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I Admire Greta Garbo Enormously [6 members]
I Admire Grigori Rasputin [5 members]
I Admire Gypsy Wagons [116 members] Come along to a gathering of like minded wanderers
I Admire Hairy Men [174 members]
I Admire Hands [39 members]
I Admire Hannibal Lecter [2 members]
I Admire Happy People [0 members]
I Admire Hard Workers [255 members]
I Admire Harvey Milk [2 members]
I Admire Haydes [1 member]
I Admire Hedy Lamarr [5 members] Inventor of frequency- hopping spread-spectrum radio communication and wi-fi
I Admire Helen Thomas [3 members]
I Admire Her Courage [1 member]
I Admire Her Strength As A Person [11 members]
I Admire Heraclitus [1 member] "Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony." -Heraclitus
I Admire Him [4 members]
I Admire Hitler [4 members]
I Admire Honesty [3666 members]
I Admire Honesty And Sincerity [9831 members]
I Admire Honesty In The Face Of Adversity [49 members]
I Admire Hope [26 members]
I Admire Hot Dudes That Wear Beach Thongs [123 members]
I Admire Hot Peoplr [1 member]
I Admire How [2 members]
I Admire How Adorable Taylor Swift Is [8 members]
I Admire How Forgiving Guys Are Capable Of Being [17 members]
I Admire Humble And Down-to-earth People [840 members]
I Admire Humility [28 members] By humilty and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honour, and life. - Proverbs 22:6
I Admire Ice Road Trucker Lisa [8 members]
I Admire Illustrators [3 members]
I Admire Impulsive [12 members]
I Admire Independence [295 members]
I Admire Indian Culture [19 members]
I Admire Initiative [7 members]
I Admire Inner Beauty [48842 members]
I Admire Inner Beauty, Exterior Beauty, Beauty Wherever It Is [83 members]
I Admire Inner Booty [28 members]
I Admire Inner Strenght And Beauty [0 members]
I Admire Inner Strength [3811 members]
I Admire Inner Strength And Beauty [189 members]
I Admire Innovative People [112 members]
I Admire Innovators [1 member]
I Admire Insight [0 members]
I Admire Integrity [404 members]
I Admire Intellectual People [8 members]
I Admire Intellectuals [1262 members]
I Admire Intelligence [13170 members]
I Admire Intelligence And Cleverness [2 members]
I Admire Intelligent Guys With Humor [2 members]
I Admire Intelligent People [0 members]
I Admire Interacial Relationships [3 members]
I Admire Inventors [1 member]
I Admire Isambard Kingdom Brunel [3 members]
I Admire Israel [10 members]
I Admire Italian Tv-shows With Upskirts Fun [2 members]
I Admire J M Barrie [3 members]
I Admire Jack Black [20 members]
I Admire Jackie Chan [1 member]
I Admire James Anaya [1 member] http://unsr.jamesanaya.org/index.php
I Admire James Madison [1 member]
I Admire Jane Goodall [4 members]
I Admire Janice Dickinson [1 member]
I Admire Jeanine Pirro [1 member]
I Admire Jennifer Connelly [5 members] (photo by Alejandro @Wikipedia)
I Admire Jeremy Crow [1 member]
I Admire Jesse Owens [1 member]
I Admire Jesus Christ, But Do Not Believe In God [2 members]
I Admire Jewels In Jewelry [1 member]
I Admire Jews [23 members]
I Admire JFK Speeches [1 member]
I Admire Jim Henson [9 members]
I Admire Jimmyrudyjump [12 members]
I Admire Joan of Arc [105 members]
I Admire Jodie Foster [46 members]
I Admire John Berryman's Poetry [3 members]
I Admire John F Kennedy [19 members] This group is for everyone that admires the great man and president John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
I Admire John Lennon [677 members]
I Admire John Trudell [5 members]
I Admire Joseph Stiglitz [4 members] Dedicated to the Nobel Prize winning Economist. Professor at Columbia University.
I Admire Justanothagirl [10 members]
I Admire Justine Henin [5 members] Just amazing!!!
I Admire Katie Price Jordan [9 members]
I Admire Kids [3 members]
I Admire Kind And Unique People [1086 members]
I Admire Kristanna Loken [2 members]
I Admire Kwoody [0 members]
I Admire Ladies That Are Natural Flirts [3 members]
I Admire Ladies Who Know How To Cook [4 members]
I Admire Lady Gaga [10 members]
I Admire Lazy Or Uninspired People [1 member]
I Admire Lazy People [0 members]
I Admire Lebanese Girls [2 members]
I Admire Leigh Ann And Sean Tuohy [2 members]
I Admire Lelouch Lamperouge [28 members]
I Admire Leon Trotsky [1 member]
I Admire Leonhard Euler [3 members]
I Admire Leonidas King Of Sparta [4 members]
I Admire Leopold Sedar Senghor And Aime Cessaire [1 member]
I Admire Liberace [1 member]
I Admire Life [1 member]
I Admire Linkin Park [0 members]
I Admire Lionel Messi [0 members]
I Admire Lisa Randall [1 member]
I Admire Lisa Simpson [12 members]
I Admire Littlelena [0 members]
I Admire Loners [3 members]
I Admire Lov Mae West Still A Goddess Timeless Forever [12 members]
I Admire Love [1 member]
I Admire Low Class Women [1 member]
I Admire Low Profile People [5 members]
I Admire Loyalty [0 members]
I Admire Lucretia Mott [2 members]
I Admire Lucy Stone [1 member]
I Admire Major General Smedley Butler [1 member]
I Admire Many Modern Artists [8 members]
I Admire Many of My Friends Here [72 members]
I Admire Maria Kowroski [1 member]
I Admire Marie Osmond [14 members]
I Admire Marilyn Monroe [94 members]
I Admire Marines [48 members]
I Admire Married Men Who Share Their Wives With Other Men [975 members] Group for sharing experiences of sharing your wives with other men, or who have had other men's wives
I Admire Married Women Who [2 members]
I Admire Martin Luther King [10 members] Lets give an ovation to the great soul who sparked the REFORMATION & share thoughts about him.
