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I Loved You Then, I Love You Now And I Will Love You Always [15 members]
I Loved You, Baby, Way Back When [0 members]
I Loved You, I Still Love You And I Will Love You Forever [0 members]
I Loved You, Still Do, And Probably Always Will [11 members]
I Loved Your Best Friend [4 members]
I Loved Zap Comix [2 members]
I Loved Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet [4 members]
I Loved Zero Dark Thirty [2 members]
I Loved, And Now That It's Over I Love The Memories [1 member]
I Loved,Lost,And Gone [0 members]
I Loved,sexy Mens [2 members]
I Lovedancingintherain [1 member]
I Lovedevin [1 member]
I Lovedoggystyle [1 member]
I Lovedressing Femmy [66 members]
I Lovee [1 member]
I Lovee Boyss [13 members]
I Lovee Empanadass [3 members]
I Lovee Metalcore [4 members]
I Lovee Partying [3 members]
I Lovee To Crossdress [1 member]
I Lovee to Listen to Music [13 members]
I Lovee To Sing And Dance [2 members]
I Lovee Too Readd Fictional Bookss [1 member]
I Lovee Too Siinggg [1 member]
I Loveee Anythingg Involvingg Adrenalinee [2 members]
I Loveee Goiing Outt [1 member]
I Loveee Goinq Out [1 member]
I Loveee Ittt Old But Gold [1 member]
I Loveee Musiq Soulchild [2 members]
I Loveee Peedii Crakkk [1 member]
I Loveee Poetry [1 member]
I Loveee Someone [3 members]
I Loveee Tennis Andd Animalss [5 members]
I Loveeed Youu, You Madee Me Hate Me [1 member]
I Loveeee Cheesecake [3 members]
I Loveeee Life So Muchhh [2 members]
I Loveeee Soccer Even Though I Can't Play At All [1 member]
I Loveeeee to Hang Out With Friends [1 member]
I Loveeeeee Chocolate [1 member]
I Loveeeeee Kiku [1 member]
I Loveeeeeee Ellen [2 members]
I Loveeeeeee The New Orleans Saints [9 members] Even if they did blow the playoffs!!!
I Loveeeeeeee Icecream [8 members]
I Loveeeeeeeee My Mommmmm [17 members]
I Loveep and Love Not Feeling Alone [6 members]
I Lovefilms That Make Me Think About [1 member]
I Lovegoin 2 Festivals [2 members]
I Loveguru [2 members]
I Lovehate Cigarettes [5 members]
I Lovehaving Fun [11 members]
I Lovehim [1 member]
I Lovein It [3 members]
I Loveing Gymboree [1 member]
I Lovejesus [1 member]
I Lovekids [2 members]
I Lovel Children's Old Novels [3 members]
I Lovel Older Women [26 members]
I Loveless [3 members]
I Loveless And Sexless Marriage [2 members]
I Loveless Marriage [17 members]
I Loveless Wife Needs To Talk To Anyone [1 member]
I Lovelife [4 members] LIFE
I Lovelinessbathes [1 member]
I Lovelingarielovers [1 member]
I Lovelove When People Touch My Fat [37 members]
I Lovely [11 members]
I Lovely Chat [1 member]
I Lovely Husband Going Downhill [1 member]
I Lovely Life [5 members]
I Lovely Moments [2 members]
I Lovely Name Of Our Lovers [3 members]
I Lovely Sarah Jessica Parker Poisonous Secrets [2 members]
I Lovely Things Don't Seem Tobe Great [1 member]
I Lovely Thomas Sabo Appeal Which Consists Of Model [1 member]
I Lovely Yet Bothered [1 member]
I Lovelylilly [1 member]
I Lovemaking [1 member]
I Lovemaking At School [13 members]
I Lovemaking Others Laugh [16 members]
I Lovemarriageproblemsoloution 8740965315 [1 member]
I Lovemusic, Especuakkt Aled Jhones [1 member]
I Lovemy Family [10 members]
I Lovemy Self [1 member]
I Lovemycats [1 member]
I Lovemykids [2 members]
I Loveobd2 [1 member]
I Lovepicnics In The Woods,dancing In The Moonlight, [7 members]
I Lover [8 members]
I Lover Atmosphere [2 members]
I Lover Back From The Other Woman [1 member]
I Lover Bird [1 member]
I Lover Emigrate [2 members]
I Lover Froever [1 member]
I Lover Gingers [4 members]
I Lover Going Cold [1 member]
I Lover Her Long Hair Very Long [1 member]
I Lover of All Things Creative [1 member]
I Lover of Movies [4 members]
I Lover of Photography [1 member]
I Lover Of White Men [3 members]
