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I U Abused Me [4 members]
I U Are A Fukking Know It All [7 members]
I U Are My Lover [1 member]
I U Block Me [0 members]
I U Cannot Run From Yourself [1 member]
I U Don't Care [1 member]
I U Find French Fries In Mcdonald U Donot Find In France [1 member]
I U Frm [1 member]
I U Hav No Idea How Much I'm Addicted To Music Nd Movies [1 member]
I U Have Joi N The Group [1 member]
I U Have Tried To Destroy My Spirit [5 members]
I U Love Me [3 members]
I U Love Pink Than I Love U [1 member]
I U Me Aur Hum [1 member]
I U Mess With My Family N Friends Better Get Ready For A Fight [1 member]
I U Mirin Brah [0 members]
I U Moma So Fat Nasa Found A New Equator On Earth [1 member]
I U Nevertry To Understand Me, [1 member]
I U R So Cute Kms [1 member]
I U Say U Hate Me, But Inside Your Hearts Dying 2 Get Me Back [1 member]
I U Want To Change The Game [1 member]
I U Want To Kill Some One [2 members]
I U Want to Lose Wait Ask Me How 9941740105 [2 members]
I U Will Meet Me Someday [0 members]
I Uave Never Had Mi First Kiss [0 members]
I Ubber [1 member]
I Uc [3 members]
I Uckold [10 members]
I Uckold South Carolina [10 members]
I Udders Stories [25 members]
I Ude [4 members]
I Udist [1 member]
I Udsputed [1 member]
I Ue Corporal Discipline [6 members]
I Uefa Champions League [1 member]
I Uerthal Sound [0 members]
I Ufc 137 Live Stream [1 member]
I Ufo [12 members]
I Ufo Incounters [2 members]
I Ufo Over The Desert [1 member]
I Ufos, and the Supernatural [12 members]
I Ufsdffh Bicccccch [1 member]
I Ugg Ailey Button Triplet [1 member]
I Ugg Bailey Button Triplets [1 member]
I Ugg Knightsbridge Sale [2 members]
I Ugg Nightfall Boots Grey [1 member]
I Ugg Tall Boots [2 members]
I Ugggg This Sucks [6 members]
I Uggs On Sale [1 member]
I Ugh [31 members]
I Ugh - My Work Computer Will Not Show Me Ep Pics Or Questions [3 members]
I Ugh When Is She Going To Leave [1 member]
I Ughhh I'm Bored [119 members]
I Ughhhhhhhh [1 member]
I Ugly [10 members]
I Ugly American [1 member] the few, the proud, the piggies!
I Ugly and Fat Type of Body [2 members]
I Ugly Duckling [2 members]
I Ugly Life [1 member]
I Ugly People [0 members]
I Uh [5 members]
I Uh Oh [10 members]
I Uhcfusd [1 member]
I Uhh [0 members]
I Uhh Dont Know What This Is [2 members]
I Uhh Im Like Random Most Of The Time [48 members]
I Uhijbynn [1 member]
I Uhm Family [1 member]
I Uhm Just Ask Instead Lol [1 member]
I Ui [3 members]
I Uicide [6 members]
I Uiejfksdjfklsdfjskdlfjskdlfjsdklfsjdklf [1 member]
I Uiii [1 member]
I Uiui [1 member]
I Ujranian Lado Do You Like Face Trample [1 member]
I Uk Epiphany Group [1 member]
I Uk Epiphany Group Meetup [1 member]
I Uk Financials [1 member]
I Uk Footballer In Suspected Heart Attack [1 member]
I Uk Lady To Enjoy A Day Ofscat And Watersports With Pintail11 [7 members]
I Uk Underpants Run [2 members]
I Ukash [1 member]
I Ukashbozdurma [1 member]
I Uke [1 member]
I Uklad007 Is The Knight Of EP Kingdom [36 members]
I Ukrain Polish American [1 member]
I Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns [5 members]
I Ultimate Betrayed Your Best Friend [2 members]
I Ultimate Four Wheel Drive The Final Prize At The Perth 4wd A [1 member]
I Ultimate Truth [1 member]
I Ultra Rich Cow Gets Comeuppance [1 member]
I Ultra Sensitive To Everything [1 member]
I Um [10 members]
I Um Ah Yeh I Um Oh Yeh Nah Ok [19 members] its for you know those things? them ones that ya dont remember or know
I Um I'm Gay [2 members]
I Um Lyke Monkeys [1 member]
I Um Oops [16 members]
I Um The End [1 member]
I Um, What [8 members]
I Umar [1 member]
I Umbreon [1 member]
I Umesh12 [1 member]
I Umm [11 members] using umm?