I Admire Martin Luther King Jr [122 members] "I have a dream"
I Admire Martin Manley [1 member]
I Admire Maturity [953 members]
I Admire Max Igan [2 members]
I Admire Maya Angelou [4 members]
I Admire Meekness [1 member]
I Admire Men That Have Nice Abs [109 members]
I Admire Men That Show Their Emotions [5 members]
I Admire Men Who Are Gentlemen And Chivalrous [5 members]
I Admire Men Who Are True To Their Words [71 members]
I Admire Men Who Are Very Good Cooks [1925 members]
I Admire Men Who Can Lead [1577 members]
I Admire Men Who Don't Share [2 members]
I Admire Men Who Don't Want To Share [127 members]
I Admire Men Who Support Womans Quest For Sexual Freedom [407 members]
I Admire Men Who Use Words Cleverly [1 member]
I Admire Men Who Wear Full Dentures [28 members]
I Admire Mens' Bald Heads [0 members]
I Admire Mermaids [45 members]
I Admire Michael Flatley [3 members] the only Lord of the Dance!
I Admire Michael Hudson [1 member] Dedicated to Professor of Economics Michael Hudson, leading theorist in the emerging heterodox school of Modern Monetary Theory (Post-Keynesianism)
I Admire Michael J Fox [50 members]
I Admire Michael Moore [81 members]
I Admire Michael Phelps [5 members]
I Admire Michael Winslow [1 member]
I Admire Michel De Montaigne [2 members] For those who enjoy Montaigne's Essays and quick wit.
I Admire Michelle [1 member]
I Admire Michio Kaku [9 members]
I Admire Ministers [0 members]
I Admire Monks [9 members]
I Admire Moral Turpitude [5 members]
I Admire Mort, The Lemur From Madagascar [1 member]
I Admire Mother Teresa [111 members]
I Admire Mothers [19 members]
I Admire Mothers Who Breastfeed Older Children [36 members]
I Admire Multilingual People [45 members]
I Admire Musicians [2 members]
I Admire Muslims [2 members]
I Admire My Boyfriend [4 members]
I Admire My Co-member Of Our Org [1 member]
I Admire My Ep Husband Sammael [0 members]
I Admire My Faith In God [1 member]
I Admire My Father [1118 members]
I Admire My Friend Here [54 members]
I Admire My Friend Lunawolff, She's So Awesome [1 member]
I Admire My Friends [14 members]
I Admire My Grandmother [41 members]
I Admire My Husband [39 members]
I Admire My Lady Friends [70 members]
I Admire My Little Sister Very Much [6 members]
I Admire My Mom [60 members]
I Admire My Mom And Dad So Much [2 members]
I Admire My Mother [7276 members]
I Admire My Mother Because She Has Been Through A Lot [58 members]
I Admire My Mother The Most [5 members]
I Admire My Parents [43 members]
I Admire My Sister [42 members]
I Admire My Spouse And Strive To Please Always [3 members]
I Admire My Wifes Beautiful And Feminine Form [146 members]
I Admire My Younger Sister [69 members]
I Admire Myself From Time to Time [4 members]
I Admire Naked Gay Men [92 members]
I Admire Napoleon Bonaparte [15 members] For admirers of Napoleon Bonaparte, Citizen, Jacobin, General, Emperor of the French
I Admire Natalie Glebova [3 members]
I Admire Native Americans [468 members]
I Admire Nature [2 members]
I Admire Naxalists And Maoists [1 member] Lets share thoughts about the naxalists and maoists
I Admire Nelson Mandela [474 members]
I Admire Nev Schulman [2 members]
I Admire Nev Shulman [0 members]
I Admire Nice People [1 member]
I Admire Nigel Farage [2 members]
I Admire Nikola Tesla [24 members]
I Admire Nikoli Tesla [55 members]
I Admire Nonsense [1 member]
I Admire Novak Djokovic [8 members]
I Admire Nurses [1151 members]
I Admire Nurses Who Were Cnas First [2 members]
I Admire Obedience [554 members]
I Admire Old Chivalry Traditions [240 members]
I Admire Older Epers [17 members]
I Admire Olivia Newton John [0 members]
I Admire Open-minded People [3741 members]
I Admire Oprah Winfrey [107 members]
I Admire Optimism And Strong-willed Personalities [2 members]
I Admire Oriental Beauty [2035 members] Sweet, Tender, and Sensual ...
I Admire Originality [1972 members]
I Admire Orson Welles [20 members] Very so much the universal man of movie world
I Admire Other Athletes [24 members]
I Admire Other Peoples Lives, Not My Own [5 members]
I Admire Others [33 members]
I Admire Our Founding Fathers [7 members]
I Admire Our Military [1 member]
I Admire Our Soldiers [32 members]
I Admire Outer Beauty [6 members] A group that loves sexy people for their looks...and their personality. ;)
I Admire Outliers [5 members] Men and women who do things that are out of the ordinary
I Admire Panthers [0 members]
I Admire Parasites For Being Attracted To Good [0 members]
I Admire Parents Who Are Accountable To Their Children [10 members]
I Admire Passion [30 members]
I Admire People [1 member]
I Admire People That Know They're Stupid [4 members]
I Admire People That Know Theyre Stupid [1 member]
I Admire People Who Adopt Children [3035 members]
I Admire People Who Are Creative In Crochet [3 members]
I Admire People Who Are Driven [39 members]
I Admire People Who Are Not Afraid To Be Themselves [15542 members]
I Admire People Who Are Not Afraid To Express Love [113 members]
I Admire People Who Are Not Afraid To Share Their True Feeling [16 members]
I Admire People Who Aren'T Afraid To Express Themselves [19 members]
I Admire People Who Can Admit When They Are Wrong [209 members]
I Admire People Who Can Bring Something To The Table [22 members]
I Admire People Who Can Give An Honest Opinion [76 members]
I Admire People Who Can Keep A Secret [7 members]
I Admire People Who Can Keep Calm [2840 members]
I Admire People Who Can Play Musical Instruments [180 members]
I Admire People Who Can Think Critically [65 members]
I Admire People Who Create New Groups [7 members]
I Admire People Who Earn Less But Enjoy Their Job [21 members]
I Admire People Who Embrace Difference [2 members]
I Admire People Who Go For Their Dreams [1 member]
I Admire People Who Have Conviction [3 members]
I Admire People Who Have Dads [1 member]
I Admire People Who Have Learnt A Second Language [22 members]
I Admire People Who Have Self Respect [3730 members]
I Admire People Who Have The Courage To Expose Corruption [98 members]
I Admire People Who Help Others [357 members]
I Admire People Who Is Not Afraid To Speak Up Their Mind [108 members]
I Admire People Who Know They're Stupid [59 members]
I Admire People Who Know What They Want And Pursue That Goal [52 members]
I Admire People Who Like To Be Fisted Anally [72 members]
I Admire People Who Love Their Job [1 member]
I Admire People Who Overcome Religious Brainwashing [113 members]
I Admire People Who Pay Attention To Details In Relationship [55 members]
I Admire People Who Prefer To Go Their Own Way [74 members]
I Admire People Who Stand Up For Themselves [19 members]
I Admire People Who Stand Up For What They Believe In [2 members]
I Admire People Who Tactfully Tell It Like It Is [138 members]
I Admire People Who Tell The Truth [81 members]
I Admire People With A Little Class And Dignity [81 members]
I Admire People With A Single-minded Focus [1 member]
I Admire People With Manners [13 members]
I Admire People With No Shame [34 members]
I Admire People With Practical Skills [21 members]
I Admire People With Strong Morals [60 members]
I Admire Persistence [23 members]
I Admire Peter Higgs [1 member]
I Admire Pierre Trudeau [5 members]
I Admire Pinup Girls [265 members] The work of Alberto Vargas has always fascinated me since the first time I saw it ...