I Lover Older Women [97 members]
I Lover Wear My Neighbor Woman's Dresses [3 members]
I Lover's Victim [1 member]
I Loverofnudity [1 member]
I Lovers [8 members]
I Lovers On Valentines Day [1 member]
I Loveryanadams,damienrice,josegonzales,embrace,raylamontagne [1 member]
I Loves [2 members]
I Loves 70s R B And Funk [11 members]
I Loves A Girl Who Dont Loves Me [1 member]
I Loves A Good Quote [34 members]
I Loves A Good Quote From Me [9 members]
I Loves All Types Animals [1 member]
I Loves Animals [8 members]
I Loves Anime [3 members]
I Loves Astronomy [3 members]
I Loves Cats [4 members]
I Loves Coffee Even In the Summer [7 members]
I Loves Deeply [1 member]
I Loves Delight [1 member]
I Loves Diet Coke [1 member]
I Loves Dogs [7 members]
I Loves Eskimo Pies [9 members]
I Loves Getting Compliments On Her Pretty Feet [5 members]
I Loves God [1 member]
I Loves Guys That Blush [1 member]
I Loves Gwen Stefani [3 members]
I Loves Helping Others [1 member]
I Loves James Taylor [18 members]
I Loves Kids, Books, Chocolates And Sunrise [1 member]
I Loves Life [1 member]
I Loves Lost [1 member]
I Loves Me Kitties [1 member]
I Loves Me Some Gigantic Hella-woman Boobies [173 members]
I Loves Me Some Leather Britches With Bacon And Onion [4 members]
I Loves Me Some Money [1 member]
I Loves Me The Spanish Musica [2 members]
I Loves Meeting Knew People [1 member]
I Loves Michelle Rodriguez [28 members]
I Loves Money [3 members]
I Loves Most Music [2 members]
I Loves Music [8 members]
I Loves My Girlfriend [3 members]
I Loves My Husband A Lot But He Didnt [1 member]
I Loves My Piercing [10 members]
I Loves Nature [2 members]
I Loves Old Cars And Old Trucks [16 members]
I Loves Old Ska [1 member]
I Loves Others' Minds [1 member]
I Loves Photography [1 member]
I Loves Politics [1 member]
I Loves Puppies [73 members]
I Loves Quotes [62 members]
I Loves Ribs and Beer [4 members]
I Loves Sex [9 members]
I Loves Sogy Ones [7 members]
I Loves Someone That Said He Loved Me But [1 member]
I Loves Spending Time With Family [1 member]
I Loves Sports [2 members]
I Loves Sushi [2 members]
I Loves Tattoos [11 members]
I Loves The Feel Of Pantyhose On Me When Masurbating [291 members]
I Loves These Lyrics [10 members]
I Loves To Do Crazy Things [1 member]
I Loves To Help Others [1 member]
I Loves to Laugh [14 members]
I Loves To Read [2 members]
I Loves to Shops [1 member]
I Loves Tv [3 members]
I Loves Wolves [4 members]
I Loves Writing [2 members]
I Loves You Big Daddy [4 members]
I Lovesek [1 member]
I Lovesilkstockings [1 member]
I Lovesisssy Stories [1 member]
I Lovesmoking [2 members]
I Lovestory [1 member]
I Lovethe Band Shinedown [27 members]
I Lovethe Happy Tree Friends [64 members]
I Lovethe Hope Of The Association And Foundation [2 members]
I Lovethe Sound Of The Ocean Waves Hitting The Shoreline [2 members]
I Lovethomasx [1 member]
I Lovethunder Stormes [2 members]
I Lovetickling People With Feathers [6 members]
I Loveto Blablabla [2 members]
I Loveto Call People Out On Things [31 members]
I Loveto Laugh [13 members]
I Loveto Quilt [2 members]
I Loveto Sew [2 members]
I Lovetogiveandtakeenema [0 members]
I Lovetomasterbatoutside [1 member]
I Lovetoreadsciencefictionstories [0 members]
I Lovetough Lover - Christina Aguilera Music [2 members]
I Loveu [1 member]
I Loveurga [1 member]
I Lovev Life [1 member]
I Lovew Good and Caring Ladies [1 member]
I Lovewearinglingerie [1 member]
I Lovewomen [2 members]
I Loveworn Pantie [2 members]
I Loveyou [8 members]
I Loveyourself Love Sleeping In A Cold Room [1 member]
I Loveyousomuchicouldhugyourightnow [2 members]
I Lovezztop [4 members]
I Lovin My Lesbian [1 member]
I Lovin The Crew [1 member]
I Loving [149 members]
I Loving A Black Woman [1 member]
I Loving A Friend [1 member]
