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I Deleted My Account [12 members]
I Deleted My Account Last Night [0 members]
I Deleted My Albums [0 members]
I Deleted My Close Friend [1 member]
I Deleted My EP Account [2 members]
I Deleted My Exs Pictures After 7 Months [1 member]
I Deleted My Facebook [175 members]
I Deleted My Facebook Account [42 members]
I Deleted My Facebook Account Today [10 members]
I Deleted My Friends [4 members]
I Deleted My My Body Album [1 member]
I Deleted My Myspace [1 member]
I Deleted My Myspace Account [7 members]
I Deleted My Old Account [1 member]
I Deleted My Old Boyfriend's Number From My Texting Service [2 members]
I Deleted My Old Ep Account [139 members]
I Deleted My Old EP Profile , So Great To Have A Clean Slate [4 members]
I Deleted My Pic [3 members]
I Deleted My Snapchat [5 members]
I Deleted My Stories [4 members]
I Deleted My Stories They Kept Triggering Me [5 members]
I Deleted My Twitter Account [2 members]
I Deleted Myself From An Experience Group [1 member]
I Deleted Myself From An Experience Group [5 members]
I Deleted One Of My Stories [1 member]
I Deleted Pictures of Myself [50 members]
I Deleted Some In My Circle [2 members]
I Deleted Some of My Experiences [66 members]
I Deleted Some of My Stories [99 members] Some that I feel its not me anymore
I Deleted Someone [22 members]
I Deleted Someone Who Was Getting To Weird For Me [1 member]
I Deleted Stories [5 members]
I Deleted The Credit Info So No Worrys [1 member]
I Deleted You [1 member]
I Deleted You From My Phone [9 members]
I Deleted Your Comments, So Take A Hint [1 member] Seriously? Again?
I Deleted Your Number From My Phone [41 members]
I Deleting [1 member]
I Deleting My Circle [10 members]
I Deleting My Ep Account Soon [1 member]
I Deleting Questions You Asked [2 members]
I Delhi [10 members]
I Delhi Friend [16 members]
I Delhi Lesbians [2 members]
I Delhi Moms [25 members]
I Deliberate Mess In School [5 members]
I Deliberately And Conspicuously Laugh At Stuck-up People [5 members] It makes them sooooooo mad! :D
I Deliberately Contradict Myself, Because It Makes Me Think [27 members]
I Deliberately Do Not Keep The Correct Time [1 member]
I Deliberately Dress Down Now [4 members]
I Deliberately Enjoy Experiencing Sychronicity [5 members]
I Deliberately Misdirect My Anger And Hatred [4 members]
I Deliberately Took A Dayoff School2c A Man Who Suicided Later [1 member]
I Delievered the Best Service [1 member]
I Delight In Females Who Are Charming, Demure AND Feminine [1 member]
I Delight In Life As A Sensory Experience - Mirages Style [8 members]
I Delight In The Lord [1 member]
I Delight In the Truth [81 members]
I Delight In Your Misery [1 member]
I Delight Myself In Watching Femboys [4 members]
I Delight With Hot Spices For Hot Life [2 members]
I Delightful Spooky Snazzy Walk [2 members]
I Delirious Falling Asleep [0 members]
I Deliver A Hard-as-steel Experience [1 member]
I Deliver Newspapers [10 members]
I Deliver Pizza For A Living [3 members]
I Deliver The Results The Choices Generate Openings [1 member]
I Deliver Your Loving Wishes To Your Mother With Fresh Flowers [1 member]
I Delivered a Baby Kangaroo [2 members]
I Delivered All My Kids By C-section [6 members]
I Delivered My Daughters Baby By Flashlight In the Desert [1 member]
I Delivered My Own Daughter [0 members]
I Delivered Newspapers When I Was A Kid [4 members]
I Delivered Our Six Kids [1 member]
I Delivered Pizza [1 member] Those who delivered pizza
I Delivering An Offshore Bank Account [2 members]
I Delivery Man Delivered Me Flowers Had Hooks For Hands [1 member]
I Delt Ufo's My Whole Life [1 member]
I Delt With An Annoying Teenager [2 members]
I Delt With Crapy Customer Service Today [1 member]
I Delt With My Friend Steeling From Me [1 member]
I Delt With My Loss [2 members]
I Delta Gamma [0 members]
I Delts Like David Robinson [1 member]
I Delude Myself [9 members] For those who kid themselves into thinking they're something they're not
I Delude Myslef [0 members]
I Delusions And Psychosis [10 members]
I Delve Deeper [2 members]
I Demand Rigidly Defined Areas Of Doubt And Uncertainty [29 members] with many thanks to Douglas Adams
I Demand A Break [9 members]
I Demand A Gift Back [1 member]
I Demand A Mandate To Cease Torture Of Prisoners [2 members]
I Demand An Apology [1 member] For those of us who have been F***ed over
I Demand Attorney General Eric Holder Be Fired [15 members]
I Demand Better More Compassionate Stalkers [22 members]
I Demand Equality To Women And The End Of War Waged On Women [136 members] STOP THE VILE REPROACH ON Our FEMALE POPULATION!!! END THE WAR ON WOMEN CAMPAIGN!!!
I Demand Loyalty From My Partner [5 members]
I Demand Men Treat Women Like Human Beings Not Property [10 members]
I Demand Men Without Respect For Women And Kids To Stay Away [1 member]
I Demand More Of Me Everyday [1 member]
I Demand My Ep Friends Make A Video Blog [2 members]
I Demand My Five Cents Back From the State of New Jersey [1 member]
I Demand People Without Respect For People To Stay Away [2 members]
I Demand People Without Respect For Women And Kids Stay Away [1 member]
I Demand Perfection From Electronics [2 members]
I Demand Polygamy Be Recognized [6 members]
I Demand Respect [17 members]
I Demand Respect As An Equal [1 member]
I Demand Respect From The Opposite Gender [52 members]
I Demand Rigidly Defined Areas Of Doubt And Uncertainty [27 members]
I Demand Script Writers to Be Given Wage Increase [3 members]
I Demand Submission [41 members]
I Demand That Tax Loopholes For The Rich To Be Closed ASAP [1 member]
I Demand That You Be Genuine Or Beat It From My Ep Circle [3 members]
I Demand That You Get Back Here Right Now [3 members]
I Demand The Corruption Of Usa Cease In Cop Taser Crimes [16 members] END TASERS!!! ALL OF IT!!! GO AFTER EVERY VILE COP THAT HAS VIOLATED EVEN ONE LIFE WITH A TASER!!!
