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Our society in general believes that we are individuals who should be able to take care of ourselves on our own. Not true. You need to talk, not deal with it on your own. Go to:

Much love, a friend.

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Because you're the only one who knows what you're thinking.

Truth is, everyone else has thoughts too, but you can't tell so you think everyone is OK and you're not.

You are NOT alone.

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sounds like you and sarahm219210 think along the same line. You both need help, you need professional help. You are not alone with this feeling. You have most likely a chemical imbalance that needs to be adjusted. CALL FOR HELP NOW!

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you ARE NOT alone!

i have a site it might help with what your going through fill free to check it out, it has some hotline numbers and info on certain things i think it might help

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You need a change in your live. Do it.

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