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"Connection to" runs the gamut from friendship to business relationship or whatever while "attraction" usually is connected with some emotional response and is one step beyond a simple connection. So if I was attracted to a woman because of the charm of her personality or physical charms, her quality of character or the manner in which she treats others, I would want a date. Other than that, the answer would be, No.

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Friendship might be better, less odds of becoming awkward later in life in the relationship didn't work out.

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No...that's called a friend.

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I would go on one date just to get to know this person better, but the fact that you asked this question, tells me you already know the answer. He's probably not the guy for you. Although attraction is something that's increased through being in physical proximity of someone. The more you are with a person the more you will see the good in them, you will derive pleasure from being near them, becoming familiar and at ease with them.

Wether this would lead to anything more than a great friendship would be entirely up to you, if it isn't meant to be you will still have a good friend.

If I were you I would go out for a meal, go Dutch to show your intent is just a friendly meal and a chat, Buddies rather than Lovers.

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