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I Becoming [1 member]
I Becoming A Bad Boy [1 member]
I Becoming A Better Person [4 members]
I Becoming A Double Amputee [6 members]
I Becoming A Guardian [0 members]
I Becoming A Hateful Person [19 members] Feeling negative,pessimistic to down right hateful toward humanity.
I Becoming A Loner [26 members]
I Becoming A Makeup Artist [1 member]
I Becoming A Mermaid [1 member]
I Becoming A Neuro Surgeon [3 members]
I Becoming A Nudist [69 members]
I Becoming A Parent [3 members]
I Becoming A Shape-shifter [1 member]
I Becoming A Special Sister Is Priceless And Precious [58 members]
I Becoming A Successful Business Owner Takes More Than Luck [3 members]
I Becoming A Werewolf [14 members]
I Becoming Anorexic [2 members]
I Becoming Atheist [0 members]
I Becoming Estranged From Family [2 members]
I Becoming Healthy [1 member]
I Becoming House Wife [1 member]
I Becoming Mind And Body Congruent [2 members]
I Becoming More Open Minded [6 members]
I Becoming My Best Friend [1 member]
I Becoming My Own Bestfriend [1 member]
I Becoming Pressured Would Make It Hard To Snooze [1 member]
I Becoming Sensual [21 members]
I Becoming Slowly Addicted To A Young Woman [0 members]
I Becoming Something New [1 member]
I Becoming Stronger [8 members]
I Becuase HIV Is A Compelacated Metter [1 member]
I Bed [4 members]
I Bed Bugs [2 members]
I Bed Stores Perth Expert Interview [1 member]
I Bed Time Story [1 member]
I Bed Wet [724 members]
I Bedava Digital Playground Premium Hesaplar [1 member]
I Bedding [1 member]
I Bedroom [1 member]
I Beds Perth Your Way To Excellence [1 member]
I Bedth Looking For A Single Person To Be My Boyfriend [1 member]
I Bedtime [2 members]
I Bedtime Diapered [472 members]
I Bedtime Spanking [42 members]
I Bedw [33 members]
I Bedwetternick112 [3 members]
I Bedwetting At Hotels [98 members]
I Bedwettters [80 members]
I Bee [4 members]
I Bee Have A Gratitude List [3 members]
I Bee Likes Music [3 members]
I Bee Loves Her Boyfriend James [4 members]
I Bee Loves Her Mommy [2 members]
I Bee Pollen For Stricture [1 member]
I Bee So Nerves [1 member]
I Bee Wishes You A Happy Mothers Day [5 members]
I Beebeep [1 member]
I Beechcraft [1 member]
I Beef It Up [0 members]
I Beeing A Bridesmaid [8 members]
I Been A Good Boy [0 members]
I Been A Long Time Since I Heard A Good Joke [3 members]
I Been A Military Spouse For 15 Years [1 member]
I Been A Nudist Since I Was A Kid [26 members]
I Been A Princess [1 member]
I Been a Vegetarian Mostly Vegan For Over 30 Years [1 member]
I Been a Yankee Fans Since 1977 [1 member]
I Been Abducted Ufos [2 members]
I Been Abouse [1 member]
I Been Abused For 10 Years [0 members]
I Been Across The Longest Bridge In The Philippines [1 member]
I Been Addicted To Benzodiazapines [4 members]
I Been Alone All My Life All These Years [1 member]
I Been Alone to Long [3 members]
I Been Always Longing [1 member]
I Been An Avid Upskirter Since Then [70 members]
I Been Around A Lot Of Death [0 members]
I Been Asked to Let Go Someone That Kept For 10 Years [2 members]
I Been Attacked Personally On Ep [2 members]
I Been Away [1 member]
I Been Away From Ep For Way Too Long [1 member]
I Been Back At School [0 members]
I Been Battling My Own Demons [9 members]
I Been Blamed For Rape By My Brother [0 members]
I Been Blocked [7 members]
I Been Blocked By My Soul Mate [1 member]
I Been Blocked For The First Time [0 members]
I Been Bowling With My Son [3 members]
I Been Busy Cooking the Last 2 Days [1 member]
I Been Busy Making Table Groups [0 members]
I Been Called A Womenizer [1 member]
I Been Called Weird [0 members]
I Been Caught Red Handed [1 member]
I Been Cheated [1 member]
I Been Cheated By My Bf'S Before And I Dont Want It To Happen [1 member]
I Been Coding [2 members]
I Been Dealing With Pots For Two Years And It's Getting Worse [34 members] Been dealing with POTS for 2 years and my condition is getting worse. So far no treatments have worked. Anyone with idea's?
I Been Down Since Birth [2 members]
I Been Dragged to Court On Noverber 6 2007 [1 member]
I Been Dreaming About Demon [1 member]
I Been Dreaming Of A Person I Don't Know [59 members]
I Been Dumped For Religious Beliefs Or Lack of Them [1 member]
I Been Dumped On My Birthday [1 member]
I Been Eating Pure Cornstarch Babypowder For Like Almost A 6mo [4 members]
I Been Farting All Night One After The Other [3 members]
I Been Feeling Different Spiritually [0 members]
I Been Feeling That Planet Earth Is A Prison Aka Hell [0 members]
I Been Feeling Unusally Weird [8 members]
I Been Fk'N Catfished [6 members]
I Been Given A Wedgie [458 members]
I Been Going Through Mofo Pain For 4 Years [1 member]
I Been Going to the Gym For 2 Years [1 member]
I Been Grounded [5 members]
I Been Grounded For 5 Months So Far And Still Is Grounded [1 member]
I Been Had Over Big Time [5 members]
I Been Hated For Being Single And Not Being Married [4 members]
I Been Hated, Teased, Persicuted And Bullied All My Life [16 members]
I Been Have [1 member]
I Been Having A Lot Of Trouble [3 members]
I Been Having Strange Dreams [1 member]
I Been Having These Dreams [1 member]
I Been Having To Go To My History Spot To Get On Here [1 member]
I Been Heart Broken So Many Times [13 members]
I Been Here A Long Time [1 member]
I Been Here Befor [4 members]
I Been Hiding A Secret From My Family [50 members]
I Been Hit By a Man [10 members]
I Been Hit By a Water Cannon [1 member]
I Been Homebound For A Long Time And I Need Help [2 members]
I Been Hurt [25 members]
I Been Hurt By My Mother [114 members]
I Been I Mother Since I Was 24 [1 member]
I Been Ill Because of Passive Smoking [1 member] Smokers really do make those around them sick.
