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with congressman like allen west saying that he knows 80 members of congress who are communist. thats going back to the years of McCarthy when paul ryan comes up with a budget that give more tax breaks to the 1% and more taxes and no health care. thats going back to years of the robber barons when mitt romney brags about having an elevator for his cars while keeping his money in in offshore accounts so it cant be taxed. well thats just *ucked up wake up now, see whats going on, vote your conscience before they take every thing away from you
promethius50 promethius50 46-50, M 5 Answers Apr 30, 2012

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I'm in Canada an am interested in Politics. I'm with The Green Party!

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I really like that! there seem to be a lot of people on here saying that they're not interested n politics...well..guess what????

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I say vote with your brain, not your knee jerk.

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