I Loving A Girl Who Lives Miles Away From Me [0 members]
I Loving A Married Man [1 member]
I Loving A MM [1 member]
I Loving A Person On Drugs [4 members]
I Loving A Younger Woman [1 member]
I Loving and Carring [26 members]
I Loving and Carringcut Ma Self [1 member]
I Loving And Hating Someone At The Same Time [1 member]
I Loving and Surviving a Borderline Parent [8 members]
I Loving Asian Ladies [5 members]
I Loving Awareness [0 members]
I Loving Be Nappied [16 members]
I Loving Black Gay Men [72 members]
I Loving Blindly [3 members]
I Loving Boyfriend [1 member]
I Loving Couples [9 members]
I Loving Doing Something I've Never Done Before [2 members]
I Loving From A Distance [1 member]
I Loving Ghost [1 member]
I Loving Helping All Kitties [1 member]
I Loving Learning Curse Words In Other Languages [2 members]
I Loving Listening to Bird Songs [53 members]
I Loving Mother [1 member]
I Loving My Girl [1 member]
I Loving My Soldier [1 member]
I Loving N Caring [1 member]
I Loving Older Women [14 members]
I Loving Someone Long Distant [19 members]
I Loving Someone Who Does Not Love You Is Giving Them Carte Bl [1 member]
I Loving Someone Who Is Already Committed [7 members]
I Loving Someone With Bi-Polar Tendencies [3 members]
I Loving Someone With Obsession [4 members]
I Loving The Welcoming Messages [2 members]
I Loving The Wrong Person [4 members]
I Loving Tyler [2 members]
I Loving Watching Entertaining Videos [8 members]
I Loving Wife [17 members]
I Loving Women, [0 members]
I Loving You [1 member]
I Loving You Is Wrong [1 member]
I Lovinginlaws [1 member]
I Lovingly Forgive Myself Every Moment [1 member]
I Lovingthepanties [3 members]
I Lovkhkhjkh [1 member]
I Lovly Boyz [1 member]
I Lovo Cello [1 member]
I Lovr Girls In Pampers [20 members]
I Lovr My Woman Hood In Saree [2 members]
I Lovr You [3 members]
I Lovve to Have Good Friends [1 member]
I Lovvve [1 member]
I Lovvve Chocolate Covered Cherries [86 members]
I Lovvveee Candy [1 member]
I Lovvvveee To Daydream [9 members]
I Lovvvvvvve, Dr Kent Hovind [0 members]
I Lovvvvvvveeeeeeee Hairspray [1 member]
I Lovvvvvvvve My Husband a Lot [2 members]
I Lovvvvvvvvvve Life [4 members]
I Lovw [2 members]
I Lovw 2 Smell N Suck Underarms , I Dnt Mind Hairy Or Clean , [22 members]
I Lovwe Boating And The Water [6 members]
I Low Calorie Dinner Recipes [2 members]
I Low Carb Diet [2 members]
I Low Cost Alfred Angelo Wedding Dresses Suppliers [2 members]
I Low Cost Reliable Transfers By Coach [1 member]
I Low Cost Transplant [1 member]
I Low Cost Web Hosting - An Overview [1 member]
I Low Cost Web Hosting Can Be Fun For Anyone [1 member]
I Low Cost Web Hosting Fundamentals Explained [3 members]
I Low Cost Web Hosting No Further A Mystery [2 members]
I Low Cost Web Hosting Secrets [4 members]
I Low Cost Wordpress Hosting [1 member]
I Low Guyd [1 member]
I Low Intreset Short Term Loans [1 member]
I Low Iq [1 member]
I Low Latent Inhibition [0 members]
I Low Of Attraction [1 member] How to Step Out of the Numbness of Living Day-by-Day, and Start Creating Your Dream Life NOW
I Low Self Esteem [53 members]
I Low-cost Self Storage [1 member]
I Low-priced Doc Shredding Aid [1 member]
I Lowe Mie Mom [1 member]
I Lowe Music [2 members]
I Lowe Pacifier [0 members]
I Lowe Pasifiers [3 members]
I Lower Than The Managing [1 member]
I Lower Your Costs With An Offshore Bank Account [1 member]
I Lower Your Expenses By Choosing The Best Web Hosting In Indi [1 member]
I Lower Your Expenses By Picking The Best Hosting Plan [1 member]
I Lower Your Expenses By Picking The Cheap Web Hosting Plans I [1 member]
I Lower Your Expenses By Selecting The Best Web Hosting In Ind [1 member]
I Lowered My Standards For Humans Another Big Notch Today [66 members]
I Lowered My Total Cholesterol [7 members]
