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Everytime there's a smoking ban or tobacco tax, its always the tobacco CEO or bar owners or casino owners or convenience store owners that's complaining. Whatever those complaints are, the real motive is about them wanting to make money. You never hear about the smokers complain about having to pay a ridiculously high tax or complain about not being able to enjoy a cigarette in a bar. wait a second, did I say smokers aren't complaining? I meant smokers will complain to their smoker friends. Smokers aren't the ones calling their congress members, state legislatures and city council. Everytime I see the news about a smoking ban or tobacco tax, I never see the smokers speaking out. I never see the smokers rallying at the capitol building. Its always bar owner who says the smoking ban is hurting his business or conveince store store who says it will hurt his sales. Flavor cigarette ban. Angry rants on blogs and YouTube but no protests on capitol hill.
Skoallio Skoallio 22-25, M 3 Answers Mar 2, 2014 in Politics

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