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Too bussy working then too tired to call or text you & feel its okay letting two days go by with no communication & swears to be 100% loyal to you, would you trust that & continue ormove on & let go? & why....
Mspooh31 Mspooh31 31-35 3 Answers Nov 15, 2012 in Romance & True Love

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Two days? Good grief are you desperate for attention? I've had plenty IRL relationships where we don't speak for a few days. Why would it be any different? If you're in a relationship you need to trust that person. If you can't trust that person, you don't need to be in a relationship with them.

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I have trust issues in general. This would probably do me in to be honest. It doesn't take much effot to call or text when you really "care" about the person. Sounds like excusses to me.

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Got Needy?

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