I Lowered Myself For You [1 member]
I Lowered Myself to Someone Elses Immaturity [8 members]
I Lowestoft Crossdresser [3 members]
I Loyal [31 members]
I Loyal And Ordinary Friends [1 member]
I Loyal Housing Aishwarryam [1 member]
I Loyal Housing Green Garden [1 member]
I Loyal Men And Elusive Woman [1 member]
I Loyal to My Family [2 members]
I Loyal to Those Deserving [11 members]
I Loyal, Trustworthy, and Reliable [19 members]
I Loyality [1 member]
I Loyalty [3 members]
I Loyalty Is My Highest Honor [2 members]
I Loze [2 members]
I Lpaceco [1 member]
I Lpn Condo - An Overview [1 member]
I Lps For Sale [2 members]
I Lpve Star Trek [2 members]
I Lrg Cramps [1 member]
I Ls Add Me [1 member]
I LS And Pregnancy [1 member]
I Ls It Lust Or Love [3 members]
I LS Vision Academy Biometrics Face Off [1 member]
I Lsat [1 member]
I Lsaw My [1 member]
I Lsd Gave Me My Eyes [2 members]
I Lsecrets [0 members]
I Lsklgn9 [1 member]
I Lso, [0 members]
I Lst My Best Friend 3 Yrs Ago [2 members]
I LTD Associates In The News [2 members]
I Ltk Why Most Cds And Trannies Hide Their Faces [17 members]
I Lu Yoo Dad [0 members]
I Lub Hot Cheeettttoos [1 member]
I Lub K [4 members]
I Lubb Basketball [2 members]
I Lubb Bein Crazy Nd a Gud Way [1 member]
I Lubb Bein With Mii Friends [1 member]
I Lubb Chocolate [3 members]
I Lubb Chocolate ,,, [4 members]
I Lubb Jose [1 member]
I Lubb Music [2 members]
I Lubie Skakac Przez Kosze Na Smieci [1 member]
I Luca Doctor Physical [0 members]
I Lucid [2 members]
I Lucid Dream [85 members]
I Lucid Dream Almost Every Night [28 members]
I Lucid Dream In The Morning [1 member]
I Lucid Dreaming [11 members]
I Lucinda M Diaz [1 member]
I Luck [3 members]
I Luck Doesnt Exist [6 members]
I Lucknow [1 member]
I Lucky [2 members]
I Lucky To Be Alive [4 members]
I Lucky to Have the Happy Life I Do [9 members]
I Lucky Zoey [1 member]
I Luckycharms [2 members]
I Lucy [1 member]
I Lucyluc [1 member]
I Lude And Pollute [1 member]
I Luff My Fwriendz [1 member]
I Luff My Lena [1 member]
I Luffles Cool Stuff In Life, Man [1 member]
I Luh Ya Papi [1 member]
I Luke [4 members]
I Luke To Wear Nappys Wet And Dirty All Day Long [34 members]
I Lukrative Blitzer - Blitzerwarner In Hannover [1 member]
I Lukrative Blitzer - Radarwarner Und Sicherheit In Mainz [1 member]
I Lull [5 members]
I Lulu123 [1 member]
I Lumayan Alim [1 member]
I Lumayan Baik [1 member]
I Lumayan Bduit [1 member]
I Lumayan Cantik [2 members]
I Lumayan Pintar [1 member]
I Lumbar Spondololysthesis [4 members]
I Lumber Spinal Stenosis [9 members]
I Lumera [1 member]
I Lumiousp [3 members]
I Lumps N Bumps [1 member]
I Lun [1 member]
I Lun Aur [1 member]
I Lund Khwar Mardan [1 member]
I Lung Cancer [1 member]
I Lupe [1 member]
I Lupus [20 members]
I Lupw [1 member]
I Lurk [23 members]
I Lurv Da Slow Jams [3 members]
I Lurve Charliebigpotato [7 members] Fans of the woman formerly known as CharlieUniform, unite!
I Lurve Dark Chocolate [4 members]
I Lurve Dermot [1 member]
I Lurve Jesus [0 members]
I Lurve Yew [1 member]
I Lush Cosmetics [1 member]
I Lust After All Women 18 -70 [2 members]
I Lust After Women Who Smoke [0 members]
I Lust For a Man Who Doesn't Know I Exist [2 members]
I Lust For Adventure, For Grand, New Experiences [15 members]
I Lust For Technology Just As Much [8 members]
I Lust You [0 members]
I Lusted After My Father As A Kid [1 member]
I Lusted After Someone I Can't Have [105 members]
I Lusted Another Woman [1 member]
I Lustymind01 [6 members]
I Lusu [1 member]
I Luteyyu [1 member]
I Luton Uni [0 members]
I Luurrve Mens Hands [0 members]
I Luuurve Peanut Butter Mmmm [10 members] crunchy or smooth? on its own or thickly spread across bread? chocolate? cookies? peanut butter ice cream? tell us how you luuurve your peanut butter!!