I Admire Poetry [5 members]
I Admire Politicians Who Are Accountable [5 members]
I Admire Polynesian Women [1 member]
I Admire Pretty Lassy's [1 member]
I Admire Pretty Much Nobody [0 members]
I Admire Professor Brian Cox [2 members]
I Admire Programmers [1 member]
I Admire Pythagoras [1 member]
I Admire Queen Of Country Loretta Lynn [13 members]
I Admire Queen Rania of Jordan [11 members]
I Admire Quiet Perseverance [0 members]
I Admire Ralph Waldo Emerson [167 members]
I Admire Random Acts Of Kindness [2752 members]
I Admire Randy Pausch [11 members] Always happy and wise til the end!
I Admire Real Old School [12 members]
I Admire Reason And Logic [4 members]
I Admire Resilience [2 members]
I Admire Resourcefulness [6 members]
I Admire Respect And Honesty In A Man [16 members]
I Admire Responsible Weight Gain [1 member]
I Admire Rich Mullins [16 members] Rich Mullins was a Christian singer and songwriter that inspired millions of people that thought they couldn't be loved by God.
I Admire Richard Dawkins [3 members]
I Admire Richard Feynman [3 members]
I Admire Robert Frost [0 members]
I Admire Robert Menard [4 members] Group To Show Appreciation For 'FreemanOnTheLand' Rob Menard
I Admire Roman Architecture [5 members]
I Admire Ronald Reagan [28 members]
I Admire Roobie Breastnut [1 member]
I Admire Rosa Parks [11 members]
I Admire Sally Ride [1 member] For Space Exploration, Young Girls and Women, and the Gay Community, Dr. Ride is a True Hero
I Admire Salvador Dali [2 members]
I Admire Sam Harris [20 members]
I Admire Sami Chakrabati [2 members]
I Admire Santa [6 members]
I Admire Sarah Silverman [59 members]
I Admire Sassy Smart Women [14 members]
I Admire Satan [10 members]
I Admire Scars [108 members]
I Admire Scientists [51 members]
I Admire Scott Mescudi [1 member]
I Admire Sebastian Bach [7 members]
I Admire Self Sacrificing Decisions [1 member]
I Admire Self Worth [3 members]
I Admire Self-discipline [240 members]
I Admire Sense Of Humor [13 members]
I Admire Serial Killers [10 members]
I Admire Sexually Uninhibited People [197 members]
I Admire Shakira [75 members]
I Admire Shane Bitney Crone [1 member]
I Admire Shyness [1 member]
I Admire Sickdreams [1 member]
I Admire Silence [3 members]
I Admire Silent Bob [1 member]
I Admire Silentmisery [1 member]
I Admire Simplicity [7151 members]
I Admire Single Fathers [16 members]
I Admire Single Mothers [1798 members]
I Admire Skylar Grey's Gorgeous Voice [4 members]
I Admire Smart Women [272 members]
I Admire Socrates [98 members]
I Admire Some Epers Greatly [10 members]
I Admire Some Great Looking Bare Feet [53 members]
I Admire Some People [1 member]
I Admire Someone [20 members]
I Admire Someone But Too Shy To Let Them Know Just Yet [101 members]
I Admire Someone On Here [79 members]
I Admire Somone On Ep [164 members]
I Admire Southwestern Architecture With Large Timbers [2 members]
I Admire Spelling Pioneers [4 members]
I Admire Spirit I Reward Obedience [3 members]
I Admire Spontaneity [6 members]
I Admire Sports Referees [2 members]
I Admire Stephan Jenkins For His Depth In Writing Music [1 member]
I Admire Stephen Fry [16 members]
I Admire Stephen Hawking [35 members]
I Admire Stephen King's Brain [6 members]
I Admire Steve Jobs At Apple [1 member]
I Admire Straightforward People [1 member]
I Admire Strangers For Blocking Me [1 member]
I Admire Strength In The Face Of Adversaries [1 member]
I Admire Strength Of Character [53 members]
I Admire Strong and Confident Women [3315 members]
I Admire Strong Elderly People [3 members]
I Admire Strong Women [58 members]
I Admire Strong, Affectionate Women [29 members]
I Admire Strong, Confident People [10 members]
I Admire Strong, Confident Women [6164 members]
I Admire Strong, Independent Women [3 members]
I Admire Success [4 members]
I Admire Successful Business Women [159 members]
I Admire Supermother2010 She Is A Great Ep Friend [9 members]
I Admire Surgeons [5 members]
I Admire Susan B Anthony [1 member]
I Admire Talented People [389 members]
I Admire Tammy Bruce [1 member]
I Admire Teachers [84 members]
I Admire Temple Grandin [9 members]
I Admire Terrance Mann [1 member]
I Admire Terrence Mann [0 members]
I Admire Tesla [28 members]
I Admire Teslar [0 members]
I Admire Tex Avery [6 members]
I Admire The "American Life" [9 members]
I Admire The Ability To Create Via Sewing [3 members]
I Admire The Allman Brothers [2 members]
I Admire The Amish [87 members]
I Admire The Aztec Civilization [22 members]
I Admire The Aztecs [1 member]
I Admire The Beauty Of Orchids [86 members]
I Admire The Beauty Queens Who Go In Beauty Quests [1 member]
I Admire The Celts [5 members]
I Admire The Character Shoshana Dreyfus [1 member]
I Admire the Connection That Ep Has Made With Its Members [24 members]
I Admire The Courage Of The Libyan And Syrian People [10 members]
I Admire The Egocentric Predicament [3 members]
I Admire The Eye Chart To Save Eye Sight Improving Behaviour [1 member]
I Admire The Female Body [1 member]
I Admire The Geeks, Freeks And Outcasts [26 members]
I Admire The Genius Of Fred Sonic Smith [1 member]
I Admire The Genius Of Peter Cook [4 members]
I Admire the Goddess Durga [33 members] One bad ass chick
I Admire The Great Inventors [30 members]
I Admire The Great Women In History [258 members] standing up for what they believed in, against astounding odds and peril
I Admire The Green Lady [10 members]
I Admire The Green Man [21 members] WELCOME TRAVELLERS ... spiced and flickering nights with each other and the dark fathoms-deep
I Admire The Group Known As Anonymous [2 members]
I Admire The Hacker Colective Anonymous [1 member]
I Admire The Hovawart Dog Breed [1 member]
I Admire The Human Body [7 members]
I Admire The Invincible Spirit Of Essendon [3 members]
I Admire the Kmt and the Dpp [1 member]
I Admire The Leading Ladies Of History [168 members] if you have a story to share about any woman feel free to join. don't limit your story to women who are famous. feel free to include stories about any woman; living or dead, myth or non fictional...
