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innocenti innocenti 66-70 5 Answers Apr 27, 2011

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NO! Donald Trump is a ******* DOUCHBAG!!!! and if by some miracle that idiot wins our country will only get worse i promise you!

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The USA is bankrupt anyway. I think the only reason Trump is running is to ensure he won't be left out when the country goes down the drain...

Best Answer update nails OB1's coffin: Obama '08 campaign co chair now stumps for Mitt & dissects liberal negative mindsets

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He was embarrasing this morning - how many times did he say he accomplished something no one else has? haha - what a pompous ***. He had a great chance to put himself on the voters' side and say "hey great, "we" have been waiting for this proof from the president and "we" now can move onto more serious business, but no he had to be a pig about it and talk about himself. I really wanted to hear more in detail about what he thinks we can do about the economy but his ego just gets in the way. Are you being patriotic or is there a not-so-hidden agenda?

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