I Luuuuurv Iron Bruuuu [2 members]
I Luuuuuuuuurv To Swim [1 member]
I Luuuuuuuuuuurv Being Blonde [2 members]
I Luuuuuuuuuuurv To Eat Xd [1 member]
I Luuuuuuuuuuuurv The Color Pink [1 member]
I Luuuuuuuuuuuuuurv My Bf [2 members]
I Luuuuuuuuuuuv Cookie Cake [1 member]
I Luv [5 members]
I Luv To Watch Cartoons [1 member]
I Luv 2 C My Kids Laughing [8 members]
I Luv 2 Dance [12 members]
I Luv 2 Eat Poptarts [2 members]
I Luv 2 Give Quality Time 2 Lonely People [1 member]
I Luv 2 Go Clubbing Wiv My Mates On a Wknd [2 members]
I Luv 2 Hangout With Ma Friends [1 member]
I Luv 2 Hangout With Mi Friends [1 member]
I Luv 2 Join Groups N Point Out The Doublemeaning Of The Title [8 members]
I Luv 2 Listen 2 Music [1 member]
I Luv 2 Make Frndx [2 members]
I Luv 2 Make People Happy [5 members]
I Luv 2 Talk [8 members]
I Luv 3d [1 member]
I Luv A Boy Who Everybody Thinks Is A Dork [1 member]
I Luv A Nice Warm Shower Before Bed [3 members]
I Luv Adding Curses To My Already Posted Stories [0 members]
I Luv Adult Cinemas [14 members]
I Luv Adventures [2 members]
I Luv and Take Care of My Mom and Brothers [1 member]
I Luv Animals [17 members]
I Luv Animals W All My Heart I Feel Closer 2 Em Than Humans [1 member]
I Luv Anime [1 member]
I Luv Any Type of Sports [2 members]
I Luv Bad Girlz [3 members]
I Luv Being a Mother [1 member]
I Luv Being Crazy [1 member]
I Luv Being Dressed In Girls Clothes [7 members]
I Luv Being Fat [12 members]
I Luv Being Happy [2 members]
I Luv Being Txted [1 member]
I Luv Bi [2 members]
I Luv Black "dk" [3 members]
I Luv Brit [3 members]
I Luv Britney [5 members]
I Luv Bsketball [2 members]
I Luv Cajun Food [7 members]
I Luv Cammels [1 member]
I Luv Cherry and My Nick Name Is Sexycherry [1 member] In luv wit cherrys
I Luv Chillin With Me Mates [4 members]
I Luv Chocolate [5 members]
I Luv Closin the Door At the End of the Day [7 members]
I Luv Club Penguin [1 member]
I Luv Clyde [1 member]
I Luv Code Lyoko [8 members]
I Luv Da Rainnnn [3 members]
I Luv Da Silversun Picuptrucks [2 members]
I Luv Darrenshans Book and Reading Book [2 members]
I Luv Dck Any One Else [1 member]
I Luv Dem Strippers [92 members]
I Luv Demi Lovato [38 members]
I Luv Dogs [2 members]
I Luv Doing A Hair Updo [3 members]
I Luv Emm [2 members]
I Luv Emo People [1 member]
I Luv Engine Trouble [0 members]
I Luv Flourless Chocolate Cake [1 member]
I Luv Food [3 members]
I Luv Food, Entertaining And Good Health [8 members]
I Luv Ganga [1 member]
I Luv Gerard Way [1 member]
I Luv Getting Unstuck From A Rut [2 members]
I Luv Gir Yay [1 member]
I Luv Girls In Sexy Cloths [52 members]
I Luv Girls That Burp Loud Too [79 members]
I Luv Girls Who Luv K9 [33 members]
I Luv Going to Sporting Events and Playing Sports [1 member]
I Luv Groping [3 members]
I Luv Guys Who Kiss [1 member]
I Luv Hearing Quran [1 member]
I Luv Hellokitty [4 members] 4 evry1 dat LUVVVVVVVVVZZZZZ hellokitty!!!!<3
I Luv Her [1 member]
I Luv Herbs [1 member]
I Luv High School [1 member]
I Luv Holding Back On Cuming Until I Can't Control Myself [101 members]
I Luv Honesty [1 member]
I Luv Horses [87 members]
I Luv Hot Married Guys [14 members]
I Luv How I Feel When Im With Him [18 members]
I Luv Huge Farts [89 members]
I Luv Icanhascheezebergercom [1 member] a website filled with hilarious crap!