I Admire the Life and Works of Robert Burns [19 members]
I Admire The Love Of Fordprefect42 And Dark Tru [9 members] Dark Truth and FordPrefect42 that is..........Love
I Admire The Man Who Is Faithfull To The Love One [1 member]
I Admire The Mayan Culture [28 members]
I Admire the Members of the White Rose Resistance Group [1 member]
I Admire The Minoans [2 members]
I Admire The Most Powerful Rare Men And I Am One Of Them [2 members]
I Admire The Non Ugly Women Of Ep [11 members]
I Admire The Novels Of Michael Chabon [1 member]
I Admire The Openness Of People On Ep [688 members]
I Admire The Passionate Expressive Poetic Art In Music [2 members]
I Admire The People Who Make You Feel Special [65 members]
I Admire the Philanthropic Acts of Oprah [180 members]
I Admire The Police [99 members]
I Admire The Red Baron [1 member]
I Admire The Romans [3 members]
I Admire the Smart Guy [3 members]
I Admire The Splendour Of Nature [30 members]
I Admire The Stillness Of My Cat [5 members]
I Admire The Surrealists Of The Pre War Period [2 members]
I Admire The Talent Of Neil Young [2 members]
I Admire The Teachings Of The Buddha [164 members]
I Admire The Tenacity Of EP Perverts [2 members]
I Admire The United States Of America [3 members]
I Admire the Unsung [22 members]
I Admire The Way You Honored Your Mother [0 members]
I Admire The Women Body [1 member]
I Admire The Women Of Ep [567 members]
I Admire the Work of Conservationist [12 members]
I Admire The Work Of Diego Rivera [5 members]
I Admire The Work Of Jean Prouve [5 members]
I Admire The Work Of Le Corbusier [1 member]
I Admire The Work Of Man Ray [1 member]
I Admire The Work Of Yasunori Mitsuda [2 members]
I Admire The Works Of Mark Twain [67 members]
I Admire The Works Of Robert Burns [1 member]
I Admire Theodore Roosevelt [4 members]
I Admire Theresa Caputo The Long Island Medium [15 members]
I Admire These People [2 members]
I Admire This Ep Member Because [72 members]
I Admire This Guy [1 member]
I Admire This Miserable World [1 member]
I Admire This Person [6 members]
I Admire Thomas Jefferson [4 members]
I Admire Thorough Research [2 members]
I Admire Those Person [1 member]
I Admire Those That Dont Give Up [124 members]
I Admire Those That Try [2 members]
I Admire Those Who Are Sensitive To The Needs Of Others [145 members]
I Admire Those Who Do Something About It [7 members]
I Admire Those Who Fight For Their Rights [55 members]
I Admire Those Who Foster Shelter Pets [32 members]
I Admire Those Who Have Been Through Adversity [31 members]
I Admire Those Who Know And Understand Their Sexuality [9 members]
I Admire Those Who Make Kids Days Better [4 members]
I Admire Those With Ideas [9 members]
I Admire Thoughtful And Friendly People [1 member]
I Admire Tim Minchin [13 members]
I Admire Tina Fey And Amy Poehler [7 members]
I Admire Tough Smart Women [2 members]
I Admire Traci Dinwiddie [0 members]
I Admire Traditional Relationships [401 members] I Believe Old Fashioned Roles For Couples Can Be Loving & Respectful
I Admire Trent Reznor [16 members]
I Admire True Beauty And Purity [2 members]
I Admire Truly Happy People [6 members]
I Admire Tucker Max [5 members]
I Admire Unique Actors And Actresses [0 members]
I Admire Unique People [8914 members]
I Admire Unsung Heroes [5 members]
I Admire Unusual And Intellectual People [12481 members]
I Admire Us Humans, For All We Weather [12 members]
I Admire Velimir Khlebnikov [3 members]
I Admire Veteran Members [2 members]
I Admire Vintage Cars [1 member]
I Admire Vivarin [0 members]
I Admire Vladimir Ilyich Lenin [12 members]
I Admire Vladmir Putin [10 members]
I Admire Volunteers [0 members]
I Admire Warren Buffett [8 members]
I Admire Wayne Gretzky [10 members]
I Admire Wearable Art [86 members] Come share your creations...
I Admire Wednesday Adams [5 members]
I Admire Wes Anderson [1 member]
I Admire When People Are Discreet [4 members]
I Admire When Saints Go Machines Fail Forever [1 member]
I Admire Who Sunnybelle Is Becoming [11 members] D e s i r i n g her
I Admire Wikileaks [5 members] Lets stand aside & share ur views about wikileaks which had courage to uncover the hidden facts of world nations.