I Been In A Dark Place But I'M Still Here [0 members]
I Been In A Movie And I Have Meet Many Stars In My Life [1 member]
I Been In a Relationship For 6 Years That Went Bad [1 member]
I Been In a Relationship For 7 Years [1 member]
I Been In A Relationship Since I Was 15 [1 member]
I Been In Denistry For 10 Years [1 member]
I Been In Isolation In A Mentel Hosptail [1 member]
I Been In Love [6 members]
I Been In Love But Dont Think I'll Ever Find the Replica [1 member]
I Been In Love With My Friends Partner [1 member]
I Been In Movies And Tv [2 members]
I Been In Some Awkward Situations Before [19 members]
I Been In The League 10 Years [1 member]
I Been In the Martial Arts For 34 Yrs [2 members]
I Been In the Same Job For Far Too Long [1 member]
I Been In The Woods [1 member]
I Been Into 2 Colleges [1 member]
I Been Into Bodybuilding For Years [5 members]
I Been Kidnapped [0 members]
I Been Kissed On My Cheek By CAT [1 member]
I Been Lie To Betrayed For Too Long [0 members]
I Been Lied To All My Life [14 members]
I Been Living A Nde Since 1951 [1 member]
I Been Living Under A Rock [11 members]
I Been Living With Hiv Since 1988 [1 member]
I Been Living With Stress, Depression and Loniness Throught My [2 members]
I Been Looking For A Fat Man [2 members]
I Been Looking For Chat Board [4 members]
I Been Looking For Love, But Only Getting Hurt In The Process [1 member]
I Been Looking For Someone To Chat With [1 member]
I Been Married 13 Years [1 member]
I Been Married 20 Years Now Wantting A Divorce [1 member]
I Been Married 20 Yrs [1 member]
I Been Married 8 Years [2 members]
I Been Married For 10 Years [1 member]
I Been Married For 11 Years [1 member]
I Been Married For 12 Years Now [1 member]
I Been Married For 18 Years [1 member]
I Been Married For 19 Years [1 member]
I Been Married For 21 Years [1 member]
I Been Married For 23 Yrs [1 member]
I Been Married For 26 Years To Same Man [1 member]
I Been Married For 9 Years [2 members]
I Been Married For A Year [1 member]
I Been Married For Almost 15 Years [1 member]
I Been Married For Over 30 Yrs and Hate It More Every Day [2 members]
I Been Messed With By My Siblings [234 members] Have you been embarrassed by your siblings? I have!! Share your experiences l!! Well love to here!
I Been Minin' All Day Looking For That Blue Rock In The Caves [1 member]
I Been Molested [3 members]
I Been Most Places, Done Everything That Was Interesting Nom [1 member]
I Been Mrried For 10 Years [1 member]
I Been Off The Depo For A Year And Still Can't Get Pregnant [2 members]
I Been On 2 Deployments [1 member]
I Been On a Waterslide [149 members]
I Been On Hiatus From Life [1 member]
I Been On The Metro In Washington [8 members]
I Been Paddled [24 members]
I Been Part Of Something Beautiful [2 members]
I Been Physically Abused In A Relationship [1 member]
I Been Pregnant [4 members]
I Been Pushed Around For the Last Time [58 members]
I Been Questioning Myself In Here With None Omglorder [2 members]
I Been Raped Twice [2 members]
I Been Rejected Alot [1 member]
I Been Restrined On A Papoose Board [1 member]
I Been Same Office 26 Yrs And The Women Here Are Horrible [1 member]
I Been Saving Pennies Since 2007 [1 member]
I Been Screaming Too Loud By Losting a Voice [2 members]
I Been Sectioned Lots [1 member]
I Been Seeing Older Lady [1 member]
I Been Separated Before [1 member]
I Been Seperated For 2 Months And Im Feeling Lonely [7 members]
I Been Sexually Abused [93 members]
I Been Shopping [6 members]
I Been Sidetracked [8 members]
I Been So Depressed Lately [1 member]
I Been Somebody For Someone [7 members]
I Been Spanked With A Fly Swatter [287 members]
I Been Staying To Myself Lately [1 member]
I Been There Done That [14 members]
I Been There, Done That, And Then I Got A Life [22 members] Just another cliche that I love. It is in my office over a pic of us skydiving.
I Been There, Done That, And Then Some [9 members]
I Been Thinking About Him [11 members]
I Been Threw More Then Most [1 member]
I Been Through A Lot [2 members]
I Been Through a Lot of Ups and Downs Seen People Suffer [1 member]
I Been Through Alot [15 members]
I Been Through Both Sides Of The Coin And Still Not Finished [1 member]
I Been Through Hell And Am Still Standing [10 members]
I Been Through Hell And Back [2 members]
I Been Through It All [2 members]
I Been Through It Far Too Much, Now Must Be Own Best Friend [1 member]
I Been Through Not Healthy Relationships [1 member]
I Been Through So Many Things, You'd Be Surprised [13 members]
I Been Through the Desert On a Horse With No Name [2 members]
I Been Through This Too Long [12 members]
I Been Thru 2 Marriages [1 member]
I Been Thru Lots of Long and Short Clinical Cases [1 member]
I Been to a Waterpark [4 members]
I Been To A World Where Anime Is Real [6 members] share you experience here
I Been To Africa [1 member]
I Been to Austrailia [1 member]
I Been To Cambodia [1 member]
I Been to Disney World [5 members]
I Been to Every State In the United States [3 members]
I Been To Fort Pickens [1 member]
I Been To Jail [15 members]
I Been To Jail And Fight A Lot [1 member]
I Been to Kunta Hora [1 member]
I Been To Poskin Wis [1 member]
I Been To The Best Rehabs [1 member]
I Been to the Middle East [1 member]
I Been to the Top of the Space Needle [6 members]
I Been to University [1 member]
I Been to West Virginia [4 members]
I Been To Wonderland Before As A Child [2 members] have you ever got that feeling, when something you done in the past has come back to hunt you? if so tell me i won't judge..