I Luv Ice Cream Pecan Praline [2 members]
I Luv Interesting People [1 member]
I Luv It [0 members]
I Luv It When My Sweetheart Cantbelieve The Groups I Joined [0 members]
I Luv It When My Sweetheart Reads This [0 members]
I Luv It When My Sweetheart Watches My Groups [0 members]
I Luv J [1 member]
I Luv J-pop and I Will Never Stop Loving It [6 members]
I Luv Jah [4 members]
I Luv Japanese [3 members]
I Luv Jesus [1 member]
I Luv Jigglybags [1 member]
I Luv John [1 member]
I Luv Junk Food [0 members]
I Luv Kenai Peninsula [1 member]
I Luv Kitty Chanel [4 members]
I Luv Krispy Kremes [76 members]
I Luv Ladies [2 members]
I Luv Lebron James [4 members]
I Luv Lemonade-beer Cocktail [4 members]
I Luv Life [1 member]
I Luv Life An Evrythng It Throws At Me [1 member]
I Luv Lilrob720 [1 member]
I Luv Lingerie [6 members]
I Luv Listen to Lil Chris An Mcfly [2 members]
I Luv Listen to Music [11 members]
I Luv Liverpool Fc [1 member]
I Luv Looking At Girl Privates [2 members]
I Luv Looking At Sexy Orgs [1 member]
I Luv Luv [1 member]
I Luv Making Cool Friends Who Share About the Religion [2 members]
I Luv Maple Story [1 member]
I Luv Marklovescoffee [5 members]
I Luv Martinis, The Beach, And Good Company [11 members]
I Luv Me [2 members]
I Luv Me Sum Strawberry Ribena [2 members]
I Luv Money [2 members]
I Luv Mrs Ohara [5 members]
I Luv Music [18 members]
I Luv Musiq [1 member]
I Luv Muslim Nasheeds [2 members]
I Luv My [1 member]
I Luv My 3rd Leg [1 member]
I Luv My 6 Kids [1 member]
I Luv My Animals [6 members]
I Luv My Baby Puppie [2 members]
I Luv My Best Friendz [1 member]
I Luv My Bestfriends [5 members]
I Luv My Bf [1 member]
I Luv My Bf At the Time Daron [1 member]
I Luv My Black Lab [42 members]
I Luv My Body [1 member]
I Luv My Boogie-man,he'z De Best Booger I've Ever Picked [1 member]
I Luv My Boyfriend [4 members]
I Luv My Cat [5 members]
I Luv My Country [1 member]
I Luv My Daughter [1 member]
I Luv My Dawgz [1 member]
I Luv My Family [14 members]
I Luv My Fiance [2 members]
I Luv My First Luv [3 members]
I Luv My Friends [7 members]
I Luv My Hay-made Hat [1 member]
I Luv My Husband [4 members]
I Luv My Kids [31 members]
I Luv My Life [3 members]
I Luv My Lil Broz "Adopted" Hahaha [1 member]
I Luv My Mama Sleepyprincess [4 members]
I Luv My Mates [2 members]
I Luv My Old Chevy Truck [4 members]
I Luv My Pet [1 member]
I Luv My Son [1 member]
I Luv My Stilettos [143 members]
I Luv My Sub Curled In My Lap While I Tease You [2 members]
I Luv My Tunz [1 member]
I Luv Myself,family,and Friends [2 members]
I Luv Navel Stories [4 members]
I Luv Ncis [40 members]
I Luv News And Weather Babes [8 members]
I Luv Older Gilf [8 members]
I Luv Our Prez [1 member]
I Luv P F Changs [3 members]
I Luv Pandas [4 members]
I Luv Partys [2 members]
I Luv Passion His Aggressive Desire 4 More [3 members]
I Luv Peanut Butter Cookies [18 members]
I Luv People With Awsume Hair [1 member]
I Luv Phat Lil Cats [3 members]
I Luv Pink Floyd [3 members]
I Luv Playing Kingdom Hearts [8 members]
I Luv Pleasing Jesus [3 members]
I Luv Pokerface [1 member]
I Luv Pretty Faces [2 members]
I Luv Pumpkin The Little Asian Girl Left At The Transit Point [1 member] http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/sunday-heraldsun/where-are-pumpkins-parents/story-e6frf92x-1111114427971
I Luv Radishes They Are Addicting [3 members]
I Luv Rap [1 member]
I Luv Raspberry Icecream [3 members]
I Luv Reading [2 members]
I Luv Relaxing [1 member]
I Luv Retail Therapy [9 members]
I Luv Reverbnation [0 members]
I Luv Ridein My Dirt Bike [5 members]
I Luv Ridin [1 member]
I Luv Rock Music [17 members]
I Luv Rum Runner Drinks [2 members]
I Luv Running In the Rain [4 members]
I Luv Salmon Sushi And Seafood [4 members]