I Admire Windsurfers [4 members]
I Admire Winston Spencer Churchill [9 members] Winston Blair (George Orwell) called him a human being, high praise indeed
I Admire Wisdom [362 members]
I Admire Wit and Intelligence [91750 members]
I Admire Wit And Intelligence And The Idiots, Lars Von Trier [2 members]
I Admire Wit And Intelligent [1 member]
I Admire Wittiness And Cleverness [1 member]
I Admire Witty People [47 members]
I Admire Wolfie's Artwork [14 members]
I Admire Women [1 member]
I Admire Women That Lead [8 members]
I Admire Women Who Breastfeed Their Children [3 members]
I Admire Women Who Breastfeed Thier Children [87 members]
I Admire Women Who Cut Their Hair Short [2 members]
I Admire Women Who Leave Abusive Relationships [17 members]
I Admire Women Who Stand Up For Themselves [163 members]
I Admire Women Who Wrestle Naked [3 members]
I Admire World Of Jenks [10 members]
I Admire Xanana Gusmao [1 member]
I Admire XL Ebony Breasts [5 members]
I Admire Yogi Bear [5 members]
I Admire Yoko Ono [10 members]
I Admire You [45 members]
I Admire You From A Distance [64 members]
I Admire Young And Successful People [22 members]
I Admire Your Anger [7 members]
I Admire Your Loyalty [77 members]
I Admire Your Spirit [28 members]
I Admire Your Strength [247 members]
I Admire Youth Leaders [2 members]
I Admired Beautiful Straight Men [15 members]
I Admired Fred Dibnah [2 members] Read true personal stories and chat with a group of people who all admired Fred Dibnah
I Admired Invisible People Who Is Difference [3 members]
I Admired Ted Kennedy [36 members]
I Admired The Shemales, Swingers, And PPL Considered Different [20 members]
I Admirer Romances [3 members]
I Admirers [1 member]
I Admissions In Ukrainian Universities [1 member]
I Admit [17 members]
I Admit A Single Note Can Make Me Cry [20 members]
I Admit Ep Is My Home Page [20 members]
I Admit Google Is My Home Page [201 members]
I Admit He Melts My Heart [0 members]
I Admit I Am a Crybaby [41 members]
I Admit I Am A Gamer [198 members]
I Admit I Am Addicted To Being Loved [8 members]
I Admit I Am Becoming An Addict [5 members]
I Admit I Am Judgemental A Lot Of Times [15 members]
I Admit I Am Obsessed With Celebrities [7 members]
I Admit I Am Part Troll Just A Little [16 members]
I Admit I Am The Loser In This Whole Experience [4 members]
I Admit I Am Vulnerable [95 members]
I Admit I Am Weird And I Love It [57 members]
I Admit I Broke That Too [125 members]
I Admit I Can't Change [10 members]
I Admit I Can't Stop Thinking About Him [93 members]
I Admit I Could Not Resist [9 members]
I Admit I Crave Attention And Approval [1 member]
I Admit I Dislike Some Epers [11 members]
I Admit I Dont Fit In With Most Women Or Trust Them [8 members]
I Admit I Dont Really Know How To Chitchat Social Irrelevently [2 members]
I Admit I Have A Mad Crush On Lbk44 [0 members]
I Admit I Have A Void [1 member]
I Admit I Have Been Wrong Some Times [66 members]
I Admit I Have No Idea What I'M Doing [8 members]
I Admit I Have Problems [76 members]
I Admit I Like Being The Center Of Attention [19 members]
I Admit I Like Making Out [208 members]
I Admit I Love Suckday Sundays [39 members]
I Admit I Misunderstand [22 members]
I Admit I Need A Man And Soon [1 member]
I Admit I Often Do Not Understand Anything [0 members]
I Admit I Sometimes Like Imitating You [9 members] My guy is so funny that I just have to do it. He really just laughs when I do it though.
I Admit I Struggle At Times [1 member]
I Admit I Talk During A Movie [21 members]
I Admit I Watched The Oscars Last Night [2 members]
I Admit I'M A Good Dancer [3 members]
I Admit I'M Scared [39 members]
I Admit Im Hooked [6 members]
I Admit It [100 members]
I Admit It - I Shot The Deputy Too [1 member]
I Admit It ---- I Lick The Icing [5 members]
I Admit It Good Looking People Irk Me [6 members]
I Admit It I Am In Love With A Girl [3 members]
I Admit It I Was Wrong And I Miss You [1 member]
I Admit It's Easier To Break A Promise Not Made Face To Face [9 members] face-to-face is better than webcam, which is better than phone, which is better than IM or email.
I Admit It, I Love Slendy [5 members]
I Admit It---I Joined The Keurig K-Cup Club [3 members]
I Admit My Faults When I Realize Them [294 members]
I Admit My First Love Was My Cousins [3 members]
I Admit My Inner Child Is Hiding From My Parents Still [0 members]
I Admit My Mistakes [6 members]
I Admit My Music Reveals My Mood [1 member]
I Admit My Unpredictableness Scares Me [1 member]
I Admit One Of My Greatest Insecurities Is [1 member]
I Admit Pizza Is My Favorite Food [10 members]
I Admit Some Humor Is Totally Stupid, But Thats Whats The Best [38 members]
I Admit Some Things Really Eat At Me [65 members]
I Admit Texassoul1883 Has My Heart [0 members]
I Admit That I Am A Little Heartbroken [37 members]
I Admit That I Am An Idealistic Person [6 members]
I Admit That I Am Not Perfect [6 members]
I Admit That I Am So Lonely It Hurts [2 members]
I Admit That I Boast [0 members]
I Admit That I Can Be Irresponsible Sometimes [4 members]
I Admit That I Can Be Rude [0 members]
I Admit That I Have Anger Problems [14 members]
I Admit That I Have Lost [8 members]
I Admit That I Have Mushy Feelings [189 members] Yup.
