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This is a problem for me I am a little ashamed to say things don't work as they used to its partly my physical health & part side effects to meds for depression.

My partner is OK we have talked, If everything else is good between you I'd suggest you buy yourself a sex toy

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Need to talk to each other ? Don't know how long you have been together, but relationships need working on. Problems provide a chance to do this ? What does your partner feel about it ?


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I'm 65 and can't get enough! So you need to have an open and honest dialog with your partner about your "needs and want's," Above all else DO NOT get mad or loud as it will put a negative feel to everything else. Believe me he may just not be in tune with you.

Good luck

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Have you talked with your partner about this? Explain to him your needs and if he doesn't want to help you out, (if he just wants to be selfish) then tell him that your going out to fufill your needs. A selfish love is no love at all

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