I Umm I Like to Make It Intresting For the Woman [1 member]
I Umm More Media N Misleading Kkk Tv Fox [1 member]
I Umm,,, Nevermind [0 members]
I Ummm Excuse Me [0 members]
I Ummm I Wana Know If It Rains A Lots At Southcarolina [1 member]
I Ummm Jetskiing [1 member]
I Ummm Like To Dance Weird Hahaha [1 member]
I Ummm,well,you Know [26 members]
I Ummm,well,you Know [22 members]
I Ummmm [5 members]
I Ummmmmmmm Love Pantie [15 members]
I Un [0 members]
I Un Happy [2 members]
I Un Happy Marrage [1 member]
I Un Nouveau Medicament Anti Viagra [1 member]
I Unabdle To Good Sex [1 member]
I Unable To Be Friends With Ex [29 members]
I Unable To Express [1 member]
I Unable To Give Life [1 member]
I Unable To Post For Some Reason [2 members]
I Unable To Trust Any Man [1 member]
I Unable To Work [9 members]
I Unanswered Issues In To Immigration Agents Perth Revealed [1 member]
I Unanswered Issues In To Long Island Seo Revealed [1 member]
I Unanswered Issues In To Seo Revealed [1 member]
I Unanswered Issues In To Teeth Whitening Perth Wa Revealed [2 members]
I Unanswered Issues In To Wedding Photographers Perth Revealed [1 member]
I Unapologetically Christian, Unapologetically Lesbian [12 members]
I Unaware Wives [3 members]
I Unbelievable [2 members]
I Unbenounced And Unheard [1 member]
I Unbiased Report Exposes The Unanswered Questions On Seo Keyw [1 member]
I Unbiased Report Exposes The Unanswered Questions On Seo Pert [1 member]
I Unblock Youtube [1 member]
I Unblocked Everyone [5 members]
I Unblocked My Profile [1 member] Wish I knew how to delete a group
I Unblocked You [2 members]
I Unblocked You Because [6 members]
I Uncaring Family [4 members]
I Uncategorizable [5 members]
I Uncertain of What Direction I Am Going [25 members]
I Uncle [3 members]
I Uncomfortable Giving My Opinions [3 members]
I Uncomfortable In My Own Skin [1 member]
I Uncomfortable When Opinions Don't Fit In With Others [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Airman Air Compres [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Beauty Store That [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Boats For Sales Pe [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Decks Perth That J [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Find The Best Free [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Garden Furniture P [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Lawson Legal That [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Local Seo That Jus [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Office Cleaners Pe [1 member]
I Uncommon Report Gives The Facts To You On Perth Bus Hire Tha [1 member]
I Unconditional Love [20 members]
I Unconditionally Love and I Live Only By Honesty and Truth [42 members]
I Unconditionally Love Everyone [3 members]
I Unconditionally Love On People [1 member]
I Unconfident About My [2 members]
I Uncontentment [1 member]
I Unconventional [2 members]
I Unconventional Methods Of Repair [1 member]
I Unconventionality [1 member]
I Uncovered a Scam [5 members]
I Uncut [24 members]
I Undefeated In the Playoffs [1 member]
I Undeniable Adult Truths [1 member]
I Under Paid [3 members]
I Under Stand My Pain [1 member]
I Under Stand What It Feels Like Not To Have Friends [1 member]
I Under The Great Law Of Rebirth We Undertake That Journey Aga [1 member]
I Underachieve [5 members]
I Undercover Angel [7 members]
I Underdress [8 members]
I Underestimate Myself [14 members]
I Underestimate Myself In The Eyes Of Others [7 members]
I Underestimated [1 member]
I Underestimated Love Until I Met You [27 members]
I Underestimated the Power of Love [27 members]
I Underfull [1 member]
I Undergraduate Degree In Finance [1 member]
I Underground Room Selling Prices [1 member]
I Understand [169 members]
I Understand a Little More Now [8 members]
I Understand A Way To Write Spirituality [1 member]
I Understand About Indecision [2 members]
I Understand Abuse [5 members]
I Understand All Sides Of Arguments [2 members]
I Understand And Accept Nothing Lasts Forever" [113 members]
I Understand And Can Help People [6 members]
I Understand And Live Day By Day [4 members]
I Understand And Once Explained Why I Would Never Tell [2 members]
I Understand and Respect Anyones Feelings [5 members]
I Understand Animals Better Than People [4 members]
I Understand Before I Am Understood [10 members]
I Understand Being A Mother In Law [1 member]
I Understand Binary Code [46 members] There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don't.
