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I ve known a woman for a long time, that has struggled being single for a long time. She often complains to me and occassionaly tries to make me feel it my I am not single. Not sure how that works. I know her well enough to know her good points and bad points. I am gentle with her and general don t point them out, just try to ride the wave and give some neutral guidance when I can. Am I doing her a disservice? Should I be a little more honest in pointing out when she is being far too needy or selfish or just plain unrealistic? or just continue to listen and be patient, letting her work it all out for herself?
ithappenedtome2 ithappenedtome2 36-40 1 Answer Jun 29, 2014 in Community

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The thing about pity is it drives us further and further down the hole where thing get very difficult to see. Be gentle with her and try and show her the right way.

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It really does. Thanks I know it sounds silly, but you just gave me the right word. There is alot of self pity.

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