I Admit That I Like 70s Disco Music [97 members]
I Admit That I Need Help [40 members]
I Admit That I'M Pathetic [10 members]
I Admit That I'm Rude At Times [399 members]
I Admit That I'm Scared [1209 members]
I Admit That Im Wrong Sometimes But I'M Not A Cruel Person [138 members]
I Admit That Words Fail Me [21 members]
I Admit That You Are My Drug [0 members]
I Admit That You Make Me Smile [159 members]
I Admit This Is Pretty Irrational [1 member]
I Admit To Be Watching Jersey Shore [0 members]
I Admit to Being Nowhere Close to Perfect [39 members]
I Admit To Being Sensitive, Dramatic, Bitchy, Etc [108 members]
I Admit To Getting Aroused By A Mans Bulging Jeans Or Exposed [707 members]
I Admit To Having Multiple E P Id's [2 members]
I Admit To It [10 members]
I Admit To Loving Some Terrible Movies [9 members]
I Admit To Taking A Lot For Granted [14 members]
I Admit To Watching Cartoons [5 members]
I Admit Trolls Fascinate Me [0 members]
I Admit When I Am Wrong [1 member]
I Admit When I Am Wrong And Apologise When Needed [548 members]
I Admit When I'm Wrong [1 member]
I Admit You Pushed Me Too Far [33 members]
I Admit, I Am A Compulsive Gambler [6 members]
I Admit, I Can Be Very Nosy [0 members]
I Admit, I Have An Addiction To Oxygen [1 member]
I Admit, I Have Wanted 2 Change Myself 4 Others 2 Make Friends [1 member]
I Admit, I Love to Hold My Womans Hand [14 members]
I Admit, I Sometimes Feel Completely Alone [1 member]
I Admit, It Was Me [24 members]
I Admitt It Youre All Getting Fanny Thrills [1 member]
I Admitted I Cant Fix Everything [12 members]
I Admitted It [35 members]
I Admitted To Cheating But He Still Wants To Be With Me [2 members]
I Admitted To My Partner That I Have Schizophrenia And [2 members]
I Admitted To The Word Karma [1 member]
I Admitted To The World I Am TG [1 member]
I Admitting Batman Vs Superman [1 member]
I Admitting Failure [3 members]
I Admitting My Mother Can Be Toxic [1 member]
I Adnan [1 member]
I Adobe International Design Awards 2014 [1 member]
I Adolescent [2 members]
I Adolphe Lacoste Pas Cher [1 member]
I Adopt a Bee [8 members]
I Adopt a Boy Or Girl [1 member]
I Adopt And Rescue Animals [54 members]
I Adopt Ep Groups [9 members]
I Adopt Rescue Dogs [43 members]
I Adopt The Dragonfly As My Symbol [5 members] I like dragonflies!
I Adoptation [1 member] thinking of giveing up your baby read this
I Adoptation I Adoptation [1 member]
I Adopted [1 member]
I Adopted 3 Children [1 member]
I Adopted 4 Childern [2 members]
I Adopted A Baby [2 members]
I Adopted a Basset Hound [11 members]
I Adopted A Bird [1 member]
I Adopted A Boy Online Today [0 members]
I Adopted a Cat [184 members]
I Adopted A Cat, At Ep [1 member]
I Adopted a Child [143 members]
I Adopted a Child Because There Are Too Many Orphans [1 member]
I Adopted a Dog [20 members]
I Adopted A Dog , Toto Alpha Male Pomeranian - He Shows Me Up [2 members]
I Adopted A Dog And Named Him Romeo [2 members]
I Adopted A Dog From The Humane Society [9 members]
I Adopted a Dog Named, Bailey From the Spca [1 member]
I Adopted a Dragon Egg [13 members]
I Adopted a Kitten [15 members]
I Adopted a Pot-bellied Pig [10 members]
I Adopted a Shelter Dog [81 members]
I Adopted a Special Needs Child [7 members]
I Adopted a Stray Dog [67 members]
I Adopted An Abused Abandoned Kitten From The Shelter [1 member]
I Adopted An Abused Dog [14 members]
I Adopted An E P Member [3 members]
I Adopted An Ep Cat From the Shelter [2 members]
I Adopted An Ep Group [9 members] It cost me some points (or tokens) but it's worth it!
I Adopted An Ep Pet [6 members]
I Adopted An Older Child [1 member]
I Adopted An Orphan [1 member]
I Adopted As A Child [1 member]
I Adopted Children [8 members]
I Adopted My Children [4 members]
I Adopted My First German Shepherd [4 members]
I Adopted My Older Sisters 2 Children [2 members]
I Adopted Special Needs Children [1 member]
I Adopted the Characters of This Saturday Morning Cartoon [3 members]
I Adopted Three of My Children [1 member]
I Adopted Transracially [2 members]
I Adopted Two Evil Cats [4 members]
I Adopted Two Special Needs Children [1 member]
I Adoptee [3 members]
I Adoptee Searching For Mother [3 members]
I Adoption [12 members]
I Adoption Agencies Are Stupid [1 member]
I Adoption And Foster Care London Ontario [1 member]
I Adoption Nightmare [2 members]
I Adoption Of Young Adults [1 member]
I Adoption Sucks [3 members]
I Adoption Vs Abortion [6 members]
I Adoption, Loneliness [1 member]
I Adoptions [2 members]
I Adore Cha [1 member]
I Adore 1990'S Music [557 members]
I Adore 1990s Music [63 members]
I Adore A Blazing Campfire [431 members]
I Adore A Clingy Guy [2 members]
I Adore A Cool Breeze Up My Dress [29 members]
I Adore A Great Pair Of Legs [284 members]
I Adore A Lovable Darkangel123 [5 members]
I Adore A Man I Met On EP [12 members]
I Adore A Man Of Great Faith [1 member]
I Adore A Mom With Daughters [881 members] A Smart Mom Who Shares many of the same interests as I do
I Adore A Much Younger Woman [4 members]
I Adore A Pure Heart [3 members]
I Adore a Song of Ice and Fire [100 members]
I Adore A Wonderful Sense Of Humor [41 members]
I Adore Accents [207 members]
I Adore Adam Baldwin [2 members]
I Adore Adora Batbrat [4 members]
I Adore Adore To Play With A Woman's Hair Before I Cut It [1 member]
I Adore Adriana Lima [118 members] This group is for those who love and adore Adriana Lima. In my opinion the sexiest woman alive! Share your stories, thoughts and pictures of her .
I Adore Aero [3 members]
I Adore Affectionate Men [6 members]
I Adore Al Bundy [4 members]
I Adore Aliloveless [1 member]
I Adore Alison Krauss [32 members] Join if you love the queen of Bluegrass-infused country!