I Understand Blondes Do It Better [4 members]
I Understand Both Genders Equally [30 members]
I Understand Calculus [6 members]
I Understand Canines More Than Humans, I Want To Be One Of The [2 members]
I Understand Cats Better Than I Understand Humans [1 member]
I Understand Charles Darwin [7 members]
I Understand Child Psychology And Brain Injury [2 members] About children with problems
I Understand Children [2 members]
I Understand Dear, Anything You Say [7 members]
I Understand Different Cultures [26 members]
I Understand Dinosaur and Dragon Anatomy [1 member]
I Understand Dissociative Disorders [4 members]
I Understand Dogs [1 member]
I Understand Dual Profiles [8 members]
I Understand E Equals Mc2 [0 members]
I Understand Elemental Powers [4 members]
I Understand English Only [1 member]
I Understand Even If It Doesnt Seem Like I Could [15 members]
I Understand Everyone Makes Mistakes [454 members]
I Understand Everyone, Never Understood [1 member]
I Understand Everyone,but Nobody Understands Me [181 members]
I Understand Everything [1 member]
I Understand Everything and Can Be a Person to Talk to [1 member]
I Understand Experience Project [1 member]
I Understand Faith [43 members]
I Understand God [1 member]
I Understand Hebrew [1 member]
I Understand Her Reason, I Do Not Like It [4 members]
I Understand Hexadecimal [0 members]
I Understand How A Parent Must Help His Childrens [1 member]
I Understand How Correlation Is Not Necessarily Causation [2 members]
I Understand How Corrupt the Media Is [630 members]
I Understand How I Made You Feel Now [10 members]
I Understand How Someone Can Be Convinced To Want Dictatorship [1 member]
I Understand How to Draw the Entire Human Skeleton [2 members]
I Understand How To Have Group Sex [34 members]
I Understand How To Know God [3 members]
I Understand How You Feel [6 members]
I Understand Html [10 members]
I Understand I Just Choose Not To [19 members]
I Understand I Just Don't Care [26 members] For those understand something they just don't care.
I Understand If You Don't Like Me, Neither Do I [2 members]
I Understand If You Hate Me [3 members]
I Understand It Is Not Ok To Force [5 members]
I Understand Italian And Listen To Carmen Consoli [1 member] Dobbiamo lavorare ma possiamo divertirci anche, no?
I Understand John Edwards [1 member]
I Understand Kevin Trudeau [5 members] Dont Judge a person B/C the media perceive him as a Devil..
I Understand Kurt Cobain [5 members]
I Understand Language [7 members]
I Understand Le Credo Du Samurai [1 member]
I Understand Less Than I Let On [3 members]
I Understand Life [16 members]
I Understand Life Much Better [2 members]
I Understand Love [3 members]
I Understand Mathematics [19 members]
I Understand Men [1 member]
I Understand Mental Illness More Than Normalcy [40 members]
I Understand More Than Anyone Will Know [7 members]
I Understand More Than Most People Think I Do [1039 members]
I Understand More Than Others [1 member]
I Understand More Than What's Good For Me [1 member]
I Understand More Than You Think I Do [6 members]
I Understand Most People, Most Dont Understand Me [3 members]
I Understand My Children [0 members]
I Understand My Contradictions [1 member]
I Understand My Emotions [85 members]
I Understand My Fallibility [1 member]
I Understand My Family Better [1 member]
I Understand My Feelings [8 members]
I Understand My Haters [3 members]
I Understand My Mom and Even My Dad [8 members]
I Understand My Own Reasoning, Even If You Don't [192 members]
I Understand My Parents [6 members]
I Understand Myself [8 members]
I Understand Myself and Im Even Content With Who I Am [9 members]
I Understand Myself Better [54 members] Talk about life-changing experiences which lead to a greater understanding of yourself
I Understand Myself Forever [4 members]
I Understand Myself Perfectly [18 members]
I Understand Myself, And Then I Don't [15 members]
I Understand N Experience The Pain Of Apartheid [1 member]
I Understand Nirvana [2 members]
I Understand Now And Im Fine With It [12 members] i spent 7 days non-stop searching for mary. i didnt sleep for 7 days. but i now know she doesnt want me. and. ill be fine in time.
