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Over a year ago my ex broke my heart. It got so bad that I stopped responding to him even after telling him not to contact me anymore. I had a major health crisis over the past year and finally got well enough to know I wasnt dying anymore. My heart is appreciative of the gift of life. I reached out to say hello to him and to tell him about the past year and to see how he is doing. Since the first contact he keeps texting me and he keeps reminding when his days off are. He is being very sweet. I like this side of him. I don't want to have a relationship with him because I dont know if he really changed or if he is being sweet to reel me in and then turn like he did when we were together. Would you get upset if ur ex just wanted to be friends? Should I even bother investing time into our friendship? PS my husband and I are divorcing
a21tomlmq1 a21tomlmq1 31-35 7 Answers Aug 12, 2012 in Romance & True Love

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Your husband...this would be your ex??? Or are your ex and your husband two different men? <br />
<br />
Don't risk it. In my experience, the second time is never better, it is worse. You take them back and they see you as weak and easily manipulated.

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If you still have feelings for him then I don't think having a friendship is a good idea. It's great your on talking terms and are fine with each other but I personally suggest leaving it at that.

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I think we is probs just trying to drag you back to him in due to you divorce and broke up with him for reason and putting yourself back into this relationship could just result in your health problems again....I dated a guy for two years everybody saw the negative where i saw positive....i got severely ill.....when i was in hospital a boy was visting his mother and she was off having an x-ray so we just sat there talking....we have now been together for 3 years, after meeting him i realised how damaging my previous relationship was on me, i would never take him back, but then your diff and its your life.....but i almost broke up with my current finacee and next thing me ex came crawling back and then stuff got sorted out we stayed together and later got engaged he crawled back into a hole i havent heard from him since

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