I live in a rough area and I want one so I can show thugs who's boss if they try to kill me
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Who said anything about letting you have a gun? If you get someone who will definitely pass the background check since there's no registration in most states for handguns there's no way they can stop your buddy from buying the gun and giving it to you. It's called a proxy buy, and is very ******* illegal. It's also why background checks only go so far and why need point of sale registration that is stored at the federal level. Punish a few people who don't report a stolen gun or get caught funneling weapons to the black or grey market and people will keep a better eye on their firearms. Also, if you're having some fantasy about using a gun to protect yourself I'd like to point out that the chances of a completely untrained person successfully defending themselves with a weapon is low. That is why we have police...and legs.

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police don't always come fast enough and running for me won't cut it i'm not fast

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Not my problem. Just reminding you that shooting someone could get you in even more trouble.

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it's a risk i'm willing to take if it means saving myself

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Unless you get the gun grabbed from you and you get shot, or they have a knife and stab you before you can get the gun out, or you miss and they attack you....Lose the hero fantasy dude.

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