I Understand Now That Love Can Transcent Beyond Romance [1 member]
I Understand Now Why You Did What You Did [3 members]
I Understand Now You Have To Be A Friend To Have A Friend [3 members]
I Understand Others [1 member]
I Understand Pain [52 members]
I Understand Pandora's Box [4 members] For those who have seen, examined, been tempted or who have opened and survived Pandora's box
I Understand People [10 members]
I Understand Photography [5 members]
I Understand Poetry [10 members]
I Understand Prayer [2 members]
I Understand Quality Of Attention Is More Important [8 members]
I Understand Reality [73 members]
I Understand Rejection [4 members]
I Understand Relationships [12 members]
I Understand Sarah Palin Needs Stiches For Her Lips [3 members]
I Understand Sarcasm But Am Not Much [1 member]
I Understand Schizophrenia [127 members]
I Understand Separate Realities [2 members]
I Understand Serbian [1 member]
I Understand Sigmund Freud [7 members] And psychology
I Understand So Much Yet Nothing At All [16 members]
I Understand Some Will Always Have A Piece Of My Heart [36 members]
I Understand Stockholm Syndrome [4 members]
I Understand Term "Black Witch" [1 member]
I Understand That Everyone Has Weak Moments [16 members]
I Understand That Everything Happens For a Reason. [21 members]
I Understand That God Is Imaginary [1 member]
I Understand That Happiness Is A Conscious Choice [12 members]
I Understand That I Will Never Understand Everything [7 members]
I Understand That Love Is A 4 Letter Word [19 members]
I Understand That My Work Is Not Propaganda Anymore [5 members]
I Understand That Nobody Understands Me [14 members]
I Understand That People Are Not Always Parents By Choice [1 member]
I Understand That Social Sites Can Be Dangerous [1 member]
I Understand That Sometimes To Give I Have To Learn To Receive [47 members]
I Understand That There Are Multiple Sides To Every Person [52 members]
I Understand That There Are No Good Guys, Everyone Has A Flaw [2 members]
I Understand That There Are Triggers Which Causes My Pain [17 members]
I Understand That This Is Not Heaven And Aint Perfect [0 members]
I Understand That We All Hurt At Times [1 member]
I Understand The Challenges Of Multiple Sclerosis [3 members]
I Understand The Duality Of Life [1 member]
I Understand The Illusion,and My Own Divinty [4 members]
I Understand The Importance Of A Workplace Dresscode [8 members]
I Understand The Importance Of Giving A Gift [31 members]
I Understand the Labor of Love [2 members]
I Understand The Language Of The Breeze In The Trees [8 members]
I Understand the Meaning of Life [6 members]
I Understand The Need For Bullies [1 member]
I Understand The Pain Of Anguished Spirits [9 members]
I Understand the People That Need to Be Understood [1 member]
I Understand The Person Feeling [1 member]
I Understand the Power of An Apology [29 members]
I Understand The Power Of Fear [11 members]
I Understand The Power Of Ideas [1 member]
I Understand The Reality Of Life [100 members]
I Understand the Reasons [10 members]
I Understand the Scots Language [5 members]
I Understand The Seals In Revelation [2 members]
I Understand The Sin Of Pride [1 member] It is present in all, professed in the media and gossip, we will hold on to our wrong beliefs blindly until evil or retribution comes.
