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Nedkelly i am an ex-policeman, here is my advice :

I think that you should report the policeman but you need to get your ducks in a row first, so to speak. The police dept in your country may have an anonymous method of doing the reporting, if so i would recommend following that route. If that is not an option then you need to make certain that you have a witness with you when you do the reporting. Make a note of the date and time and the name etc of the person that you report it to. It is important that you have a reliable witness to your actions in order to back you up. Tell your trusted family and friends what you are doing so that if something happens to you then they can follow up. Honest policemen have nothing but contempt for the corrupt. Do not start by reporting the policeman at the bottom of the chain of command, go to the highest authority possible and let them know that you have told others about what you are doing.

Another thing to consider is that policemen often find themselves in situations where they have to watch each others back in order to survive so they will not easily give evidence against each other for the simple reason that they do not want to end up being shot in the back "accidentally" by a colleague.

So like i said get your ducks in a row before you proceed. Corrupt policemen are a scurge to society and if you assist in getting rid of just one then you have done us all a favour. Have courage my friend.



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It doesn't really matter, because if you do report them nothing will happen.

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I'd would and have reported a police officer that I felt was overstepping his authority. I wasn't afraid of harassment, having many officers as friends. I completely understand the average person being afraid of reprisals but if more reported the bad ones it helps clean up the force. There's bad in every profession.

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Corruption and power is not a good mix

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Hi NedKelly1

I would seek legal advice and make sure I was not biting off more than I could chew.


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I would have always thought that I would "do the right thing" and report the individual. But, unfortunately, the situation presented itself today and I don't think I am going to report it because I am afraid of retaliation. I am disappointed and ashamed of myself for this. The police will stick together and they could ruin my life. Telling the truth does not matter anymore- one such police officer proved that today. I thought that if I told the truth, justice would be served. How naive was I?

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I've had the displeasure of getting harassed by a cop, reporting him, and this intensified harassment that I was already experiencing. I think the first thing to do is retain a lawyer, and follow their directions to the letter.

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wraithorn is right. He(?) even addressed the issue of jurisdiction--some things might work in one country, state, province, and not in another--according to current legislation, laws, and procedures.

I'd be concerned about reporting police corruption. Like always, when dealing with the law, use your head and don't let your emotions or the emotions of others, have veto power over your head.

If I did report a cop, I'd do it exactly like Wraith suggested. I have a brother and a brother-in-law on the force in my jurisdiction, btw-for that reason-and for their well-being, I have to be unusually careful. You might think otherwise but it's not the case.

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Net Kelly you must be an Ausi,what a question,with Irish Blood you should not be scared of the LAW

that is your Birthright.

Greetings Hierman

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Yes, and already have because of my son's suspicious death. See my profile

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I would want to report it, but I suppose it would depend how deep the corruption ran, if it would do any good.

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