I bet the first society that adopts this surges ahead of everyone else, meaning they all must follow suite.
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I hope not. When they prep for test tube babies, they fertilize several eggs often leading to twins or triplets. The rest are discarded. You want to talk about mass killing of babies, many more die this way than are aborted.

I also can't help but think that the natural way allows for natural selection. Tube babies are sometimes brought into being because natural selection refuses to produce an offspring. I'm not knocking the parents for wanting children. I completely understand how that longing can drive a person crazy. I just wonder that maybe it wasn't happening naturally for a genetic reason like that combination would not be healthy or something that we have yet to understand the long term implications to the gene pool.

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Technically we could probably live on food from tubes the way astronauts do; but would you like to HAVE to do that always?

I don't think so!

The Zetas ("Grey" Aliens) messed around with their reproductive facilities, until now they can't reproduce unless they get some germ plasm from us humans! Beware of messing with reproduction!

Its still nicest to get right inside of her and place the stuff that does the trick ONESELF!

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Not so easy for the female with IVF, hormone injections, surgery to collect the eggs. The men fine, just shoot it in a cup. No not the way forward, but fertility is falling in both males and females.

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I don't like to brag, but I think most test tubes are too small to fit my junk in.

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"In the year 2525"

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Nope it isnt and sex aint just for making babies ya know :-P

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