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valentina5 valentina5 18-21, F 2 Answers Nov 30, 2012

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Well there are no bee's that will eat you, alive or otherwise. If their nest is threatened they might attack, and sting you (though each one that does will also die) to the point where their collected venom, with out medical attention would kill you. The kicker is that once your body had died from the bee's venom, they would abandon the body. The ant's on the other hand are different. In olden day's different tribal societies used a form of torture of their enemies by staking them out over ant hills, the ant's would attack, ***** you of your flesh (slowly with a lot of little bites) and eventually if left with out aid their victims would die. Then if no other wild animals took the body away, the ant's would continue to ***** away the flesh.<br />
<br />
But truth be told, I would prefer neither.

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Oh i didnt know that, interesting. But the way you've just explained it, I think the bee's might be a better option!

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