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Suuuure, think I'll do that right after I finish hitting myself in the head with this hammer. I won't even post one with my clothes on

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sure, but not with my face attached

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Been there, done that.

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but not here, unfortunately!

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Nice try.

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Absolutely not.

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No. The thought of strangers ************ on them makes me feel awkward.

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i've been on before and had 'bits' on show :) not now though

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must have missed that page - lol

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dayum :)

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No, i would not. I do not want to be viewed as an object or objectify myself; I'm worth much more than that.

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behind this dark shadow ... I'm naked ...

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Only if I wanted said site to shut down

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My avatar is naked

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Sure every one needs to losen up.

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No. At least not just to show myself without clothes. When you are as good looking naked as me you have to consider the other people's feelings! (Just kidding). I don't post nudes on EP because it's against their rules. I do share many experiences where nudity is the focus and I believe I am descriptive enough that imagination can fill in.

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I've already done that in the past (well, it was an adult dating site, strictly speaking).

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I posted some photos of me and my wife in several sites, we love it :)

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Even though there are many naked photos of me on the internet, I wouldn't post to a social networking site. It's inappropriate. I enjoy posting my naked photos on the net, but they are on sites where you would expect to find such photos. I think they should be there for people who want to find them, but I think it's very bad taste to push your naked photos on people who don't expect them or who don't want to see them.

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Yes i would.

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No way. I am not going to attract perverts into my life.

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Hell no!!!

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