I Been Together For 8 Years [1 member]
I Been Told Confusing Things About Child Sexual Abuse [2 members]
I Been Told I Am Hot But Boring [1 member]
I Been Told I Am Pregnant After Age Fifty [1 member]
I Been Told I Can't Do Something In Life [34 members]
I Been Told I Have Pcos [2 members]
I Been Told I'd Make A Good Irl "gir" [1 member]
I Been Told I'll Have Something Done To Me I'll Want To Happen [1 member]
I Been Told Im Crazy [13 members]
I Been Told That I Have Psychic Abilities [7 members]
I Been Told That I'm Heartless [47 members]
I Been Touch Wrong [1 member]
I Been Touched By Someone But Havent Even Met [16 members]
I Been Touched By The Words Of The Comforter [8 members]
I Been Trough Hell [2 members]
I Been Trying to Conceive For 7 Years [6 members]
I Been Trying to Make It On My Own Since I Was 14 [1 member]
I Been Up All Night And Really Wanna Get Dirty With U R [12 members]
I Been Use By Friend and Famley [1 member]
I Been Waiting All Life Now [8 members]
I Been Waiting On This My Whole Life [6 members]
I Been Waking Up Between 3 And 5 Am [1 member]
I Been Waking Up Early [3 members]
I Been Walking Reduce Stress [1 member]
I Been Watched As I Materbated [144 members]
I Been Whearing Dipars [4 members]
I Been With A Female [1 member]
I Been With Heather For 4 Years [0 members]
I Been With My Husband For 10 Years And Married 3 [0 members]
I Been With My Significant Other 20 Years April [1 member]
I Been With One Man [1 member]
I Been With Partner 17 Years [1 member]
I Been With Since I Was 16 Am Now 24 [1 member]
I Been With Since I Was 17 Am Now 20 [1 member]
I Been With Someone That Was Schizophrenic [1 member]
I Been With Three Guys At One Time [3 members]
I Been Without Internet For Awhile [4 members]
I Been Wondering [3 members]
I Been Wor [1 member]
I Been Working [1 member]
I Been Working Out [6 members]
I Been Writing For Over 20 Years [1 member]
I Beenmarragefor44year [1 member]
I BEEP BEEP As I Pass You [1 member]
I Beep Your Nose [2 members]
I Beer [6 members]
I Beer At 8 Eric Meyer [1 member]
I Beer By Seven-year-olds [4 members]
I Beer Fridge Needed For Rx [1 member]
I Beer Is Nasty [1 member]
I Beer Pong [0 members]
I Bees Are Scared Of Bears [2 members]
I Bees Birthday Music [0 members]
I Beet Up Por Peeple Becus They Dont Have A Job [1 member]
I Beethoven [0 members]
I Beethoven Saw It and Showed Me [3 members]
I Beetrosen Billig Erwerben [1 member]
I Before Adding Me [3 members]
I Before Craglorn Came Out [1 member]
I Before E [1 member]
I Before E Except After C [11 members]
I Before E, Except After C [5 members]
I Before I Do This [1 member]
I Before I Got With My Fiance I Was Into Girls And Now I Miss [1 member]
I Before My New Life [1 member]
I Before the End,just Listion My Words [1 member]
I Before The Sun Sets [1 member]
I Before You Add Me [3 members]
I Before You Build Your New Gunite Swimming Pool [1 member]
I Before You Can Start Developing Your Weaponry [3 members]
I Before You Construct Your New Gunite Swimming Pool [1 member]
I Before You Go - Tips For Beijing To Lhasa Train Ride [0 members]
I Befriend Fictional Characters [9 members]
I Befriend Tramps [1 member]
I Befriended A 40yr Old Guy [1 member]
I Befriended Darkness [7 members] Darkness is not my fear. I am friends with darkness. I understand the meaning of Darkness.
I Befuddled That Up [1 member]
I Beg And Plead With My Computer When Its About To Restart [11 members]
I Beg For A Shaft In My Pretty Mouth [3 members]
I Beg For Forgiveness [4 members]
I Beg Forgiveness [5 members]
I Beg Him For It [1 member]
I BEG Nobody [3 members]
I Beg of You Please Drop the Hussein User Name Game [1 member]
I Beg of You to Please Adopt Shelter Pets [137 members] Rescue and Adopt from Shelters and Rescue Groups
I Beg That God Forgive Me For My Sins [1 member]
I Beg To Differ [7 members]
I Beg You [4 members]
I Beg You Financial Aid [1 member]
I Beg You Not To Leave Me In The Darkness [13 members]
I Beg You To Forgive Me Please [2 members]
I Beg You To Kill Me [2 members]
I Beg You To Kill Me So I Will Not Have To Do It [23 members]
I Beg You To Lock Me Up And Throw Away The Key [11 members]
I Beg You to Pledge to Eat Veg [4 members]
I Beg You To Stay [2 members]
I Begal Cats [1 member]
I Began A New Relationship Today [1 member]
I Began A Website [1 member]
I Began Callanetics 4 Month Ago [2 members]
I Began Charting In 1974 [1 member]
I Began College [17 members] For those of us, untraditional students... older adult students.
I Began Creating Groups Again Because Some People Asked Me To [3 members] I always try to help people when I can so when several people stated they missed the positive and sometime fun or funny groups so I started creating.
I Began Cross Dressing At Age 6 [8 members]
I Began Crossdressing At A Very Young Age [417 members]
I Began Drinking At 14 [6 members]
I Began Editing And Revising [1 member]
I Began Gaining Weight From The Age Of 10 [34 members]
I Began Here [0 members]
I Began I N1978 [2 members]
I Began Making Six Hundred Per Month [1 member]
I Began My Transition Less Than Two Years Ago [1 member]
I Began Publishing the Chiropractic Journal In 1986 [1 member]
I Began Reading At A Young Age [1 member]
I Began School To Young [1 member]
I Began To Be Myself [2 members]
I Began To Cut In The 8th Grade [0 members]
I Began To Live Because Of You [7 members]
I Began With Head Lice [1 member]
I Begged For Change [1 member]
I Begged For Forgiveness Again [1 member]
I Begged So They Wouldn't Leave Me [2 members]
I Begged To Be In Chastity [129 members]
I Begginer Ana People [1 member]
I Begging On The Freeway [1 member]
I Begin [2 members]
I Begin Again [2 members]
I Begin All Of My Statements With 'I' [1 member]
I Begin An Ep Church For The Unchurched [2 members] feel free to drop by. could be any day. not necessary Sunday.
