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In rural counties across the US there are white supremacist terror cells who purchase large quantities of semi-automatic weapons, convert them to fully automatic function, then distribute those illegally converted weapons to members of Tea Party and other white nationalist groups. These groups frequently distribute to individuals who are not legally able to own a weapon because of felony convictions, but who are affiliates of the Aryan Nation prison gang, which has essentially become the Tea Party for American Prisoners. Do you support drone strikes on terrorist weapons depots, or do you think we should let our nation be over-run by Tea Party white supremacist groups and their Neo-Nazi ideology?
CartoonishSuperVillainy CartoonishSuperVillainy 36-40, M 4 Answers Feb 22, 2014 in Community

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Well, Where the f u k did you come from. Another good one. Yes. Will it be on youtube ?

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No. I can barley afford to keep myself in smokes and beer. Sternly worded letter, regular mail.

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