I Demand The End Of Victimizing Brain Injury Trauma Victims [1 member] HOLD VILE USA COMPANIES ACCOUNTABLE!!! RESPECT INTEGRITY!!! REGARD OUR PEOPLE!!
I Demand The Happiness Others Take For Granted [6 members]
I Demand Usa Corruption Against Disabled Lives Cease [35 members]
I Demand You Put My Heart Back In My Hand [6 members]
I Demand You Stop Gesture Me, Mister [3 members]
I Demand You Take Your Drama Elsewhere, I Don'T Want It [4 members]
I Demand Your Respect As A Woman Of Color [2 members]
I Demanded Expertise For Modern Lead Era Novices [1 member]
I Demanded Information For Modern Lead Era Novices [1 member]
I Demaryius Thomas Broncos Jersey Mens Rings Made Using [1 member]
I Dementia Support [1 member]
I Demo Equipment All Versions Of The Demo Of FIFA 15 [2 members]
I Democracy Needs An Upgrade [5 members]
I Democrat [1 member]
I Democrats Vs Republicans In Economic Comparison [10 members]
I Demolition Of Childhood Park [1 member]
I Demon [19 members]
I Demon Attack [0 members]
I Demon Bee On Bus With Me [1 member]
I Demon Dreams [3 members]
I Demon Hunter Is My Favorite Band [0 members]
I Demon Hunting [7 members]
I Demon Hunting Lessons [12 members]
I Demon Incubus And Relationships [4 members]
I Demon Possession [1 member]
I Demon Story [1 member]
I Demon Within Me [8 members]
I Demon Within My Soul [43 members]
I Demonic Attacks Are Actual [1 member]
I Demonic Dream [2 members]
I Demonic Influence And Spiritual Warfare [1 member]
I Demonic Presence [1 member]
I Demonic Warfare [1 member]
I Demonology [4 members]
I Demons [11 members]
I Demons And Evil People Will Not Win Against God [1 member]
I Demons Are Real, They Live Inside Of Us [1 member]
I Demonstrate Condoms For a Living [17 members]
I Demonstrating Government Waste And [1 member]
I Demonzeao [1 member]
I Demotivated At Work [1 member]
I Den Woo Gruppe RBC Wealth Management Hong Kong USA, [1 member]
I Dendi [1 member]
I Dengerous [1 member]
I Denial [2 members]
I Denied The Paranormal Until It Changed My Life [1 member]
I Denied The Truth To Myself [5 members]
I Denis Polo Sport Ralph Lauren Homme [2 members]
I Denise [4 members]
I Dennis Leonard [4 members]
I Dennisse [1 member]
I Dennisthemennis [1 member]
I Denounce Cloverfield [4 members]
I Denounce Forced Labor [6 members]
I Denounce Violent Acts And Threats From The Right Or The Left [20 members] Regardless of where you come from politically, please join in denouncing violence and threats as political expression
I Dent Repair Orange County [2 members]
I Dental [1 member]
I Dental Aiding Professions From The Nearby Pittsburgh Areac [1 member]
I Dental Assistant - An Overview [3 members]
I Dental Assistant Can Be Fun For Anyone [3 members]
I Dental Assistant Coaching [1 member]
I Dental Assistant Coaching Progam At Institute Of Clinical Ca [1 member]
I Dental Assistant Education [1 member]
I Dental Assistant Education Progam At Institute Of Health-rel [1 member]
I Dental Assistant For Dummies [2 members]
I Dental Assistant Programs Can Be Fun For Anyone [1 member]
I Dental Assistant Programs Secrets [1 member]
I Dental Assistant Salary [1 member]
I Dental Assistant Teaching [1 member]
I Dental Assistant Things To Know Before You Buy [1 member]
I Dental Assistant Training [3 members]
I Dental Assisting Careers Inside The Local Pittsburgh Areac [1 member]
I Dental Assisting Professions In The Area Pittsburgh Areac [1 member]
I Dental Care [1 member]
I Dental Care Information That You Need To Know [1 member]
I Dental Equipment From Mikata Dental Equipment Company [1 member]
I Dental Health [3 members]
I Dental Helping Careers Inside The Area Pittsburgh Areac [1 member]
I Dental Helping Occupations Inside The Local Pittsburgh Areac [1 member]
I Dental Helping Professions In The Local Pittsburgh Areac [1 member]
I Dental Horror Stories [3 members]
I Dental Hygienist Wants To Work From Home [1 member]
I Dental Implants [2 members]
I Dental Implants Options [1 member]
I Dental Implants Perth - A Womans Perspective [1 member]
I Dental Implants Perth - An Overview [1 member]
I Dental Implants Perth Secrets [1 member]
I Dental Implants San Francisco [1 member]
I Dental Office Marketing Using Pay Per Click Advertising [1 member]
I Dental Perth - An Overview [1 member]
I Dental Practices [1 member]
I Dental Sedation Helps [1 member]
I Dental Veneers Cost [2 members]
I Dentify As Male And I Consider Myself To Be Straight [0 members]
I Dentis [1 member]
I Dentist [7 members]
I Dentist - An Overview [1 member]
I Dentist And Love - How They Are The Same [1 member]
I Dentist Canning Vale Your Way To Excellence [2 members]
I Dentist Fundamentals Explained [1 member]
I Dentist In Wentzville MO - An Overview [1 member]
I Dentist Like A Pro With The Help Of These 7 Tips [1 member]
I Dentist Like Brad Pitt [1 member]
I Dentist May Not Exist [1 member]
I Dentist Perth Guide To Communicating Value [1 member]
I Dentist Perth To Make Your Dreams Come True [3 members]
I Dentist Perth Your Way To Excellence [1 member]
I Dentist To Achieve Your Goals [3 members]
I Dentist Willetton Your Way To Success [1 member]
I Dentist Your Worst Clients If You Want To Grow Sales [1 member]
I Dentists And The Mel Gibson Effect [1 member]
I Dentists Canning Vale Expert Interview [1 member]
I Dentists In Hamilton Brisbane [1 member]
I Dentists In Houston Fundamentals Explained [1 member]
I Dentists Like A Pro With The Help Of These 7 Tips [2 members]