I Begin And End Your Day With A Smile [1 member]
I Begin But Cant Finish [1 member]
I Begin Each Day With A Prayer [7 members]
I Begin My Day With Old Hymns [3 members]
I Begin My Mornings With Introspection and Yoga [2 members]
I Begin Overzealous Then Soon Lose Interest [10 members]
I Begin Thanksgiving Dinner Backwards [2 members]
I Begin the Healing Process and Find Myself [2 members]
I Begin the Revolution [0 members]
I Begin to Be Another One [1 member]
I Begin What I Call My Life Introduction [1 member]
I Beginner [4 members]
I Beginner Books On The Stock Market [2 members]
I Beginner's Secrets Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marke [1 member]
I Beginners Assist Guide To Seo Part 3 [1 member]
I Beginning [3 members]
I Beginning Of Times [1 member]
I Beginning to Lose Trust In Him [1 member] His actions speak louder than words.
I Beginning To Transition [1 member]
I Beginnings Of My Medical Education [1 member]
I Behan Choud [1 member]
I Behave Generous [1 member]
I Behave Like A Child Sometimes [9 members]
I Behave Oddly At Times [73 members]
I Behave On A Manipulating Way With My Siblings [2 members]
I Behave The Way I Was Designed To And [1 member]
I Behaved Badly [11 members]
I Behaves Like A Child At Times [1 member]
I Behavioral Disorders [1 member]
I Behcet's [2 members]
I Beheld A Golden Rose [1 member]
I Behind Every Great Man Is A Woman Rolling Her Eyes [3 members]
I Behind My Profile Name [4 members]
I Behind The FIFA Final Team [1 member]
I Behind The Scenes Look [1 member]
I Behold [6 members]
I Behold I Give Unto You Power [2 members]
I Behold The Beam In My Own Eye [8 members]
I Behold The Most Glorious Picture On The Internet [1 member]
I Beieve I'Ll Have A Beer [2 members]
I Beieve In God [1 member]
I Beieve In Hope [4 members] This is about the Hope and beliefs that lead to recovery
I Beijing Is My Hometown [1 member]
I Beijing Time On February 6, In The Past Weeks Of Competition [1 member]
I Beijing To Lhasa Train Ride [1 member]
I Beileve In God [4 members]
I Beileve In Love [2 members]
I Beileve The Catholic Bible [11 members]
I Beilieve My Toaster Was Talking To Me [1 member]
I Beilive [1 member]
I Beilive Gays Are No Sins [1 member]
I Beilive I Am A Werewolf [1 member]
I Being [1 member] Lgbt
I Being 17 [1 member]
I Being 40 And Single [2 members]
I Being a Army Girlfriend [3 members]
I Being A Baby [4 members]
I Being A Bit Imaginative [8 members]
I Being A Boy [0 members]
I Being A Bull [7 members]
I Being A Caregiver Has Its Ups And Downs [3 members]
I Being A Child Again [1 member]
I Being a Complete Nerd Most of the Time [1 member]
I Being A Coward [1 member]
I Being A Dominant [8 members]
I Being A Femail Women [1 member]
I Being A Firefighters Girlfriend [11 members]
I Being A Fulltime Mom With 3 Kids I Do Not Know How To Dress [1 member]
I Being A Gay Teenager [95 members]
I Being a Girl [11 members]
I Being A Girl Dislike Shopping [5 members]
I Being A Girl For A Day [10 members]
I Being A Good Friend [1 member]
I Being A Gra [0 members]
I Being A Leader [1 member]
I Being A Long Lineage Of Cameras [1 member]
I Being a Loser, I Have Lost 9 Babies, All Stillborn [1 member]
I Being A Male In A Dress Or Skirt In Male Mode [66 members]
I Being A Metaphysician [6 members]
I Being A Minority In America [3 members]
I Being a Mom [1 member]
I Being a Mother and a Wife [1 member]
I Being A Musician Means You Have No Life In The Real World [0 members]
I Being A New Military Girlfriend [3 members]
I Being A Paratrooper [1 member]
I Being A Resident Doctor Wears You Out [1 member]
I Being A Rockstar In Your Industry Is A Matter Of Read More [1 member]
I Being A Rockstar In Your Industry Is A Matter Of S2s [1 member]
I Being A Single Father [1 member] Fatherhood
I Being a Single Father Is the Hardest Thing I've Ever Done [3 members]
I Being A Single Mom Is Not Easy [2 members]
I Being A Single Mom Of 3 Is Not Easy [1 member]
I Being A Special Daughter For Mom, A Sister For My Sister Too [26 members]
I Being A Step-mom Today [1 member]
I Being A Straight Guy On This Website Is Tough [0 members]
I Being A Surrogate [4 members] This group is for women having children in a blended atmosphere
I Being A Target [2 members]
I Being A TBI Survivor [5 members]
I Being A Teen Werewolf [14 members]
I Being A Tomboy, Being A Woman [2 members]
I Being A True Friend To Others [1 member]
I Being A Werewolf [1 member]
I Being A Wetter [9 members]
I Being A Wife Is A Job That Has No Wage [1 member]
I Being A Witch And Gay [1 member]
I Being A Wolf And Encountering Humans [2 members]
I Being A Woman [1 member]
I Being Abandoned From A Family [2 members]
I Being Able To Get Treatment [1 member]
I Being Able To Handle Life [2 members]
I Being Abused By Husband [2 members]
I Being Accused [1 member]
I Being Accused Of Crap 24-7 [1 member]
I Being Adopted [4 members]
I Being Adopted Ruined My Life [9 members]
I Being Afraid [1 member]
I Being Alone And Deprived [1 member]
I Being Alone In My Thoughts [1 member]
I Being Alone Is Making Me Cold Inside [2 members]
I Being Alone While Battleing My Bpd [0 members]
I Being Alone With My Thoughts Sometimes [0 members]
I Being An Adopted Kid [2 members]
I Being An Angel [1 member]
I Being An Angel On Earth [4 members]
I Being An Asian Gay [2 members]
I Being An Immigrant [1 member]
I Being An Intellectual Doesn't Make You Happy [4 members]
I Being An Introvert [1 member]
I Being An Outcast [2 members]
I Being An Selfconsciousness For The Properly For Free Speech [1 member]
I Being An Ugly Black Women In America [1 member]
I Being An Ugly Black Women In America Part2 [1 member]
I Being An Ugly Black Women In America Part3 [1 member]
I Being Angry [3 members]
I Being Angry About What I Did In the Past [1 member]
I Being Around It At The Highest Level Is Very Exciting [1 member]
I Being Around Others Helped Me Realize [1 member]
I Being Assertive-anyone Can Learn [1 member]
I Being Attacked By Multple Cats [1 member]
I Being Authentic Versus Being "feminine" [1 member]
I Being Awkward [3 members]