I Luv Salt And Vinegar Potato Chips [4 members]
I Luv Scuba [2 members]
I Luv Selena Gomez [25 members]
I Luv Senimaia [1 member]
I Luv Shabba Ranks [0 members]
I Luv Sharing "Real" Experiences That Are Quite Forbidden [43 members]
I Luv Singing [3 members]
I Luv Singing My Heart Out to My Fave Song [1 member]
I Luv Sitting In The Office On A Holiday Weekend [1 member]
I Luv Skrillex [8 members]
I Luv Soccer [28 members]
I Luv Softball [3 members]
I Luv Spandau Ballet [3 members]
I Luv Sports [4 members]
I Luv Standing On The Edge Of A Beach When The Tides Coming In [19 members]
I Luv Stomping Fruits And Vegetables With Sneakers On [3 members]
I Luv Summer [1 member]
I Luv Surfing [4 members]
I Luv T-Girls [1 member]
I Luv Tai Chi [2 members]
I Luv Tao [1 member]
I Luv Taylor Laughtner,trey Songz,shannon Brown,n Tyrese [1 member]
I Luv the Band Angels and Airwaves [3 members]
I Luv the Color Pink and Lite Green [1 member]
I Luv the Color Puple [1 member]
I Luv the Colors Pink and Blue [1 member]
I Luv the Computer [4 members]
I Luv The Gotye - Video Somebody That I Use To Know [4 members]
I Luv The Holdays,but Emotions Run High At Those Times [20 members]
I Luv The Hunger Games [5 members]
I Luv the Life I Am Living Now [2 members]
I Luv the Movie Borat [19 members]
I Luv the Movie Sweeny Todd [8 members]
I Luv the Ocean [20 members]
I Luv the Performer - Prince [1 member]
I Luv The Smell Of Skunk [4 members]
I Luv The Song Wahrheit By Yousei Teikoku [1 member]
I Luv The Tom Tom Club [1 member]
I Luv Thsi Game [1 member]
I Luv Tigers [4 members]
I Luv To Be Naked [17 members]
I Luv To Cd But Afraid Of Not Finding 1self Or Acceptn Partner [33 members]
I Luv to Chat [4 members]
I Luv to Crossdress [683 members]
I Luv to Cry [1 member]
I Luv To Cumtribute Pretty Ladies [30 members]
I Luv To Dance And Write [1 member]
I Luv to Draw Manga [2 members]
I Luv to Drink [1 member]
I Luv to Eat [1 member]
I Luv To Explore [1 member]
I Luv To Fart [101 members]
I Luv To Fulfill Fantasies With Generous Men [24 members]
I Luv to Help With People Who Need Help With a Situation [1 member]
I Luv to Listen 2 Rock [2 members]
I Luv to Listen to Music [2 members]
I Luv to Party [130 members]
I Luv to Party With My M8s [1 member]
I Luv to Play Soccer [2 members]
I Luv To Play Word Games [1 member]
I Luv To Read [3 members]
I Luv To Receive [2 members]
I Luv to Sing and Dance [1 member]
I Luv to Sleep [1 member]
I Luv To Sleep By Sea [12 members]
I Luv to Smile [10 members]
I Luv To Snap My Fingers [1 member]
I Luv to Swim [2 members]
I Luv To Tango [1 member]
I Luv to Work Outside and Inside [1 member]
I Luv Tool [1 member]
I Luv Touring to Different Places [5 members]
I Luv Tropical Fish [2 members]
I Luv Turtles And Chinchillas [2 members]
I Luv Twilight [1 member]
I Luv Txting [1 member]
I Luv U [1 member]
I Luv U G,o,c Alwayz N 4eva [0 members]
I Luv U With All My Butt, Id Say Heart, But My Butts Bigger [10 members]
I Luv Volleyball [8 members]
I Luv Water [3 members]
I Luv Water Sports [5 members]
I Luv Weed [1 member]
I Luv When My GF Yells At Me [1 member]
I Luv White Girls [38 members]
I Luv Wicca [9 members]
I Luv William But I Kno People Made Sure I Wasnt Good Enough [1 member]
I Luv Women And Girls [1 member]
I Luv Ya Emmy [2 members]
I Luv Ya Jadey [2 members]
I Luv Ya Samiyah [1 member]
I Luv Ya Zuzu [2 members]
I Luv Yoga [3 members]
I Luv You [10 members]
I Luv Youmeatsix [1 member] 4 all u pplz who luv josh franceschi:)
I Luv Young Girls Who Luv Older Men [8 members]
I Luv2havefun [3 members]
I Luve Angel Toraz [1 member]
I Luve Dirty Girls [4 members]
I Luvs Hello Kitty [27 members]
I Luvs My Kitty-cat [38 members]
I Luvs2tease [1 member]
I Luvthe Color Purple [1 member]
I Luvv Dogs Ok [1 member]
