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People lie when they don't know exactly what the consequence of truth will be. Parents tend to raise their kids inconsistently, based on convenience for the parent, so that inconsistency leads to unpredictability, which leads to lying. When people feel safe, they don't lie, unless they won't let go of their pain from the past. If your partner knows that you will calmly discuss everything and anything, with no overreaction, that partner will feel no need to lie.

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My brother is a bullshitter even though everyone sees his life falling apart.

It's because he has an ego... and probably some mental disorder.

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Hi tmmarion

I love SaratogaGirl's chutzpah! Oh your question is so complex. Why do people lie would have been hard enough? Why then do people think they are perfect? Admission too! As if they/ we have something to hide!

Maybe there is perfection in fault? Personally I do not know why people do not embrace fault. It is our nature. Within that is our Humanity.


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If I were not perfect I would be perfectly willing to admit that I wasn't. I think.

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Why do you think that they are lying? You don't believe that there are perfect people? Jesus was, is and will always be a perfect person!

But if they lie and won't admit, you already must know the answer, it's because they are not perfect, if they aren't....But what does it really accomplish to have someone admit something that you seem to know?

I will tell you that if I had grown up with loved ones who believed that I was a liar (always would be, nothing would change it....I couldn't change if I wanted to), what does that say about them? I know that this is not true, I know that there is a God! Thank God for His children, who love and seek Him!

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