I Being Bad Comes Naturally to Me [1 member]
I Being Batised Summer Of 1953 [1 member]
I Being Beaten Up In Front Of Girls [0 members]
I Being Beautiful [1 member]
I Being Beautiful And Hot , [1 member]
I Being Betrayed [1 member]
I Being Bi [9 members]
I Being Blamed For Being Abused [1 member]
I Being Blamed For Being Taken Advantage Of [1 member]
I Being Born Female With Functional Male Organs [1 member]
I Being Breastfeed [111 members]
I Being Broke Sucks [0 members]
I Being Bullied [32 members]
I Being Bullied And Sexually Harrassed [13 members]
I Being Bullied For Not Being Normal [1 member]
I Being Buried In Plastic [4 members]
I Being Called Fat During Lunch, Not My Cup Of Tea [1 member]
I Being Called Ugly [3 members]
I Being Caned Naked Is A Truly Naked Experience [46 members]
I Being Centered [1 member]
I Being Chased [4 members]
I Being Cheated [4 members]
I Being Cheated On [5 members]
I Being Cheated On By My Husband [5 members]
I Being Cheated On In Marriage [1 member]
I Being Codependent Nomore [3 members]
I Being Completely Open To People Is Such A Time Saver [0 members]
I Being Connected [1 member]
I Being Consumed By Women [1 member]
I Being Controlled By Husband [5 members]
I Being Depress [1 member]
I Being Depressed [1 member]
I Being Depressed Since My Gastric Bypass [1 member]
I Being Diagnosed With Serious Mental Health Illness [9 members]
I Being DID [1 member]
I Being Different [2 members]
I Being Disconnected [0 members]
I Being Dual Gendered In Todays Modern World [19 members]
I Being Dumped [7 members]
I Being Dumped By Gay Boyfriend [1 member]
I Being Emotional [18 members]
I Being Emotionally Blackmailed At Its Highest Level Urgent [2 members]
I Being Engaged [1 member]
I Being Evicted By A Dating Site [1 member]
I Being Exposed At The Hospital [22 members]
I Being Exposed To A New World [2 members]
I Being Faithful On Ep [0 members]
I Being Fake In Life Is Going To Attract You Fake Reaction [1 member]
I Being Fat [1 member]
I Being Fat Doesnt Mean No On Will Love U [1 member]
I Being Fat Is The Best And Worst Thing [1 member]
I Being Fit [7 members]
I Being Fit Fat And Girdled [3 members]
I Being Followed [22 members] I am being followed/stalked. Expose organized stalking and electronic harassment. Post your story.
I Being Followed By Store Workers [1 member]
I Being Forced To Be Married [1 member]
I Being Fortunate Can Come In Many Ways [6 members]
I Being Friends [8 members]
I Being Friends Only When They Need You [1 member]
I Being Furious At My Ex Best Friend [1 member]
I Being Gay [2 members] Being gay
I Being Gay And Coming Out To Friends And Family [2 members]
I Being Gay In Africa [2 members]
I Being Girly Girl [99 members]
I Being Good [0 members]
I Being Grateful [0 members]
I Being Happy [11 members]
I Being Happy For Others [7 members]
I Being Haraser [0 members]
I Being Harass By People [1 member]
I Being Harassed By People On My Building For Being Gay [1 member]
I Being Hated For Not Being A Christian [1 member]
I Being Healthy [2 members]
I Being Heard Once Again For The First Time [1 member]
I Being Hiv Pos And Rejected By Hubby And In Laws [1 member]
I Being Honest Also Has a Price [19 members]
I Being Honest To My Self [17 members]
I Being Human In The Workplace [10 members]
I Being Human Season 4 Now On Netflix [1 member]
I Being Humbled Is A Good Thing [1 member]
I Being Hypocritical [1 member]
I Being Ignored [1 member]
I Being Ignored By My Boyfriend [4 members]
I Being In A Band [0 members]
I Being In A Long Distance Relationship And Problems With Love [1 member]
I Being In A Relationship [1 member]
I Being In Love With A Married Man [2 members]
I Being In Love With A Soldier [1 member]
I Being In My Own Skin [1 member]
I Being In Relationship [1 member]
I Being In School [1 member]
I Being Inlove Is The Best Feeling I Ever Had [9 members]
I Being Inlove With Your Bestfriend, Love Triangle [1 member]
I Being Insulted By People [1 member]
I Being Involved With Animal Rescue [7 members]
I Being Jealous [1 member]
I Being Killed - I Woman Do Not Follow Small Talks [0 members]
I Being Killed INTJ Do Not Do Small Talk [0 members]
I Being Kinky [276 members]
I Being Left For Another Girl [1 member]
I Being Lesbian [4 members]
I Being Lonely Like Living Here In Savanah Ga [1 member]
I Being Lost [1 member]
I Being Lost And Making Video Games [0 members]
I Being Lost and Unable to Find Your Way [1 member]
I Being Lost In Life [1 member]
I Being Loved [1 member]
I Being Made To Dress As A Female [1 member]
I Being Married Photographer List [1 member]
I Being Married Sucks [6 members]
I Being Married To A Cop Is Hard [30 members]
I Being Married To A Meth Addict [8 members]
I Being Married To A Sikh [1 member]
I Being Me [13 members]
I Being Me For The First Time [1 member]
I Being More Then One Person [3 members]
I Being Mortal [1 member]
I Being Murdered By My Friend [1 member]
I Being Myself [0 members]
I Being Nake [1 member]
I Being Needy [1 member]
I Being Newbie [1 member]
I Being Nice Gets U No Where [5 members]
I Being Nice Is Not My Thing [1 member]
I Being Obese Is Pants [1 member]
I Being Old [5 members]
I Being On My Laptop [1 member]
I Being On Probation [1 member]
I Being On The Road [5 members]
I Being Open Minded [4 members]
I Being Outside [5 members]
I Being Overly Clingy [7 members]
I Being Overweight [3 members]
I Being P Off Because I Couldnt Get a [1 member]
I Being Paddled In School [191 members]
I Being Pessimist Of Being Gau [1 member]
I Being Pined And Tickled [10 members]
I Being Pinned Down In Bed [2 members]
I Being Politely Sarcastic [1 member]
I Being Poor [2 members]
I Being Poor And Ignorant [1 member]
I Being Pregnant For The First Time [6 members]
I Being Profitable With Offshore Banking [2 members]
I Being Proud To Be Maori [5 members]
I Being Raised By A Young Single Dad [2 members]
I Being Random [2 members]
I Being Raped Isn't Cute Or A Fantasy [75 members]
I Being Real As A Christian [1 member]
I Being Real, Being Transparent [3 members] What does it mean? How can we do it? What will it look like?