I Dentists Perth Faster By Using These Simple Tips [1 member]
I Dentists Perth Guide To Communicating Value [1 member]
I Dentists Perth Options [2 members]
I Dentists Perth Secrets [1 member]
I Dentspeed Ltd [1 member]
I Denture Comments [7 members]
I Denture Stories [17 members]
I Dentures New York [7 members]
I Denver [11 members]
I Denver Injury Attorney [1 member]
I Denver Search Engine Optimization Firm Aims For Google Place [1 member]
I Deny Christ As My Savior [79 members]
I Deny Gods, Ghosts And Santa [1 member]
I Deny My Flesh For Christ [0 members]
I Deny Myself All The Times [1 member]
I Deny Myself and Take Up My Cross Daily [2 members]
I Deny That I Have Depression [1 member]
I Deny the Existence of the Holy Spirit [41 members]
I Deojanae [1 member]
I Deoxyribonucleic Acid [1 member]
I Depanda On Structure [5 members]
I Depart Doudoune Pas Cher Homme [1 member]
I Depend On Daily Manna [29 members] Daily Devotional - Our Daily Bread to sustain us - God's word to instruct us on daily living and his love letters to sooth our souls
I Depend On Friend [4 members]
I Depend On God And Goddess For Everything [0 members]
I Depend On God to Be Able to Do It [44 members]
I Depend On Music and Animals Alot [9 members]
I Depend On Music For Living [6 members]
I Depend On My Best Friend Who Is Moving Away [35 members]
I Depend On My Dog [1 member]
I Depend On My Phone [6 members]
I Depend On My Watch [1 member]
I Depend On Others For Self Worth [1 member]
I Depend On Others Too Much [13 members]
I Depend On Something And It Goes Away [3 members] King and Queen Midas Club---it all turns to stone
I Depend On Spellcheck [2 members]
I Depend On the Lord Everday For He Is My Strenght [1 member]
I Depend Too Much On My Husband [3 members]
I Dependable [5 members]
I Dependable Partner [2 members]
I Dependance [1 member]
I Dependant [1 member]
I Depends On My Mood [0 members]
I Depends What Are You Asking [1 member]
I Deperation [1 member]
I Depersonaization [1 member]
I Depersonalisation Group [10 members]
I Depersonalization Disorder [10 members]
I Depersonalizatioon [2 members]
I Depersonalize [19 members]
I Depession [1 member]
I Depile My Legs Always [3 members]
I Depise Random Romance But Partake Anyways [6 members]
I Depise You [1 member]
I Deplore Bullying [26 members]
I Deplore Creationism [15 members]
I Deplore Hazing [2 members] Hazing: an initiation process involving humiliation or physical abuse of initiates
I Deplore Ignorance [5 members]
I Deplore Intolerance [3 members]
I Deplore Politics [1 member]
I Deplore Soulless Suberbia and the Pod People Therein [1 member]
I Deplore The Shortage Of Water [2 members]
I Deplore The Use Of The Atomic Bomb [1 member]
I Deplore Vandalism At Aushwitz [1 member]
I Deployed To War [1 member]
I Deployment [5 members]
I Deployment Is Coming [2 members]
I Deployments Scare Me [3 members]
I Depo Provera Shot [2 members]
I Deporsilisation [1 member]
I Deposited At My Bank Here In Stavanger Yesterday [1 member]
I Deppresion [1 member]
I Deppression [4 members]
I Depprison [1 member]
I Depr [1 member]
I Depre [1 member]
I Depresed [1 member]
I Depress [7 members]
I Depress Of Being Depressed [1 member]
I Depress Of My Life [1 member]
I Depress Since Birth Unloved Abused Used 45 Yrs [0 members]
I Depressed [11 members]
I Depressed - Money Is Owed But Im Not Employed [1 member]
I Depressed - You Are Not Alonne [1 member]
I Depressed Again [2 members]
I Depressed And Life Do [1 member]
I Depressed And Lonely [1 member]
I Depressed And Noone To Talk To [1 member]
I Depressed And Scared [1 member]
I Depressed And Stressed [0 members]
I Depressed At Times [5 members]
I Depressed Because I'm Lonely [6 members]
I Depressed Children Growing Up [6 members]
I Depressed Christmas [1 member]
I Depressed Dub Dj [2 members]
I Depressed Make Me Laugh [1 member]
I Depressed Older Women [3 members]
I Depressed Sad Lonley [21 members]
I Depressed Sucial Alone Lonely Addicted Grieving [3 members]
I Depressed Teen [4 members]
I Depressed, Sad, Spent [1 member]
I Depressin [3 members]
I Depressing Stories [2 members] for those of you who just love to write about what they are going through
I Depression [55 members]
I Depression And Anxiety [11 members]
I Depression And Career [2 members]
I Depression And Family [2 members]
I Depression And Happiness [1 member]
I Depression And Loneliness [1 member]
I Depression And Self Harm [20 members]
I Depression And Stressed [1 member]
I Depression At Work The Whole Day [2 members]
I Depression Doesnt Take Away Our Ability To Benefit [1 member]
I Depression Has Killed My Entire Life [8 members]
I Depression In Pregnancy [1 member]
I Depression Is Debilitating [3 members]
I Depression Is Like Being Really Sick [1 member]
I Depression Is Merciless [13 members]
I Depression Is My Enemy [3 members]
I Depression Is Not Always A Choice [1 member] you cant just "Snap Out" of depression
I Depression Is Serious [1 member]
I Depression Is The Monster Under The Bed [1 member]
I Depression Ocd Acohol [0 members]
I Depression Support [2 members]
I Depression Treatment Better Than Guy Kawasaki Himself [1 member]
I Depression Treatment Throughout History [1 member]
I Depression Vs Mania [5 members]
I Depression, Acne, Dumped [5 members]
I Depression, Killing My Self [1 member]
I Depression, Mental Illness, Psychiatry [0 members]
I Depression, Misanthropy [3 members]
I Depression, Seperation Anxiety [5 members]