I Adore Alison Lohman [1 member]
I Adore All Animals [1 member]
I Adore All Cultures [1 member]
I Adore All My Ep Lassie Mates [9 members]
I Adore All My Pets [18 members]
I Adore All Of My Children [37 members]
I Adore All The Victorias Secret Models [29 members]
I Adore Allaboutlaffs [14 members]
I Adore Allenw [4 members] My heart, my soul...my only true love
I Adore Amanda Bynes [18 members]
I Adore Amber Duponte [11 members]
I Adore Amber Heard [1 member]
I Adore Amir Khusro [2 members]
I Adore Amuse4ever [24 members]
I Adore An Amazing Man [0 members]
I Adore An Artist At Work [1 member]
I Adore An Unleashed Mind [159 members]
I Adore Ancient Greek Architecture [61 members]
I Adore And Admire Akindheart [16 members]
I Adore And Admire Richard S Johnson Paintings [1 member]
I Adore And Admire Sara [2 members]
I Adore And Love My Children [22 members]
I Adore And Love My Lesbian Wife And Kids [3 members]
I Adore And Worship Strong Empowered Women [1 member]
I Adore Andrea Bocelli [25 members]
I Adore Andy Williams [3 members]
I Adore Angelina Jolie [1 member]
I Adore Animals [1133 members]
I Adore Animals and Dream of Having a Mini Zoo For a Home [4 members]
I Adore Animals Especially Dogs [13 members]
I Adore Animals of All Kinds [677 members]
I Adore Animals, Am a Rescuer [21 members]
I Adore Anklets [2 members]
I Adore Annabelle Aka Girlonwire [2 members]
I Adore Anthony Bourdain [3 members]
I Adore Anthony Hopkins [51 members]
I Adore Any Knd Cruellty to People and Animals [1 member]
I Adore Anything From The 50s [1 member]
I Adore Appetizers [46 members]
I Adore Ariesgrl18 [2 members]
I Adore Arm Chair Gardening [4 members] for folks who can't wait to get their hands in the dirt, their feet in the grass and dream of Spring while going through the seed catalogs.
I Adore Art Of Most Kinds [35 members]
I Adore Art On Stamps [7 members]
I Adore Art, Music And Psychology [17 members]
I Adore Asian Culture [9 members]
I Adore Asian Horror Films [78 members]
I Adore Asians [1302 members] This group is for those who love asian cuties!
I Adore Athletes [7 members]
I Adore Audrey Hepburn and the French Language [7 members]
I Adore Auroraborealis [2 members] She is a teacher, a counsellor, a friend, & a lifeline. Goddess bless & keep her.
I Adore Aussie's [3 members] They have "No Worries" and the accent is adorable.
I Adore Authenticiy [97 members]
I Adore Author Rhiannon Frater [1 member]
I Adore Babies [6 members]
I Adore Babies Clothes [2 members]
I Adore Baby Animals [54 members]
I Adore Babydoll42 [4 members]
I Adore Barrack Obama [1 member]
I Adore Barry M Cosmetics [5 members] The Most Colourful name in Cosmetics
I Adore Barry Manilow [20 members] It's OK to admit it. You're among friends who understand. Yes, there IS something magic about "Looks Like We Made It".
I Adore Beautiful Football [14 members]
I Adore Beauty [258 members]
I Adore Being A Girl [2 members]
I Adore Being a Mom [1 member]
I Adore Being a Mother [3 members]
I Adore Being A Mum [2 members]
I Adore Being A Puppy [4 members] I never said love made sense
I Adore Being A Submissive [1951 members]
I Adore Being a Woman [1889 members]
I Adore Being Adored [676 members]
I Adore Being Happy [11 members]
I Adore Being Penetrated By 2 Men At Once [11 members]
I Adore Being Touched Lighty With His Finger Tips [25 members]
I Adore Bemyvalentine [2 members]
I Adore Benedict Cumberbatch [7 members]
I Adore Bettie Page [332 members] A tribute to the world famous pin-up queen~
I Adore Bikini Tops And Short Shorts [2 members]
I Adore Bikinis [2709 members]
I Adore Bill Hicks [5 members]
I Adore Black and White Films [18 members]
I Adore Blood Red Roses [54 members]
I Adore Blue Glass [14 members]
I Adore Bluegeorgia [4 members] Once in a lifetime cowboy =)
I Adore Bobfrost [12 members]
I Adore Bodymodifications [21 members]
I Adore Boobs [7 members]
I Adore Books and Old Movies [1 member]
I Adore Books and Reading [1652 members]
I Adore Bookshops [59 members]
I Adore Both Men And Women [1 member]
I Adore Both My Daughters, They Are Beautiful [5 members]
I Adore Both The City And The Country [0 members]
I Adore Boudoir Luxury Every Lady Can Appreciate That [8 members]
I Adore Bounty [2 members]
I Adore Breasts What Size [16 members]
I Adore Brizbane [0 members]
I Adore Brokntears [2 members]
I Adore Bruno Heller [1 member]
I Adore Bruno Heller In The Mentalist [1 member]
I Adore Bruno Heller's Work [2 members]
I Adore Bruno Heller's Work In The Mentalist [2 members]
I Adore Busby Berkeley [1 member]
I Adore Cameo Rings [8 members]
I Adore Candy [1 member]
I Adore Care2 For Its Notolerance Of Online Predators Of Women [22 members] ALL "online communities" OWE THE SAME REGARD TO WOMEN : NO TOLERANCE OF HARASSMENT OR STALKING FROM THEIR COMMUNITY MEMBERS!"EP" OWES same 2 us WOMEN!
I Adore Caricom [1 member]
I Adore Casablanca [2 members]
I Adore Cat's Cradle By Curt Vonnegut [1 member]
I Adore Catherinette Rings [2 members] Check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CatherinetteRings
I Adore Cats [9 members]
I Adore Changsha [1 member]
I Adore Charlie1960 [6 members]
I Adore Cheesecake [1451 members]
I Adore Cheesy Musicals [7 members]
I Adore Cherish Skyy7 Gracious Loving Beautiful Friend [5 members]
I Adore Children [29 members]
I Adore Children and Nature [1 member]
I Adore Children's Songs [4 members]
I Adore Chocolate [8 members]
I Adore Chocolate and Gum, of Course [1 member]
I Adore Chocolate, of Course [3 members]
I Adore Chris Corner [4 members] IAMX && SNEAKER PIMPS = LOVE
I Adore Chris Mann [2 members] Author and sweet funny guy!
I Adore Chris Robinson [2 members] Calling all CR Fans...
