Right?

Simply pray for any good without an End to the prayer like, "I know," "Amen," or "and so it is," as some common endings of prayers.

For example: God, I pray not to feel aches


Pray What You Know! Manifest true knowledge by allowing that knowledge through the channel of opened prayer.

And welcome to a place of Enlightenment,

What I call a way of Angelicism, or Angelism.

Love our Biblical promise of the "Nations and Kingdoms gathering."

We are presently taught that prayer is direct enlightenment once you know the truth. You pray to God, as a Descritption of God, or a Description of Truth. God is Sanctification.


Secret Copyrighted Works Golden

Lets do it

Invention Methods

Beyond Monarchy

Read slowly as a prayer one at a time. Be patient you can. This is Christian with Catholic Christianity as a whole prayer, when you want to stop, just know to know and pray, without an ending term :

Pray knowing and let go of the prayer

Pray these prayers with faithful effort like this: "God, I pray, Serendipity of Enlightened Understanding", then enjoy that for an hour.

God, I pray,

Serendipity of enlightened understanding

The wholeness of great actualization

The holiness of open understanding

The perfection of peaceful forgiveness

The unity of high enlightenment

The all encompassing within

Everything is composed throughout glory

Beautiful vibration of the between

The happy illumination when actualized

The everlasting connectedness of truth

Paradise of selfless glory

Nirvana in retrieving

Nirvana in finding the found

The destiny of being saved

The paradise of Heaven is Home

Express selflessness in giving

The creator observes All Love

We are Loved in unconditional Heart

The being of the creator is everlasting

The everlasting moment of now

The apex is rising now

The expanding life in ether

The original state of giving

The original state of receiving

To feel the gift of sharing

Nirvana is a state of pure feeling

Nirvana is the original state

The absolute originality

The apex is rising and elevating

The selfless release of the now

The life of supreme source

The life in supreme source

The supreme source of creation

The collective expression of source

The ultimate source of expression

Apex is the becoming of originality

Life is in the moment of now

The collective expression of becoming

Destiny is Home in Paradise

The good realization of Trust

The brightness of whole completeness

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nobody can micro-manage anyone,.imperialisme is a horrible word control can warlord be made a peacekeeper? being a cop to arrest 1self? total hipocrisy. It'z funny when one big world is being taken in such puerile manner and reduced to child-like play. It gives ways to extermination to the non-conformistz. Someday, perhaps you or your progenies will see.

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A world government will not be needed when i become emperor of the world !

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It wouldn't make much difference to me .

As a Working Man I would still have to go working and Paying my Taxes

No matter what the Goverment was Called.

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If that happens, you can expect much ultraviolence in our jeeznies

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