Would you sue if your child got hurt? We've just added an article to the website about a change in how the courts regard waivers. Most of the out of school sporting organizations will be affected. This goes beyond the parent signing a waiver so their child can use the neighbour's personal swimming pool. We all know that it is only a psychological deterrent as a swimming pool is so dangerous you cannot waive the liability. The same thing goes for trampolines. What is new is how the waiver signed by a parent does not protect the local karate school or gymnastics club from finding themselves in the courtroom. So will we find the courts busy with cases like the child who suffers an injury in a soccer game that leaves a scar? What would you do?
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Yes, if it was a cause of reckless disreguard of the childs safety: injury caused by a known safety problem with equipment, condition of the area, and etc.

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I agree with KevinMcc if it was a sports injury no, if it was because someone deliberatly wanted to harm my child and i suspected foul play I supose i would

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Oh great! So the only places that are acceptable places/people for the kids in a community to go off with will be held responsible if someone's kid is an idiot? That's completely outrageous. Good luck getting the kids outta your hair- ever.

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I think it's rediculous the way that people are so sue happy these wonder the world is like it is.

My kids are both grown now but they got hurt many times as just being kids..that's all part of it and...I didn't sue!

Money doesn't stop them from being kids nor does it stop them from being hurt.

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you can not go though life thinking you child can not do that hobby as it may be dangerous walking out the house and going into school can be dangerous they may fall they may get hurt by a bike the child is riding you can insure for things that happen to your child.

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If I thought anything was a risk for my child, I would not allow my child to be involved it that function.

Parents should have the responsibility of preventing their children from attending unsafe recreation.

They must also Buy Insurance for such possibilities, not seek out someone to sue for their child's accidents, unless it was a deliberate act of inflicted injury upon the child. What ever happened to parental responsibility fo their children?

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