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First, why isn't he coming to your studio to see the paintings?

Second, what's a bad reputation? Do you mean he's obnoxious and tries to force himself or that he simply likes sex and has hopes?

You have to decide. Probably he'd like to see your paintings and also like to have sex -- an appreciation for your art and a sexual interest in you wouldn't be mutually exclusive.

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No Never. In fact take some lube and spare condoms to be on the safe side - what the hell just wear some sexy lingerie. Better be sure - don't make assumptions, eh ?

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Is it to see his paintings or are you taking them to his house?Actually it does not matter if it is either or both,the plain truth is he wants you to pose naked for him.Nothing to do with art just with lust.Beware,if people know what he is like and he has a bad reputation,just look out that you don't add to the reasons why he is bad.

He could always have been misunderstood through all his life and now that you have appeared in his life,(now getting angry)He won't get the chance to be with you for the people who all wish him ill.Their lies and backstabbing,are you going to let them win by listening to them,and ......(brave manley tear.time,to show you how much in touch with his feminine side he is)It always seems as if it is him who suffers,(here it comes)Especially now that he has this wonderful new reason to live and be happy no matter what anybody says.(cue shaking hands,jumping up all emotional a nd choking back tears)He will go to the bathroom out of your way so you dont see him upset.In reality he is letting that tiny bit of doubt about him being a bad boy that you have,grow and grow.In minutes he will come back partially distressed to check out your reaction to him.He will still be willing for more emotional stuff about him not being a bad boy.

Back to the point,YES,HE IS AFTER SEX.

good luck

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I'm sure he wouldn't turn down sex. But whether he is trying to date rape you or really wants to get to know you is rather hard to say. Trust your instincts, if you feel unsafe at his home then meet him somewhere more public. Or take a friend with you.

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