I Luvv Gossip Gurl [1 member]
I Luvv Txtng [1 member]
I Luvzursweetjizz [2 members]
I Lux Belle Mare Mauritius Your Way To Excellence [1 member]
I Lux Maldives Like A Guru With This "Secret" Formula [1 member]
I Lux Resort Maldives Iphone Apps [1 member]
I Luxembourg American Cemetery Memorial [2 members]
I Luxembourg Germany Travel Guide [2 members]
I Luxembourg In Less Than 500 [1 member]
I Luxurious House For Dummies [1 member]
I Luxurious Show Houses [1 member]
I Luxury Accommodation Hotels In Kanyakumari [2 members]
I Luxury Accommodation Hotels In Kanyakumari , [2 members]
I Luxury Builders Perth Expert Interview [1 member]
I Luxury Builders Perth It Lessons From The Oscars [1 member]
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I Luxury Display Homes Perth And The Mel Gibson Effect [1 member]
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I Luxury Rent A Car Dubai - An Overview [1 member]
I Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey - An Overview [4 members]
I Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey And Get Rich Or Improve Trying [2 members]
I Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey Can Be Fun For Anyone [2 members]
I Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey For Dummies [3 members]
I Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey Like Brad Pitt [2 members]
I Luxury Yacht Charter Turkey Secrets [2 members]
I Luyanda [1 member]
I Lv [2 members]
I Lv Bags [1 member]
I LV Designer Marc Jacobs Show Backstage Kissing Kate Moss [1 member]
I Lv Pvc An Being Naughty [3 members]
I Lv Pvc I'M Dressed Up Now [0 members]
I Lv Pvcfetish Roll Play [2 members]
I Lvarez Nouveau Survetement Lacoste [1 member]
I Lve Bloodlung [1 member]
I Lve Good Food Especially Barbeques [1 member]
I Lve Him But Does He Really Love Me [3 members]
I Lve Jokes [2 members]
I Lve Mexican Food [2 members]
I Lve My Kids But They Live In England [1 member]
I Lve Myself For Who I Am [4 members]
I Lve Stockings And [12 members]
I Lve To Be Alone [2 members]
I Lved Someone Who Didn't Love Me [1 member]
I Lvirginia Slims [1 member]
I Lvoe Springtime [2 members]
I Lvoe to Be Loved [2 members]
I Lwengo 1 Youth Group [1 member]
I Lwould Luv To See You BBW [1 member]
I Lycan [2 members]
I Lycans With Rage [1 member]
I Lycanthropy [12 members] Trust the instinct.
I Lye 2 Make U Human [1 member]
I Lying [10 members]
I Lying Cheating Abusive Ex Huband [1 member]
I Lying Eyes [2 members]
I Lying Filth [1 member]
I Lying In My Hurt [1 member]
I Lying Lover [1 member]
I Lying Online [0 members]
I Lying To Be Perfect [1 member]
I Lyk Animalz [1 member]
I Lyk Broccoli Wit Cheese and Ketchup [1 member]
I Lyk Education [1 member]
I Lyk Goin Out to Place Than Sittin At Home [1 member]
I Lyk Tha Book Two Way Street Badaass [1 member]
I Lyk to Read [1 member]
I Lyke 2 Do Backflips [1 member]
I Lyke Hoopin [1 member]
I Lyke Laughter [7 members]
I Lyke Math [1 member]
I Lyke the Color Green [1 member]
I Lyke To Be Quyet [1 member] We lyke to be quyet.
I Lymes Sucks [2 members]
I Lymphedema [1 member]
I Lynette [1 member]
I Lynn [1 member]
I Lynn60 [1 member]
I Lyon Sac A Main Longchamp Roseau Pas Cher [1 member]
I Lyrics [34 members]
I Lyrics Are the Story of My Life [32 members]
I Lyrics For The Restless [1 member]
I Lyrics I'M Feeling [0 members]
I Lyrics Say So Much [2 members]
I Lyrics That Express My Love To My Love One [3 members]
I Lyrics That Expresses [4 members]
I Lyrics That Expresses Life [1 member]
I Lyrics That Says It All [7 members]
I Lyrics To Explain My Feelings [7 members]
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I Lyrics To My Life By The Game Ft Lil Wayne [2 members]
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