I Depression, Stress, Blurr, Blank [1 member]
I Depression, Trichotillomania, Sadness, [2 members]
I Depressison [1 member]
I Depretion [1 member]
I Depserately Need Someone [1 member]
I Depthsunknown [2 members]
I Deptirachana [1 member]
I Der [0 members]
I Dercums Disease [1 member]
I Dercums Disease Complicated [1 member]
I Derealization [2 members]
I Dereast [1 member]
I Derive Gain Implies Pain [0 members]
I Derive Too Much Pleasure Out of Correcting People [1 member]
I Dermatalliomania [0 members]
I Dermatillamania [3 members]
I Dermatillomania [2 members]
I Dermatillomania And Bulimia [1 member]
I Dermatilomania [3 members]
I Derp At Flirting [4 members]
I Derp Social Networking [2 members]
I Derrick Johnson Chiefs Jersey And By Anything Except [1 member]
I Derserving to Love Him Wont Letting Him Sorrow My Heart [1 member]
I Derwtgdrhnftrjtyki [0 members]
I Des Moines I A Im Lost [1 member]
I Des Murs Chemise Burberry Pas Cher [1 member]
I Des Trench Burberry Femme Pas Cher [2 members]
I Descend From Scottish Royalty [1 member]
I Descendait Sac Longchamp Hello Kitty [1 member]
I Descendance Lacoste Pas Cher [2 members]
I Desch1228 [1 member]
I Descibe What It Was Like The First Time You Shaved Your Legs [176 members]
I Descovered Some Thing About My Self [1 member]
I Descreet [1 member]
I Describe A Typical Day For Me [3 members] A group to tell others what a typical day is for you.
I Describe Me About Younger Taurus - Man [0 members]
I Describe My School Uniform [124 members]
I Describe My Spirituality As Love And Compassion [1 member]
I Describe My Style As 'dark' [1 member]
I Describe Myself [4 members]
I Describe Myself As A Non-smoking Smoker [37 members]
I Describe Myself As Quietly Chaotic [3 members]
I Describe Tranquility [0 members]
I Describe Your Perfect Day [2 members]
I Describe Your Perfect Woman [1 member]
I Described My Thoughts And Was Appreciated [4 members]
I Described Myself As Bilbo Baggins [1 member]
I Describing Basic Items Of Ultimate Offshore Bank Account [2 members]
I Describing Very Simple Items Of Major Offshore Bank Account [2 members]
I Description Of Dell 312-0998 Battery [1 member]
I Descriptions Of Knickknack Closures Regarding Charms, Wristb [1 member]
I Desert Storm Veteran [1 member]
I Deserted Life [1 member]
I Deserve [0 members]
I Deserve A Better Life [21 members]
I Deserve A Brutal Death [30 members]
I Deserve A Consequence [8 members]
I Deserve A Gold Star [7 members]
I Deserve A Life Just As Much As You Do [11 members]
I Deserve A Medal [1 member]
I Deserve A Membership [0 members]
I Deserve A Real Adult Punishment [0 members]
I Deserve A Slap [5 members]
I Deserve A Time Out On A Beach Somewhere Faraway [12 members]
I Deserve A, Fill In The Blank [5 members]
I Deserve All The Bad Things That Happen To Me [1 member]
I Deserve All the Misery I Feel [1 member]
I Deserve All the Misery I Feel Plus More [6 members]
I Deserve An Apology [11 members]
I Deserve An Explanation [9 members]
I Deserve and Extend Respect [1 member]
I Deserve Better [152 members]
I Deserve Better Inlaws [2 members]
I Deserve Better Than How I Have Treated Myself [19 members]
I Deserve Better Than This Shite [11 members]
I Deserve Better Than What I Was Given [5 members]
I Deserve Death [8 members]
I Deserve Everything [1 member]
I Deserve Everything I Do Not Have [4 members]
I Deserve Everything, You Always Give Me Nothing [0 members]
I Deserve Good Things to Happen For Me [28 members]
I Deserve Happiness [12 members]
I Deserve Hell [3 members]
I Deserve It [8 members]
I Deserve It All In Life N I Wont Have You Tell Me Different [5 members]
I Deserve It, Don't Worry [2 members]
I Deserve Justice [5 members]
I Deserve Love [15 members]
I Deserve More [4 members]
I Deserve More Love And Wealth In My Life Im Tired Of Struggle [3 members]
I Deserve More Respect Than You Gave Me [4 members]
I Deserve More Than 'Just Friends' [4 members]
I Deserve More Than This [6 members]
I Deserve Nothing [4 members]
I Deserve Nothing Good [28 members]
I Deserve Nothing Less Than The Best [37 members]
I Deserve Respect [161 members] R-E-S-P-E-C-T
I Deserve So Much Better [3 members]
I Deserve So Much More [2 members]
I Deserve Some Respect [262 members]
I Deserve Something Better Than This [9 members]
I Deserve The Best Of The Best [2 members]
I Deserve The Fairy Tale Ending [16 members]
I Deserve The Punishment God Is Giving Me [1 member]
I Deserve The Worst [3 members]
I Deserve This [3 members]
I Deserve This And Need To Take It [0 members]
I Deserve This Happiness [0 members]
I Deserve To Be A Keeper [16 members]
I Deserve To Be Abused [1 member]
I Deserve to Be Blissfully Happy Dammit [40 members]
I Deserve To Be Bullied [10 members]
I Deserve to Be Happy [56 members]
I Deserve to Be In Touch With My People [1 member]
I Deserve to Be Loved [151 members]
I Deserve To Be Loved And Happy [13 members]
I Deserve To Be Loved Not Just Tolerated [15 members]
I Deserve to Be Loved the Way I Want to Be Loved [2 members]
I Deserve To Be Paid For My Beauty [0 members]
I Deserve To Be Respected [6 members]
I Deserve To Be Spoiled [1 member]
I Deserve to Be Told the Truth [213 members]
I Deserve To Be Treated Well [18 members]
I Deserve to Be Treated With Kindness [14 members]
I Deserve To Be Treated With Respect [8 members]
I Deserve To Be Used [1 member]
I Deserve To Burn In Hell [6 members]
I Deserve To Feel Important [1 member]
