Three things you want the most right now!!!
Shadalight101 Shadalight101 16-17, M 8 Answers Nov 11, 2012 in Hobbies

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And the third wish is always to undo the damage the fist two caused! :P

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1) i want my kids back

2) i want my life back

3)if i dont get the two wish up there i will jump from twin tour...

joke hahahaha

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I only have one wish, to change sex and become a woman

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1. Open the door

2. Get On the floor

3. Everybody walk the dinosaur.

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My friend to ask me out

To get a well paying job in architecture

To no longer have epileptic seizures

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1)heal me

2)make me rich

3) make sure none of these wishes have any bad repercussions

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m y first wish is that you spend the other two yourself

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Thank you

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and sleep

give it to meee

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What's ur address?

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