my past bf said that the scars didnt bother him but i have been told by many people that i am unlovable due to the fact that i cut and have scars.
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Yeah, everyone's got scars, your's just happen to be on the outside.

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Yes i would without doubt, if there is a connction and that certain chemistry then I see no reason not to date a woman with scars,

I wrote these poems a while back and hoped they would some how help others to open their eyes a little more before they make any kind of judgment, remember we are not all as strong as the next person and sometimes to be a strong person is to help the weaker person and the only time you should look down upon them is when you are helping them get up.

blade to wrist

blade to wrist

a cruel world their life it twist

a cry they cry "I cant take no more"

blood to floor

All they need is Just a kind word or two

Just to say "it's all going to be al-right"

To say "I will be here to help you win this fight"

a Hug or two

To comfort them through the night

to help them stop the knife to wrist

to not let their blood hit the floor

to help them help themselves

and to be able to say

with words and not a blade

"this hurt does not hurt no more"

© Jason S. All rights reserved

the person in the mirror

bow to the blade is what they do

slice after slice they cut their arms

help me they cry

Love me they ask

help me find myself they ask

I don't want to see that person in the mirror no more

take this person away

help me to set myself free

I want to bury the blade

I want you to hear me

to see me

to know im in pain

help me please

just hold me

tell me you love me

tell me its all going to alright

listen to my cries

see my scars

they tell a story

they show my pain

they reveal the love I do not feel

take this darkness from my heart

let me see and feel the shine of yours

show me how to make mine shine

just like yours

I want to smile and laugh

I want to live

I don't want to die this slow painful death

I don't want to be alone

though I say go away leave me be

what I really want is for you to stay right by me

help me be free

help me protect myself from the person in the mirror

© Jason S. All rights reserved

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yes i would because i also have scars on my body

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I have a daughter who is a cutter. It's hard to see and to understand for those of us who don't cut. Scars do not make or break a relationship. Some people will understand and others won't. Be good to yourself girlie.

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i wish the best for you and your daughter. if u have trouble understanding things that maybe us "kids" go through u can message me. im 15 thats assumi g your daughter is in the similiar age bracket

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You are very much lovable.

We are all the same you cut us we bleed, you kill us we die the imperfections we all have doesnt associate with how much love we receive or give.

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Yes I would and although I couldn't heal the physical scars I'd try to heal their mental ones....

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I haven't cut myself but I have a scar on my leg, and I've got a boyfriend, he really doesn't care if I was fat or anything and I WAS fat, but he still loved me and I told him I was going to lose weight for him, but he said I looked fine but no I was disguising I'd be too embarrassed to show him how I looked naked. So I did lose weight, and he said either way I was fine, he didn't care about the scar, he doesn't care if I look like a CLOWN, or have missing limbs, I'm serious o-o. I know that's hard to believe but there are people out there that if they don't have limbs people would still love them, and I found one of those people and he's my boyfriend so. I would say my boyfriend would date a girl who has cuts or scars, for I have but I didn't inflect it on myself.

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I have before and I would again. I'd hope that they wouldn't continue to cut while I'm dating them though.

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no i usually try my best to stop while i date them unless they dont have a problem with it, cuz its my way of coping and without it i can become more depressed and suicidal

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Depend on whether the person has the potential to do it again and again. When we are weak we do crasy things like cutting ourself. Like when you lose a love one, even a bf, then you feel like doing to yourself because you want to blame yourself and punish yourself. After a while people are affair to be around because they do not want to feel guilty themselves. Beside, the germs that infect the skin is enough to bother you to the point of losing a finger, hand or leg because of infection. When in trouble talk to friends but don't just blame yourself.

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Scars are not a turn off for me. At all. I am not sure I would be able to get involved with someone who is still cutting because it's a lot for the person who doesn't cut, to deal with, to see.

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i understand that. normally when i date someone, they want me to stop so i try to stop for them. so they basically only have to deal with the scars

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Whatever your reasons are for cutting, it seems to have a negative impact on your life in important ways. You can stop if you want to. Life will get harder if you don't.

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Why not... don't they have a heart or feelings?

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Yes, you have nothing to be ashamed of and it doesn't make you any less lovable.

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people like you shouldnt be answering questions if all your going to do is **** people the **** off

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Don't be rude!! This kid is talking about a serious issue. If you don't have something positive and constructive say...then hush.

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I am a woman, but I would not date a guy who had fresh scars from cutting- it'd very much be a turn off.

If they were old scars from his childhood (I'm in my 40's) - that would be different and although I'm sure I'd ask him about the scars, depending on his answer I probably wouldn't care.

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Yes because the scars tell stories of how they grew stronger as a person and also show that they are human because they show a weakness at times and they dont always have it together. Scars are just untold stories.

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