I Being Really Hard On Myself [1 member]
I Being Respectful On- Line [4 members]
I Being Rude Without Knowing [5 members]
I Being Scared Is Fun [2 members]
I Being Serious For Once [1 member]
I Being Sexualy Abused [2 members]
I Being Shaved [38 members]
I Being Shy [1 member]
I Being Shy And Introverted [6 members]
I Being Sick All of the Time [0 members]
I Being Single [8 members]
I Being Single Forever [2 members]
I Being Single Is Damn Boring [1 member]
I Being Single Makes Me Depressed [1 member]
I Being Single Sucks [2 members]
I Being So Lucky For Everything I Have In My Life [5 members]
I Being Socially Awkward [3 members]
I Being Somebody Elses Property [16 members]
I Being Spied On In The Shower [10 members]
I Being Stalked [2 members]
I Being Stigmatized As A Bipolar By Someone I Love [3 members]
I Being Strong Showing Respect [2 members]
I Being Stuck In My Mind [1 member]
I Being Stupid [1 member]
I Being Taken Advance Of At Work [1 member]
I Being Taken By People [1 member]
I Being The Emperor Is Not Easy [2 members]
I Being The Fool [1 member]
I Being The Other Women [11 members]
I Being the Same Is So Boring [8 members]
I Being The Victim [1 member]
I Being The Women I Have Always Wanted To Be [66 members]
I Being There [3 members]
I Being Three [1 member]
I Being Told Ya Not Loved No More [1 member] hurting because you been hurt this way to,
I Being Too Nice [2 members]
I Being Too Open [1 member]
I Being Totally Girly [563 members]
I Being Touched [0 members]
I Being True To Myself And To Others [3 members]
I Being Trusting Has Backfired On Me And Hurt [5 members]
I Being Turned On By A Big Fat Girl [275 members]
I Being Unhappy [0 members]
I Being Up All Night [10 members]
I Being Used By A Corrupt Research Group [1 member]
I Being Used Is Horrible [3 members]
I Being Useful [8 members]
I Being Watched By Mom [56 members]
I Being Watched By Others During All Sexual Acts [1 member]
I Being Who I Am [1 member]
I Being Who You Are [2 members]
I Being With A Cougar [16 members]
I Being With An Older Woman [4 members]
I Being With Family [2 members]
I Being With Like Minded People [1 member]
I Being With My Family [28 members]
I Being With My Grandkids [0 members]
I Being With Someone [1 member]
I Being With Someone With Epilepsy [3 members]
I Being With You [3 members]
I Being Wrapped [1 member]
I Being Young [3 members]
I Being Younger And Getting On The PC Just To Go To Paint [1 member]
I Being Yourself [5 members]
I Beinglonely [1 member]
I Beingness [1 member]
I Beingsimple [1 member]
I Bek Bek [1 member]
I Bela Lugosi's Dead [1 member] UNDEAD UNDEAD UNDEAD
I Belat Everything Happens For A Reason, But Sometimes [0 members]
I Belated Merry Christmas [2 members]
I Belbelieve Parents Need A Dicipline Sometimes [3 members]
I Belch [15 members]
I Belch Cats [1 member]
I Belch Like A Man [10 members]
I Bele Dream Catchers Work Wonders [1 member]
I Beleave Age Is No Matter [1 member]
I Beleave In Ghost [59 members]
I Beleave In Ghosts And Spirts [1 member]
I Beleave In People [2 members]
I Beleave In Possibilities And A True Heart [2 members]
I Beleave In Prayer [1 member]
I Beleave In Truth [1 member]
I Beleave Love Is [1 member]
I Beleave Some People Are Born Mean [3 members]
I Beleave Thats There Is Life After Death [13 members]
I Belegde Broodjes Sint-Denijs Westrem [1 member]
I Beleive [1 member]
I Beleive Age Is Nothing But A Number [6 members]
I Beleive Angels Are Among Us [12 members]
I Beleive Animals Are More Intelligent Than We Yet Know [272 members]
I Beleive Blondes Have More Fun [7 members]
I Beleive Demons Try to Talk to Me [4 members]
I Beleive Education Is Paramount [1 member]
I Beleive EP Saves Lives [7 members]
I Beleive Everybody Should Get To Build One House [0 members]
I Beleive Everything Happens For A Reason Part 2 This Is It [1 member]
I Beleive God Is A Fairytale [1 member]
I Beleive God Is In Charge [6 members]
I Beleive Guys And Girls Can Be Just Friends [11 members]
I Beleive Hope Is Stronger Than Dispair [2 members]
I Beleive I Can Change The World [14 members]
I Beleive I Can Change You Thought Procces [1 member]
I Beleive I Can Do Anything [9 members]
I Beleive I Have a Higher Power [19 members]
I Beleive I'm Crazy [2 members]
I Beleive In a Code of Honor [13 members]
I Beleive In Adult Spankings [288 members]
I Beleive In Alternate Realities [58 members] For those who beleive the "stuff" or our universe forms not just the reality of which we are aware, but also many others of which we are not.
