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rosescott1995 10 mins ago hi, my name is rose jennifer scott. i am 18 yrs old. i live in west london. i am dumb and other things about me is good. i was brought up by my dad, who died in a mottor accident recently. i am the only child. my dad assets were sold for 2 million pounds. this money was placed in the bank to be monitored by a reverend father so that i will not damage the money. now i need someone i can trust and do things together with. but the person must be between the ages of 28 through 68. the reverend said if i see a good honest person that i like, that i should contact him immediately, because he want to hand me over my money and be more occupied on the things of god. if you are interested contact me in this email ( ) and i will tell you what i want from you. god bless you. i will offer you 30% commission from my total money as a result of you assistance to me. please get back to me as soon as possible. regards. rose jennifer scott.
The1960texan The1960texan 51-55, M 1 Answer Feb 16, 2014 in Community

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No, I wouldn't call this "spam". I think it is a plain old 409 Nigerian scam.

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Thats about the 4th mail ive gotten from some one like that.

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