I Deserve To Have Bad Things Happen To Me [3 members]
I Deserve To Live An Extra Hundred Years [3 members]
I Deserve To Prosper [1 member]
I Deserve To Suffer [11 members]
I Deserve To Win [1 member]
I Deserve Tons Of Kisses [7 members]
I Deserve Torture [1 member]
I Deserve True Love And Happiness [2 members]
I Deserve What I Am Feeling Now [1 member]
I Deserve What I Get [3 members]
I Deserve Your All [8 members]
I Deserve Your Love [8 members]
I Deserved Better [1 member]
I Deserved Better Than This [66 members]
I Deserved To Be Loved [1 member]
I Deserved to Be Pissed Off [15 members]
I Deserved To Be Yelled At Right Now [3 members]
I Deserved to Cry a Month Can't Gurantee Forever [2 members]
I Deserved to Cry All Night Long Everyday [1 member]
I Deserved to Cry For Years Can't Possibly Sure 4ever [1 member]
I Deserved to Tear Just For Him With All These Days [1 member]
I Deservesomeone [1 member]
I Desgin A Video Game [1 member]
I Deshi Brothers N Sister Cursing In Public [1 member]
I Deside to Come Out of My Turtle Shell [1 member]
I Design [13 members]
I Design 3d Anaglyph Posters [1 member]
I Design a Script [1 member]
I Design Amazing Ocean Inspired Jewelry [1 member]
I Design And Build [1 member]
I Design and Build My Own Dreamhome [0 members]
I Design and Build My Own Dreamhomes [2 members]
I Design and Build My Own House [6 members]
I Design And Build My Own Solar Equipment [1 member]
I Design And Create Custm Full Dye Apparel [1 member]
I Design and Develop Websites [9 members]
I Design and Make Jewellery [16 members]
I Design and Sell Stuff On Cafepress [3 members]
I Design And Wear Short Skirts For Men [5 members]
I Design Automation Controls [2 members]
I Design Award 2015 [1 member]
I Design Award And Contest [1 member]
I Design Award To Competition [1 member]
I Design Awards Austria 2015 [1 member]
I Design Awards Worldwide [1 member]
I Design Bags and Accessories [1 member]
I Design Ball Mill And Grinding Plant [2 members]
I Design Clothes [3 members]
I Design Clothing [7 members]
I Design Clothing and Am Going to Be a Sucessful Photographer [4 members]
I Design Colouring Pages [1 member]
I Design Costumes and Clothing [4 members]
I Design Door Knobs Accessories [1 member]
I Design Fabrication [1 member]
I Design Firefighting Equipment [1 member]
I Design For A Living [2 members]
I Design Furniture [1 member]
I Design Jewelry [29 members]
I Design Logos [2 members]
I Design Merchandisers [1 member]
I Design My Avatars [1 member]
I Design My Clothing Line and Its a Top Seller [1 member]
I Design My Own Clothes [10 members]
I Design My Own Home [0 members]
I Design My Own Skirts [4 members]
I Design My Own Space [3 members]
I Design Opportunities With Decorative Window Movie [1 member]
I Design Options [1 member]
I Design T-shirts and Shoes [2 members]
I Design Tattoos [20 members]
I Design The Ep Website [3 members]
I Design Tips For Your Joes Deck Plans [1 member]
I Design Video Games [9 members]
I Design Visual Talismans [1 member]
I Design Web Pages [1 member]
I Design Webforms [1 member]
I Design Webpages [18 members]
I Design Websites [21 members]
I Design Websites At Age 16 [1 member]
I Design Wirework Jewelry [1 member]
I Design Your Own Dream Village With Android Application [1 member]
I Design Your Own Iphone Case And Show Your Style [1 member]
I Design Your Own Wedding Dress [1 member]
I Designagentur - Mit Innovativem Branding Erfolgreich [1 member]
I Designagentur Frisiert Unternehmensmarketing [1 member]
I Designagentur Indentifiziert Unbemerkte Optionen [1 member]
I Designagentur Packt Das Problem Radikal [1 member]
I Designagentur Revolutioniert Firmenmarketing [1 member]
I Designagentur Zeigt Wie Echte Businesspartner Entstehen [1 member]
I Designate Strawberryshakers As Number One Quirky Fan [0 members]
I Designate This Spot For Everthing I Find Funny [6 members]
I Designed A Blog [1 member]
I Designed a Building [1 member]
I Designed a Car [1 member]
I Designed a Couture Gown For the Catwalk In Paris [1 member]
I Designed A Cure For Insomnia [1 member]
I Designed a Dance Club [1 member]
I Designed A New Blog [1 member]
I Designed A Science Fiction Prop [1 member]
I Designed a Super High Class Yacht [1 member]
I Designed a Town From Scratch [1 member]
I Designed a Website [1 member]
I Designed All of My Tatoos and Even My Husbands [2 members]
I Designed An Artificial Intelligence [2 members]
I Designed An Intelligent Lighting Fixture [1 member]
I Designed and Built My Dream Home [6 members]
I Designed and Built My Own Speaker System From Scratch [3 members]
I Designed Dancing Turkeys and I Can't Draw [1 member]
I Designed My Own House [9 members]
I Designed My Own Space [1 member]
I Designed My Own Wood Deck [1 member]
I Designer Babies [1 member]
I Designer Dresses Online, Click Here [1 member]
I Designer Wear From La Martina Outlet At Affordable Cost [2 members]
I Designerscenter [1 member]
I Designing Android Activities Yourself Is Not That Hard [1 member]
I Desigual Solde [1 member]
I Desihubby [1 member]
I Desillusioned [2 members]
I Desingonline [1 member]
I Desirable [3 members]
I Desirae Spears [1 member]
I Desire 2 Have a Special Person In My Life [2 members]
I Desire a Friend I Can Completely Confide In [125 members]
I Desire a Lot of Physical and Emotional Intimacy [84 members]
I Desire A Married Man [1 member]
I Desire A Pure Heart Again [1 member] blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see god!
