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cool. I knew it was the Greek equivalent of Joshua or Yeshua. Like Jehovah is the germanic phonetic spelling of Yaweh

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I very rarely use the word "God" and or Jesus anymore because people blindly argue about him as if they know what they are talking about when they've never experienced anything like The Infinite in the first place which is unfortunate because you need to be there to know what it's about.

There is a movie called The Island where clones are made for people that need replacement parts and the corporation that makes these clones feeds them the lie that the world is screwed up with radiation and that they will win a lottery eventually and go to a place called "The Island" when there is no such thing.

Those who "win" just end up getting vivisected for kidneys, livers and the like. I know that there IS a "God" that indeed exists because I have felt Him/Her/It and It's definitely NOT some punishing deity in the sky but a Purely Loving Force that transcends any dysfunction and illness known. I've been on both sides of the "Religious" fence when I was down and out and the "God" that found me in this "secular" group I was involved with made me realize that there were a lot of lies going on because "he" really doesn't recognize any particular sect or church and you don't have to "accept Christ" in order to receive "him".

You just have to be at the end you your rope where there is no other place to go except on your knees to ask for help and when It does It has a tendency to shed light on the lies told by others that claim to "know him". They're like mushrooms being kept in the dark and fed bullshit, much like those people in that movie I mentioned. I don't hate God, but I sure feel sorry for the blind puppets that believe the televangelists that exploit the troubled to make themselves rich.

That's why I love movies like that because they so reflect my own experience with being lied to for "goodnesses sake" I feel sorry too for those in 12 step programs that have to cling to Jesus as a "God of their 'understanding' " and clinging to "the old rugged cross" dying inside like miserable martyrs because they never find out about The Real God like I did.

Good and evil, victims and victimizers, life and death, all contrasts, differences, and separation disappeared in the shining light of his forgiveness. There is no world, proclaims this light, so how can an unreal world victimize? By learning and teaching this lesson to each other, we are released from the chains of guilt that made and sustain this world. The world was made as an attack on God, but since God did not recognize the attack, the sin was forgiven, never having happened.

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