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Dear Kind, Tenderhearted, Child of Light, Love & Life ~

One day, my old boss, surprised me when he mentioned Jesus, dying for our sins, "Humm, I said in my head", he's waiting for my reply.

I looked up to my Irish Catholic employer, and I had to be honest.

Just as I am now to you, Lady P.

"I'm sorry Dave,

I don't seem to really believe that Christ Jesus 'died',


our sins, so much as

Because, of them"!

His response, was.. "Man, you're really 'hard core'"

In my Prayers of Perfect Healing we are both looking better, feeling the merciful strength that is Pure Love from Pure Love. Our Hope becomes a stronger kind of confidence ~~ We Can We Do We Will, LoveHeals

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Guy's a drama king.

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The Father found it to be an adequate sacrifice for the sins of all men.

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I only can say what happened was HE was betrayed. Payed for all our sins, with the ULTIMATE price. . .

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Sin is a christian word without any meaning to the enlightened!

It's a term coined by the religious zealots in attempting to charge an emotional guilt fee

for humanity's display of bad conduct... Shame be upon you myth mongers!

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sin sucks but free will has really gotten outta hand. personally, I kinda love the Golden Rule.

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Agreed! Do unto others as... " the golden rule " stipulates are fine guidelines...when used as an ethical compass to reasonable conduct.Sadly,it's often employed along with bogus "sin" references in order to generate guilt and extort financial gains and obedience from flocks "Sheepish" followers :)

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If you believe in that monotheistic religion, then i guess so because supposedly all were forgiven for the sacrifice of one (incredibly important) person.

if you believe in a polytheistic religion, then only one god was appeased, and while the appeasement of that god may be for a great many people for all eternity, there's many other gods who have not been appeased and may bring misfortune and damnation upon the population.

if you don't believe in higher powers, then no, because a single man became a martyr and a scapegoat for a great many people.

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His greatest torment wasn't the cross.

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well he did go to hell ...

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He went to that place where the souls of the just were waiting to be released by His redemptive sacrifice.

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I thought earth was hell. At least close enough!

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