I Beleive In Ancient Aliens [4 members]
I Beleive In Astrology [8 members]
I Beleive In Aura [31 members]
I Beleive In Autosuggestion [0 members]
I Beleive In Beer Power [2 members]
I Beleive In Being Green As Much As Is Possible [10 members]
I Beleive In Carma [1 member]
I Beleive In Chinese Horoscope [9 members]
I Beleive In Christ [4 members]
I Beleive In Communication Not Fighting [1 member]
I Beleive In Creator [1 member]
I Beleive In Eternal Marriage [0 members]
I Beleive In Evolution Not God [4 members]
I Beleive In Extra-terrestrial Life [17 members]
I Beleive In Freedom Of Sexuality [24 members]
I Beleive In God [240 members]
I Beleive In God and Cry On His Shoulder [18 members]
I Beleive In God And Miracles [6 members]
I Beleive In God Through Jesus Christ [1 member]
I Beleive In Grace [1 member]
I Beleive In Happilly Ever After [2 members]
I Beleive In Having a Large Support Group of Friends [2 members]
I Beleive In Home Wrecking Spirits [1 member]
I Beleive In Hugs and Truth If It Doesn't Harm Or Make One Sad [2 members]
I Beleive In Humanity [2 members]
I Beleive In Jesus [9 members]
I Beleive In Karma [20 members]
I Beleive In Law Of Attraction [409 members]
I Beleive In Love [10 members]
I Beleive In Magic [0 members]
I Beleive In Magick [263 members]
I Beleive In Me [5 members]
I Beleive In Miracles [2 members]
I Beleive In Monogamy [2 members]
I Beleive In Mother Nature [1 member]
I Beleive In My Dreams [2 members]
I Beleive In Myself [1 member]
I Beleive In One Person To One Person Relationships [1 member]
I Beleive In Peace [200 members] Just wanted to thank everyone who joined this group within the last couple of weeks :).... Now it's Halloween who's got a ghost story to tell?...
I Beleive In Purity [14 members]
I Beleive In Rights and Wrongs For Every Situation [14 members]
I Beleive In Second And Third And Fourth Chances And So On [8 members]
I Beleive In Sex After Marriage [5 members]
I Beleive In Sherlock Holmes [23 members]
I Beleive In Social Justice [3 members]
I Beleive In Something [1 member]
I Beleive In Something Greater [5 members]
I Beleive In Soul Mates [141 members]
I Beleive In Spankings [648 members]
I Beleive In Staying On Task [1 member]
I Beleive In Supernatural [44 members]
I Beleive In the Circle of Doom [1 member]
I Beleive In the Death Penalty [10 members]
I Beleive In The Great Spirit [1 member]
I Beleive In The Paranormal [11 members]
I Beleive In the Power of Music [14 members]
I Beleive In The Power Of Prayer [73 members]
I Beleive In The Supernatural [3 members]
I Beleive In The Supernatural Realm [11 members]
I Beleive In the Trinity [3 members]
I Beleive In The Universe [2 members]
I Beleive In The Words All Men Are Created Equal [1 member]
I Beleive In Things That Science Hasnt Proven Yet [1 member]
I Beleive In Time Loops [5 members]
I Beleive In True Love [2 members]
I Beleive In True Love and the Pursuit of Happiness [26 members]
I Beleive In Truth [1 member]
I Beleive In Unconditional Love [30 members]
I Beleive In Voluntaryism [3 members]
I Beleive In Waheguru [1 member]
I Beleive In Young Pageants [1 member]
I Beleive In Young True Love [0 members]
I Beleive It [1 member]
I Beleive Jesus Is A Prophet [2 members]
I Beleive Life Goes On [1 member]
I Beleive Life Is Too Short to Hold Back [28 members]
I Beleive Long Term Unemployed Should Be Conscripted [1 member]
I Beleive Love Is a Choice [20 members] Can we control who we love and how long we love?
I Beleive Love Is Enough [1 member]
I Beleive Love Is Stronger Than Hate [5 members]
I Beleive Love Will Always Triumph [2 members]
I Beleive My Family Is Like A Flower Garden You Must Water And [2 members]
I Beleive On Allah [4 members]
I Beleive Other People Like Bieng Around Me [1 member]
I Beleive Parents Need Some Discipline [12 members]
I Beleive People Blindly [3 members]
I Beleive People Impact Our Hearts [12 members]
I Beleive People Who Do The Things They Say They Can Do [2 members]
I Beleive Rippleeffect Is A Giant Hungry Monster In Real Life [4 members]
I Beleive Santa Is Real [12 members]
I Beleive Size Does Matter [605 members]
I Beleive Something Must Be Wrong With Me [10 members]
I Beleive Stupid Lies Are Only For Stupid People [5 members]
I Beleive That Allowing Others To Influence Your Decisions Is [1 member]
I Beleive That Jesus Is The Risen Son Of God [1 member]
I Beleive That My Deceased Father Comunicates With Me [2 members]
I Beleive That Soda Is All Natural [1 member]
I Beleive That the Most Freeing Thing to Do Is Sing [4 members]
I Beleive That There Is Enough For Everyone [10 members]
I Beleive The Government Has Overstepped Its Powers [18 members]
I Beleive The United States Is Doomed [5 members]
I Beleive There Is A Time To Work And A Time To Play [6 members]
I Beleive There Is Life After Death [309 members]
I Beleive There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Child [10 members]
I Beleive This Moment Of Sharing Was Meant To Be [5 members]
I Beleive This Parrot Is No More It Has Ceased To Be [9 members]
I Beleive This World Is Fasttracked To Its End [4 members]
I Beleive True Friends Stay Friends [41 members]
I Beleive U Have To Give To Recieve [1 member]
I Beleive We All Have Choices [30 members]
I Beleive We Are All Beautiful [8 members]
I Beleive We Are All Hypocrites [3 members]
I Beleive We Are Being Controlled By Subliminal Messages [17 members]
I Beleive We Can All Cure Ourselves Of Any Ill [1 member]
I Beleive We Should All Have Freedom [7 members]
I Beleive What Goes Around Comes Around [1 member]
I Beleive You Should Not Judge A Book By Its Cover [1 member]
I Belelieve There Is Good In Everyone [1 member]
I Beleve A Friend Can Nudge You In The Right Direction [50 members]
I Beleve Barack Obama Is Dangerous For This Country [3 members]
I Beleve In Desteny [19 members]
I Beleve In Ghost [1 member]
I Beleve In God [15 members]
I Beleve Integrity Is Word Magic [0 members]
I Beleve You Should Never Pass Up A Chance To Say I Love You [242 members]
I Belevie In Polterguists [6 members]
I Belfast [7 members]
I Belice Everyone Can Help [1 member]