I Desire A Relationship But I Am Near Depleted [3 members]
I Desire A Romantic Relationship But Don't Want One [4 members]
I Desire A Sophisticated Companion [5 members]
I Desire A Young Girlfriend [1 member]
I Desire An Actual Sweet Soft Robot Replica Of My Ex [1 member]
I Desire An Understanding Partner [23 members] Understand, Accept, Compromise with.
I Desire Being a Life Long Scholar [48 members]
I Desire Being One Man's Highest Priority [1 member]
I Desire Coffee [1 member]
I Desire Connection [1 member]
I Desire Everything [5 members]
I Desire Extreme Happiness and Sociability [1 member]
I Desire Face to Face Conversations [64 members]
I Desire Forgiveness From My Children [1 member]
I Desire Freedom [18 members]
I Desire Friends Who Are Kind and Laid-back, Like Me [8 members]
I Desire God [1 member]
I Desire Greatly [7 members]
I Desire Honesty [2 members]
I Desire Intimacy [37 members]
I Desire Irrationally [2 members]
I Desire Kisses And Licks [7 members]
I Desire Knowledge [2 members]
I Desire Love, Yet I Am So Comforted By Loneliness [140 members]
I Desire Loyalty [1 member]
I Desire Mature Women [61 members]
I Desire Meaningful Relationships Of All Kinds [36 members]
I Desire Money [1 member]
I Desire More Tokens [1 member]
I Desire My Aunt and My 18-year Old Female Cousin [18 members]
I Desire My Breasts To Look Like The Ones In This Picture [17 members]
I Desire Nothing More Than to Be Happy [4 members]
I Desire Pantaloons [1 member]
I Desire Passion [22 members]
I Desire Passion For My Husband [1 member]
I Desire Peace In My Life [5 members]
I Desire Peace On Earth [4 members]
I Desire Perfect Love [18 members]
I Desire Physical And Emotional Contact [138 members]
I Desire Physical Contact [39 members]
I Desire Positive Change For America [2 members]
I Desire Profesional Advancement [1 member]
I Desire Ritual In My Life [5 members]
I Desire Safety Above All Things [7 members]
I Desire Sister Love [14 members]
I Desire Someone On Ep [205 members]
I Desire Someone Who Is As Yet Unattainable [74 members]
I Desire Something New In My Life [13 members]
I Desire Technique Review [1 member]
I Desire The Absolute Truth Of All That I Am And All Else [110 members]
I Desire to Be a Psychologists But Don't Believe In Myself [2 members]
I Desire to Be a Soccer Mom [7 members]
I Desire To Be A Woman [1 member]
I Desire To Be Close To Him [1 member]
I Desire to Be Different [1 member]
I Desire To Be Groped By A Hot Lady In A The Backseat [17 members]
I Desire to Be In An Intimate Relationship [424 members]
I Desire To Be Married [4 members]
I Desire To Be Successful In Business [1 member]
I Desire To Be The Fairly Sweet Woman [1 member]
I Desire to Become a Better Person [7 members]
I Desire to Become Teacher [1 member]
I Desire To Dress Any D A M N Way I Please [2 members]
I Desire To Feel More Feminine [11 members]
I Desire To Find Someone As Kinky As Myself [276 members]
I Desire to Gain Full Vocals Back [1 member] speak the music-feel the passion
I Desire to Get My Ged [1 member]
I Desire To Have A Roomate Who May Ride My Bed One Night [66 members]
I Desire To Love And To Be Loved [3 members]
I Desire to Love Someone Unconditionaly [6 members]
I Desire To Make A Commitment For My Life [6 members]
I Desire To Make Somebody Very Happy [63 members]
I Desire To Make The World A Better Place [0 members]
I Desire to Move to the Country [1 member]
I Desire to Purchase a House,but [1 member]
I Desire to Put In Pratice My Plans Without Give Up [4 members]
I Desire to Serve the Feminine Divine [2 members]
I Desire to Show God's Glory and Demonstrate the Kingdom [0 members]
I Desire To Sleep With One Or Two Of My Voluptuous Neighbors [20 members]
I Desire To Taste Her Long Legs [13 members]
I Desire to Understand Fully Human Behaviour and Its Causes [1 member]
I Desire To Write Again [3 members]
I Desire True Friends [4 members]
I Desire True Friendship And Love [10 members]
I Desire True Happiness In My Marriage [1 member]
I Desire Understanding Between Men And Women [5 members]
I Desire Unlimited Dopamine In My Brain's Mesolimbic Pathway [8 members]
I Desire What I Do Not Have [3 members]
I Desire Women [0 members]
I Desire X [1 member]
I Desire You [106 members]
I Desire Young Men [2 members]
I Desired Friendship [6 members]
I Desires Resort [2 members]
I Desiring More And Wanting More [2 members]
I Desktop Computer Hints For Everyone To Learn [1 member]
I Desktop Computer Tips And Advice Anyone Can Use [1 member]
I Desktop Hoarder [6 members]
I Desmone Burham [1 member]
I Desoise Racism And Ignorance [2 members]
I Despair [5 members]
I Despair Over Healthcare [5 members]
I Despair Sometimes [5 members]
I Despair That She Lacks Common Sense [1 member]
I Despair With Humanity [1 member]
I Despair With My Hair [18 members]
I Desparately Need A Nap [0 members]
I Desparately Want to Be Thinner [9 members]
I Desparately Want To Change [1 member]
I Desperate [34 members]
I Desperate Creature [1 member]
I Desperate For Love [11 members]
I Desperate Loves [1 member]
I Desperate Lucas Neill In Quest To Make World Cup [1 member]
I Desperate Need Of Help [1 member]
I Desperate To Discover My True Self [1 member]
I Desperate To Peef [0 members]
I Desperatelty Need Advice [1 member]
I Desperately In the Need of Prayer [2 members]
I Desperately In the Need of Prayer [1 member]
I Desperately Need A Friend Who [1 member]
I Desperately Need a Girl Friend [7 members]
I Desperately Need A Hero [1 member]
I Desperately Need a House Marathon Right Now [7 members]
I Desperately Need A Hug [47 members]
I Desperately Need a Job [15 members]
I Desperately Need A Lot Of Money [7 members]
I Desperately Need A Vacation [9 members]
I Desperately Need Company [4 members]
I Desperately Need Dental Work [5 members]
I Desperately Need Emergency Money [1 member]
I Desperately Need Help [1 member]
I Desperately Need Help From My Ep Friends To Lose Weight [26 members] Friends encouraging friends who desperately need help to lose weight by walking, stretching-anything aerobic-for at least 30mins/day & healthy eating.