I Adore Chris Woakes [1 member]
I Adore Christopher Poindexter [1 member]
I Adore Chubby Cheek Babies [15 members]
I Adore Cibo Matto [2 members]
I Adore Cindy Crawford From the 90s [4 members]
I Adore Classical Music [33 members]
I Adore Classy Actresses Like Audrey Hepburn [41 members]
I Adore Classy Woman [10 members]
I Adore Clifford Joseph Harris Jr [5 members]
I Adore Coconut Oil [6 members]
I Adore Coffee [513 members]
I Adore Coffee and the Color Yellow [2 members]
I Adore Colin Firth [5 members]
I Adore Cooking [1 member]
I Adore Copperblaze [12 members]
I Adore Corsets [1301 members]
I Adore Cows [10 members]
I Adore Coyote Dave [8 members]
I Adore Creamdream [4 members]
I Adore Creamms [8 members] express your love and admiration for this special, wonderful, delightful young woman! :)
I Adore Creative And Imaginative MEN [1 member]
I Adore Crescendo282 [1 member]
I Adore Cris Angel [3 members]
I Adore Cris Angel's Wonders [3 members]
I Adore Cris Angel's Work [1 member]
I Adore Cristy Bell [1 member]
I Adore Cross Dressers [1 member]
I Adore Cross Dressing And Walking In Woods [14 members]
I Adore Cuddling And Caresing [273 members]
I Adore Cupcakes [936 members]
I Adore Curiousironbutterfly [9 members]
I Adore Curvacious Full Figured Women [64 members]
I Adore Curvy Naturally Unshaven Women Who Like Unshaven Men [29 members]
I Adore Cynics [1 member]
I Adore Cyrano De Bergerac [2 members]
I Adore Daisies [91 members]
I Adore Dana International [3 members]
I Adore Dancemom2 [20 members]
I Adore Dancing [1 member]
I Adore Dancing In Dresses And Heels [12 members]
I Adore Danielle Steel [4 members]
I Adore Dating Younger Women [10 members]
I Adore David Cross [1 member]
I Adore David Tennant [5 members]
I Adore Deadmoon [11 members]
I Adore Death Wish Coffee [3 members]
I Adore Devotchka And The Places They Take Me [3 members]
I Adore Dirty Pics Of Guys [99 members]
I Adore Dobby the House Elf [141 members]
I Adore Dogmatix [1 member]
I Adore Dogs [16 members]
I Adore Dogs and Have 2 [1 member]
I Adore Dolls Houses [25 members]
I Adore Dolphins [4 members]
I Adore Donna Tartt [1 member]
I Adore Donotfollowme [6 members]
I Adore Drcynic [5 members]
I Adore Dressing In An Unique Fashion [20 members]
I Adore Dressing In Pretty, Feminine, Pastel Colored Lingerie [1488 members]
I Adore Dressing Up In Pvc [7 members]
I Adore Dubstep [40 members]
I Adore Dudley Moore [1 member]
I Adore Earl Hamner Jr [1 member]
I Adore Early 70s Cars [1 member]
I Adore Eccentric People [1 member]
I Adore Eevee [1 member]
I Adore Elderly People [40 members]
I Adore Electric Light Orchestra [104 members]
I Adore Emily Prentiss [3 members]
I Adore Emmylou Harris [14 members]
I Adore English Accents [34 members]
I Adore Ep "blogthings" Personality Quizzes [4 members]
I Adore Eva Green [4 members]
I Adore Eva Simon [1 member]
I Adore Every Aspect of Spain, Tapas, Wine, Love of Life [6 members]
I Adore Every Season [4 members]
I Adore Everybody [1 member]
I Adore Everything About Night And Guitar [1 member]
I Adore Everything Of Beauty [379 members] People, nature, music and charater
I Adore Exotic Food [18 members]
I Adore Exotic Lands and Foods [14 members]
I Adore Experience Project [54 members]
I Adore Facebook [0 members]
I Adore Faith, Hope, And Charity [1 member]
I Adore Fantasy [1454 members]
I Adore Fashion [4 members]
I Adore Father Figures [10 members]
I Adore Fedoras [8 members]
I Adore Feeling Loved [1 member]
I Adore Feelingroovy [8 members]
I Adore Feisty Girls [712 members]
I Adore Feisty Guys [136 members] Tells us why you adore feisty guys
I Adore Female Breasts [1545 members]
I Adore Filipino Women [0 members]
I Adore Fleur De Leis' [5 members]
I Adore Florence And The Machine [5 members]
I Adore Flowers [119 members]
I Adore Flowers All Of Them [15 members]
I Adore Flying [1 member]
I Adore Food [2 members]
I Adore Football Matches [0 members]
I Adore Fordprefect42 [7 members] for fans and friends of this awesome Ep member!!
I Adore Foreign Cinema [179 members]
I Adore Foreign Food [3 members]
I Adore Foremikal [3 members]
I Adore Fran Drescher In The Nanny [11 members]
I Adore Frank People In Humble Way [1 member]
I Adore Freedom, the Outdoors and Sunshine [18 members]
I Adore French Bulldogs [2 members]
I Adore French Cafes [2 members]
I Adore Friendlycat Such A Angel Rocks Ep [9 members]
I Adore Frilly Things [2 members]
I Adore Fugazi [10 members]
I Adore Fungirlmmm [80 members] Shs is purely amazing =)
I Adore Gardening [3 members]
I Adore Gato [2 members]
I Adore Gay Teens Who Needs Good Care [1 member]
I Adore Geeky Guys [7 members]
I Adore Geeky Women [22 members] you know who you are
I Adore Gentlemen [2 members]
I Adore George Carlin [7 members]
I Adore George Jones [7 members]
I Adore George O'malley [2 members]
I Adore George Strait [9 members]
I Adore Giraffes [2 members]
I Adore Girls Who Like Crossdressers [12 members]
I Adore Girls Who Wet Her Bed [1826 members]
I Adore Girls With Cute Feet And Shiny Smile [180 members]
I Adore Girls With Finger Nails Print In Certain Way [2 members] This is a group for whoever love the paint on girls fingers a normal nails not fake one and with top white paint on their nails .
I Adore Giving Spankings [369 members]
I Adore Glitter, Faerie Stuff, Egl and Anything Magical [2 members]
I Adore God And Jesus More Than Anything Else In The World [202 members]
I Adore God, My Friends And Family [55 members]
I Adore Goddess Friend Amitycalamity [2 members]
I Adore Goin to Musicals [5 members]
I Adore Going To Starbucks [46 members]
I Adore Good Music [1060 members]
I Adore Gorgeous Brown Eyes [19 members]
I Adore Grandchildren [1 member]
I Adore Great Music [55 members]
I Adore Groovimax [6 members] Absolute sweetheart.
I Adore Group Hunt Bargains [6 members]
I Adore Gujarati Sarees [9 members]
I Adore Guys Who Can Sing [12 members]
I Adore Guys Who Wears Eyeglasses [3 members]
I Adore Hair Accessories [3 members]