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NAD+ is positive, whilst Phosphate is negative, will I receive an electric shock if I were to mix them together? Will they generate a current due to the electrochemical gradient? this is important because it's for a college assignment and my professor is off sick so I can't ask him if it'll be safe or not. i advise only people who are knowledgeable on this subject answer please
ordis ordis 18-21, M 1 Answer Nov 5, 2012 in Education

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Clearly U R not very knowledgeable, so let me help. There is no such thing as NAD+ powder or any other powder having a net electric charge. Think of salt - NaCl - which comes like that but not as Na+ and Cl- powders. Similarly there is no such thing as phosphate powder. You have some salt, either sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, or some other ____ phosphate, which has positive ions already neutralizing the negative phosphate.<br />
Look at the labels on the chemicals you propose to mix. They tell the story. And no, there will be no electric shock no matter which powder you add to water.

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