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Only if I get 100% of the credit for everything that goes right as well. :)

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Sounds like my relationship honestly

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thats sad...I was in same situation but I finally gave up

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I sorta did, I don't know if he and I are together or not

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I'm not perfect therefore they should admit that too so no especially if their bad qualities outweigh the good one's

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-Use "I-statements" look it up it's a technique

-Look up abusive relationships it doesn't have to be physical

-Consider how you feel about the problem

-Consider the future

-make final decision to work it out with a counselor or break up

Do not:

-Feel pity for the person because of their past

-Accept their behavior

-Make excuses like "he/she is not like the all the time"

-Blame yourself

-Feel the need to get revenge

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I probably would, since I already blame myself for everything that goes wrong. It wouldn't help my self esteem though.

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O()O Sounds like an immature, self centered male. This is a big secret, but is a male thing. Me brothers are like that. Tooot, Tooot

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