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I want you to tell me what I did wrong. How are you gonna punish me? Where ? With what and for how long.
wanthusbandtospank wanthusbandtospank 36-40, F 2 Answers Feb 5, 2013

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You know darn well what you did wrong young lady. Don't play innocent with me. All this fooling around when you are supposed to be focusing on your duties. I have half a mind to pull you across my knee right now and spank you until your rear end turns purple. I'd do it too, but I can see there are a few kids around. So tonight, when I get home, you'd best be ready for a severe spanking. And by ready, I mean naked, kneeling on the floor with two spanking implements. I'm going to take you over my knee first and leave a few hand prints on your behind. Then you're going to grab the back of a chair for some more attention. I don't care if you start crying or pleading either. You know you have this coming to you after so many months of sloughing off. How many warnings did I have to give you? You have sowed what you reaped. Now, grab your ankles for this last session. Boy, your behind sure is colorful, all red, purple, black and white. Now go stand with your nose to the wall over there, hands on your head and no rubbing. I'm going to sit down and relax and watch you sniffle and whine. If you complain just one iota, I am going to open the curtains so everybody can see what a bad girl you've been.

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I learnes my lesson a little but im late for work again today

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