I Desperately Need Hope [1 member]
I Desperately Need Much Support And Help To Save My Family [8 members]
I Desperately Need New Friends [7 members]
I Desperately Need Open-minded Feedback [0 members]
I Desperately Need Plastic Surgery [5 members]
I Desperately Need Professional Mental Help [9 members]
I Desperately Need Some Pc Help [1 member]
I Desperately Need Someone Now [1 member]
I Desperately Need Someone To Talk To [20 members]
I Desperately Need The Services Of Someone Who Knows Magick [14 members]
I Desperately Need To Be Acknowledged By My EP Circle Often [1 member]
I Desperately Need To Be Sadistically Dominated [180 members]
I Desperately Need to Find a Great Job [6 members]
I Desperately Need to Find a Job [2 members]
I Desperately Need to Move On With My Life, Lol [4 members]
I Desperately Seeking Advice [1 member]
I Desperately Seeking Space [8 members]
I Desperately Still Miss You Melissa [1 member]
I Desperately Trying to Concieve-premenapausal and 48 [2 members]
I Desperately Want A Cat [1 member]
I Desperately Want And Need To Lose Weight [6 members]
I Desperately Want Out [1 member]
I Desperately Want Someone to Love Me Romantically [22 members]
I Desperately Want to Be a Mother [2 members]
I Desperately Want to Be Famous [1 member]
I Desperately Want To Be Pregnant And Im Only Sixteen [13 members]
I Desperately Want To Be With Somebody [1 member]
I Desperately Want To Change Your Perception Of Me [2 members]
I Desperately Want To Connect But Don't Know How [4 members]
I Desperately Want To Crush And Throw Away My Desires [0 members]
I Desperately Want To Feel Like I Matter To Someone [1 member]
I Desperately Want to Get Married [9 members]
I Desperately Want To Have A Girl Fart In My Face [120 members]
I Desperately Want to Have Children [16 members]
I Desperately Want To Kiss Someone [21 members]
I Desperately Want to Love Someone [94 members]
I Desperately Want To Love Someone More Than Myself [1 member]
I Desperately Want to Speak to Someone [108 members]
I Desperately Want to Start a Family [6 members]
I Desperately Want To Throw My Drugs Away [1 member]
I Desperately Want To Try Out My Accommodator [1 member]
I Desperately Wanted to Be Her Friend [3 members]
I Desperatley Need To Change But Don't Know How [7 members]
I Desperatly Want An Answer As To Why I Have This Problem [1 member]
I Desperatly Want to Have Childern [1 member]
I Desperatly Want To Move To England [4 members]
I Despertion [4 members]
I Despice 3rd World Country Politician In The USA [1 member]
I Despise Bogans [1 member]
I Despise "love And Light" Frauds [1 member]
I Despise "Users" [3 members]
I Despise 'lol' [19 members]
I Despise Abductors [5 members]
I Despise Abercrombie and Fich [3 members]
I Despise Abuse In Any Form [218 members]
I Despise Ad Hominem Attacks [0 members]
I Despise Advertising [245 members]
I Despise Agents Provocateurs [0 members]
I Despise All Climate Change Deniers [1 member]
I Despise All Corporations That Pay No Federal Taxes [1 member]
I Despise All The Misogyny In Politics [5 members]
I Despise All The OW'S [0 members]
I Despise American Crossroads [1 member]
I Despise Americans For Prosperity [1 member]
I Despise Americans For Responsible Solutions [1 member]
I Despise And Abhor When Ppl Marry The Wrong Person [8 members]
I Despise And Ignore Bullies [1 member]
I Despise Animal Abusers [46 members]
I Despise Anne Coulter [4 members]
I Despise Antisemitism [14 members]
I Despise Anyone Involved With War [3 members]
I Despise Arrogance [79 members]
I Despise Arrogance In Some Christians [142 members] You give God a bad a name
I Despise Asking For Help [1 member]
I Despise Asparagus and Shirley Phelps Roeper [1 member]
I Despise Atheism [1 member]
I Despise ATT Wireless [3 members]
I Despise Attention Seekers [23 members]
I Despise Bad Grammar [2 members]
I Despise Bad Parents [4 members]
I Despise Bashar Al Assad [2 members]
I Despise Being All Alone Late At Night [24 members]
I Despise Being Compared [7 members]
I Despise Being Judged [4 members]
I Despise Being Lied To [44 members]
I Despise Ben Carson [1 member]
I Despise Bigots [15 members]
I Despise Bogans [0 members]
I Despise Bossy People [5 members]
I Despise Both Religion And God [7 members]
I Despise Bullies [44 members]
I Despise Bully Cowards [0 members]
I Despise Capitalism [14 members]
I Despise Carlos Mencia [28 members] He's unfunny and steals other comedians' jokes. "Mind of Mencia" is an atrocity to all things comedic.