I Belice In Super Natural Powers [2 members]
I Belie [0 members]
I Belieb [2 members]
I Belief [5 members]
I Belief And Spiritual Enlightenment [0 members]
I Belief In Love And Care [4 members]
I Belief In The Truth [2 members]
I Belief You're Never To Old For Disney [106 members]
I Beliefs [7 members]
I Believ Ther Is No Perfect Man, Unless One Can Prove Me Wrong [3 members]
I Believe [412 members]
I Believe Anneliese Michel Was Possessed [6 members]
I Believe If We Want A Utopian Future We Can Not Let Them Win [4 members]
I Believe In An Eye For An Eye [7 members]
I Believe In Equality Between Women And Men [101 members]
I Believe It Is Time Now To Take Action [6 members]
I Believe " Never Judge Until You Walked Those Shoes" [2 members]
I Believe "conqueror" Is An Euphemism For Mass Murderer [7 members]
I Believe "god" Is An Imaginary Friend For Grown Ups [2 members]
I Believe "I" Should Have a "Fan Club" [13 members]
I Believe "No Man Is An Island" [1 member]
I Believe "normal" Is A Personal Opinion [24 members]
I Believe "normal" Is Personal Oppinion [192 members]
I Believe "Nothing Else Like Water" [0 members]
I Believe "nothing Is Trivial" [4 members]
I Believe "Where Your Thoughts Go, Energy Flows [6 members]
I Believe "Wise" Woman Don'T Exist [0 members]
I Believe "you Belong With Me" [2 members] You're my best friend and we're perfect for eachother
I Believe 'discipline' Should Not Be A Dirty Word [15 members]
I Believe 'the World Is All About Give and Take' [0 members]
I Believe --rugged-- Is A Basic For Men [1 member]
I Believe 1 Person Can Make a Difference [822 members]
I Believe 1whitewildorchid Is Beautiful Inside And Out [18 members]
I Believe 2 Parts In A Million Is Close To Meaningless [1 member]
I Believe 2012 Will Be The Age Of Enlightenment [37 members] We are in the dawn of the Age of Aquarius; the Mayans believed that 21012 would bring a new age of spiritual enlightenment NOT the end of existence; The Hopi Tribe believes 2011 will bring the same.
I Believe 4 Leaf Clovers Bring Good Luck [93 members]
I Believe 75 Percent Of These Female Profiles Are Fake [1 member]
I Believe 80 Percent Of EP Users Are Catfish [8 members]
I Believe 9-11 Was An Artificial Crisis [3 members]
I Believe 9-11 Was An Inside Job [77 members] so bin ladens dead, everything is still fuzzy on that subject. oh well go back to sleep america.. we got em thats all that matters go eat your twinkie
I Believe A Beautiful Woman Deserves More Than One Lover [53 members]
I Believe a Best Friend Is Family [633 members] Do you believe your friends became family to you?
I Believe A Big Butt Is A Nice Problem To Have [11 members]
I Believe A Blind Man Sees Beauty Beyond The Physical [12 members] i love blind people
I Believe A Child Should Be Able To Form A Relationship With T [1 member]
I Believe A Class Should Be Mandatory Before You Own A Pet [34 members]
I Believe A Day Spent With Friends Is Always A Day Well Spent [450 members]
I Believe A Degree Does Not Show Intelligence [2 members]
I Believe A Divorce Is Not A Sin [52 members]
I Believe a Dj Saved My Life [53 members]
I Believe A Female Should Be Conscious Of Her Health [29 members]
I Believe A Female Should Be Conscious Of Her Health Without B [0 members]
I Believe A Friend Is Just A Stranger Who Hasnt Blocked U Yet [1 member]
I Believe A Gentleman Has An Integrity Mother [1 member]
I Believe A Girl And Guy Cant Be 'just' Friends [1 member]
I Believe A Girl Should Be Treated Like A Princess [826 members]
I Believe A Good Drink Can Change A Person'S Life [11 members] A good drink can make all the difference.
I Believe a Good Sense of Humor Is Important [63488 members]
I Believe A Great Spiritual Shift On This Planet Is Happening [2 members]
I Believe A Guilty Conscience Need No Accuser [0 members]
I Believe A Guy And A Girl Can Be Just Friends [17146 members]
I Believe A Guy And A Girl Could Just Be Friends [1 member]
I Believe a Higher Power Gave Me My Husband [5 members]
I Believe A Kiss Can Seal Two Souls For A Moment In Time [96 members]
I Believe A Lack Of Emotional Display Is Not A Lack Of Emotion [1 member] For those who believe that emotions well under those who do not display their emotions.
I Believe A Lady Should Be Seen Anot Heard [1 member]
I Believe A Laptop Is Necessary For Travel [42 members]
I Believe A Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots [40 members]
I Believe A Lie Can Be Beautiful [7 members]
I Believe A Lie Is A Lie, No Matter How Big Or Small [25 members]
I Believe a Lie Is a Painful "Broken Truth" [6 members]
I Believe a Little Courtesy Goes a Long Way [382 members] Thinking Of Others Is Not So Bad.
I Believe A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way [1794 members]
I Believe a Little Love Goes a Long Way [492 members]
I Believe A Little Precision Solves A World Of Confusion [1 member]
I Believe A Little Weed Every Once In A While Cannot Hurt You [62 members]
I Believe A Long Distance Relationship Can Work [411 members]
I Believe A Lot Of Celebrity Deaths Are Murders [1 member]
I Believe A Lot Of Jobs Are Pointless [7 members]
I Believe A Lot Of People On Here Need Glasses [10 members]
I Believe a Lot of People Resemble Mr Clean [33 members] Mr. Clean is everywhere!!! Who do you think looks like Mr. Clean?
I Believe A Lot Of Religious Types Are Hypocrites [49 members]
I Believe A Lot Of Romance Films Do Not Have Chemistry [1 member]
I Believe A Loving Man Is Always Faithful To His Woman [9 members]
I Believe A Loving Man Shares His Woman [10 members]
I Believe A Male And Female Can Be Best Friends [1 member]
I Believe A Man Has To Know His Limitations [28 members]
I Believe A Man Should Have Multiple Wives [1 member]
I Believe A Man Walked On The Moon [30 members]
I Believe A Man's Body Is A Piece Of Art [265 members] Consider this a companion piece to the group "I Think a Woman's Body Is a Piece of Art"
I Believe A Model For The Future Doesn't Exist Yet [1 member]
I Believe A Noose Heals A Broken Heart [1 member]
I Believe A Novel Can Be Written On My Life [1 member]
I Believe A Number Of Family Members Have Been Spied On [12 members]