I Despise Cats Constant Selfishness But Enjoy The Fluffiness [0 members]
I Despise Cctv Cameras [1 member]
I Despise Censorship [2 members]
I Despise Change [1 member]
I Despise Chief Justice John Roberts [1 member]
I Despise Christians [5 members]
I Despise Circle Gestures [3 members]
I Despise Clarence Thomas [1 member]
I Despise Cliques [26 members]
I Despise Closeminded People [31 members]
I Despise College [1 member]
I Despise Communism [1 member]
I Despise Condescending Nasty People [15 members]
I Despise Conservative Religious Extreamist [32 members] Conservative extreamism and war
I Despise Conspircy [8 members]
I Despise Corporate Welfare [2 members]
I Despise Corruption [1 member]
I Despise Cosreal [4 members]
I Despise Cowards [1 member]
I Despise Cowards Who Only Attack When They Outnumber You [0 members]
I Despise Creeps [8 members]
I Despise Cruel People [107 members]
I Despise Cyber Bullies [1 member]
I Despise Dance Remixes Of Great Old Songs [6 members]
I Despise Daniel Tiger [1 member]
I Despise David Cameron [9 members]
I Despise David Wurmser [1 member]
I Despise Democratic Rhetoric [1 member]
I Despise Diabetes [1 member]
I Despise Divorce [6 members]
I Despise Donald Rumsfeld [0 members]
I Despise Drama [1 member]
I Despise Drink Drivers [11 members]
I Despise Duplicity [1 member]
I Despise Egocentric People [8 members] 1. having or regarding the self or the individual as the center of all things: an egocentric philosophy that ignores social causes.
I Despise Elliott Abrams [1 member]
I Despise Emotional And Gender Based Excuses And Ignorance [13 members]
I Despise Emotional Vampires [67 members]
I Despise EP Trolls [3 members]
I Despise Experience Groups With Bad Grammar In Their Names [3 members]
I Despise Factory Farming [87 members]
I Despise Faith and Superstition [1 member]
I Despise Fake People [25 members] Better the devil you know than the devil you dont
I Despise Fakes And Frauds [54 members]
I Despise False Ecumenism [1 member]
I Despise Fat People [3 members]
I Despise Father's Day [1 member]
I Despise Feeling Nauseous [43 members]
I Despise Feminists [1 member]
I Despise Fire Ants [32 members] For anyone who thinks fire ants really bite
I Despise Freedom House [1 member]
I Despise Freedomworks For America [1 member]
I Despise Gang Stalkers [1 member]
I Despise George W Bush [0 members]
I Despise George Will [1 member]
I Despise Glenn Beck [1 member]
I Despise Gossip And People Who Gossip [33 members]
I Despise Greed [9 members]
I Despise Greedy Insurance Companies [14 members]
I Despise Hackers And Identity Thieves [8 members]
I Despise Halloween [3 members]
I Despise Haters [12 members]
I Despise Hatred, Racism And Discrimation [16 members]
I Despise Having My Feelings Invalidated [2 members]
I Despise Homophobia [24 members]
I Despise Hot Weather [14 members]
I Despise How Everything Is Communicated Via Social Media [1 member]
I Despise How People Treat Others [2 members]
I Despise Human Contact [7 members]
I Despise Humanity [31 members]
I Despise Hypocrisy [3 members]
I Despise Hypocrites [102 members]
I Despise Ignorance [38 members]
I Despise Insects [1 member]
I Despise Insensitive Fools [1 member]
I Despise Institutional Corruption [86 members]
I Despise Institutional Elitism [7 members]
I Despise Institutionalized Racism [6 members]
I Despise Internet Badasses And Flaming Fools [1 member]
I Despise Intolerance [7 members]
I Despise It When I Do Not Get Messages [4 members]
I Despise Jealousy [11 members]
I Despise Junkies And Being One [2 members]
I Despise Justice Anthony Kennedy [1 member]
I Despise Justice Antonin Scalia [1 member]
I Despise Justice Samuel Alito [1 member]
I Despise Karl Rove [1 member]
I Despise Kat Von D [5 members]
I Despise Kenneth Adelman [1 member]
I Despise Kenneth Lay [1 member]
I Despise Laundry Mats [12 members]
I Despise Laziness [5 members]
I Despise Leaving My Valued Things Unattended [48 members]
I Despise Liars [97 members]
I Despise Liars and Cowards and Rumor Mongers [76 members]
I Despise Liars, Thieves and Cheats [14 members]
I Despise Liberal Politics [1 member]
I Despise Liberalism [1 member]
I Despise Liberalism [1 member]
I Despise Liberals And Liberaism, They Destroy Cultures And Pe [1 member]
I Despise Lies [15 members]
I Despise Lifetime Politicians [4 members]
I Despise Liking The Same Gender [0 members]
I Despise Little Punks [17 members]
I Despise Lolcat [3 members]
I Despise Loud, Obnoxious People And Things [28 members]
I Despise Lynch Mobs [0 members]
I Despise Male Chauvinists [0 members]
I Despise Mark Bridger [1 member]
I Despise Math [7 members]
I Despise Mcdonald's [261 members] "bah dah dah dah dah... i'm hating it"
I Despise Men Who Are Deadbeat Dads [9 members]
I Despise Men Who Are Disrespectful Of Women [2 members]
I Despise Men Who Leer At Children [0 members]
I Despise Men Who Try To Take Advantage Of Vulnerable Women [83 members]
I Despise Menopause [10 members]
I Despise Michael Savage [1 member]
I Despise Michele Bachmann [1 member]
I Despise Mindless Friending [8 members] Against friending hundreds of people on social networks
I Despise Misandry And Misogyny [133 members] Basically a clearer version of "I Hate Sexism" or "I am an equalist" explained
I Despise Misogynist [11 members]
I Despise Modern Living [4 members]
I Despise Money Talk [1 member]
I Despise Monotony [7 members]
I Despise Mosquito's [12 members]
I Despise Most Girls Out of Jealousy [4 members]
I Despise Mv Transportation [7 members]
I Despise My Alarm Clock [20 members]
I Despise My Biological Dad [3 members]
I Despise My Boss [2 members]
I Despise My Childs Father [5 members]
I Despise My Compulsions [3 members]
I Despise My Ex [4 members]
I Despise My Ex Husband [2 members]
I Despise My Ex-step Father [1 member]
I Despise My Family Right Now [3 members] The sheer complication of loving yet finding despair within the warm arms of family....
I Despise My Father [21 members]
I Despise My Future Mother-in-law [3 members]
I Despise My Girlfriends Mother [13 members]
I Despise My Henchmen [1 member]
I Despise My Life [15 members]
I Despise My Mother [11 members]
I Despise My Sister-in-law [6 members]
I Despise My Solitude [3 members]
I Despise My Son-in-law [1 member]
I Despise My Step-father [8 members]
I Despise My Stretch Marks [171 members]
I Despise Myself [23 members]