I Understand The Six Desires [7 members]
I Understand the Soul [101 members]
I Understand The Spirit Of Truth Verses The Spitit Of Error [1 member]
I Understand The Value Of Literacy [1 member]
I Understand The Very Nature Of Reality [1 member]
I Understand The White Horse False Christs Religious Deception [1 member]
I Understand The World More Than The World Understands Me [13 members]
I Understand There's A Fine Balance [26 members]
I Understand Things [5 members]
I Understand Things Deeply [58 members]
I Understand Things Differently And It Leads To Confusion [2 members]
I Understand Things It Seems [1 member]
I Understand Things Others Have Trouble With [7 members]
I Understand This [1 member]
I Understand Thrive [1 member]
I Understand Too Much [50 members]
I Understand True Feelings [25 members]
I Understand Universal Truth [9 members]
I Understand Universal Truth and Laws of Nature [94 members]
I Understand Vampirism [14 members]
I Understand What a Pain Moving to a New Location Can Be [5 members]
I Understand What Bell's Palsy Can Do To Your Self-esteem [1 member]
I Understand What God Truly Means [1 member]
I Understand What Happened To Henri [1 member]
I Understand What Is Childish To God [1 member]
I Understand What Love Feels Like [181 members]
I Understand What Love Is [1 member]
I Understand What Makes A Song Beautiful [1 member]
I Understand What My Cats Say [1 member]
I Understand What Time Is [5 members]
I Understand What Understanding God Means [3 members]
I Understand What You Are After Even If I Don'T Show It [7 members]
I Understand What Your Doing [1 member]
I Understand What Youre Going Through [2 members]
I Understand Where You Are Coming From [6 members]
I Understand Why People Hate Me [81 members]
I Understand Why People Transition Late In Life [1 member]
I Understand Why Some Women Remain Single [6 members]
I Understand Why This Happens [7 members]
I Understand Women [25 members]
I Understand Womens Inpregnation By Black Studs Fantasies [2 members]
I Understand You And Thank You God [2 members]
I Understand You Are of Your Own Broken Heart [7 members] this group says that you can only help yourself to a mend your broken heart. You are not the reason for this cause but you are the reason that yu remain to be broken. XD
I Understand You Better Than You Understand Yourself [5 members]
I Understand You But It Doesn't Mean I Agree With You [673 members]
I Understand You Dont Want Me In Your Circle [6 members]
I Understand You Hate Me [3 members]
I Understand You More Than You May Know [28 members]
I Understand You Need Time And Space [7 members]
I Understand Your Advice However It Does Not Help [1 member]
I Understand Your Fear [6 members]
I Understand, Care,and Love [1 member]
I Understand, Now [5 members]
I Understandable [1 member]
I Understanding A Dream [3 members]
I Understanding Can Began Wd Self-inquriy [1 member] understanding- how we read article in d newspaper, try to write ur full day stories in a piece of paper n then take as article n read it
I Understanding Dogs [1 member]
I Understanding Exactly Where To Get Plus Size Scrub Pants [1 member]
I Understanding Failure [3 members]
I Understanding Financial Statements [1 member]
I Understanding Is Hard [1 member]
I Understanding Life's Purpose [2 members]
I Understanding My Husband After Baby [0 members]
I Understanding Myself [1 member]
I Understanding Of Others [1 member]
I Understanding Person [3 members]
I Understanding Self Injury [1 member]
I Understanding The Moment [1 member]
I Understanding This Angel Thing Going On [4 members]
I Understanding What God Is Saying [1 member]
I Understanding Why We Even Exist [2 members]
I Understanding Women And Me [1 member]
I Understate [1 member]
I Understood Myself [1 member]
I Understood What a Shanghainese Taxi Driver Was Saying to Me [1 member]
I Understood What Needs To Take Place [1 member]
I Undertone Trouble [2 members]
I Undervalue My Abilities [10 members]
I Underwater Drving [1 member]
I Underwear Fettish [30 members]
I Underwent Tonsillectomy As A Child [1 member]
I Undiagnosed [1 member]
I Undress [6 members]
I Undress At the Docotr [28 members]
I Undress My Roomate When We Are Alone At Night [2 members]
I Undressed For Her And She Undressed For Me [8 members]
I Undressed For The Indian Girl Under Sheets [6 members]
I Undressing [3 members]
I Undrunk And Unshooshing [2 members]
I Undying Love [0 members]
I Unearthed a Perv [2 members]
I Uneducated [2 members]
I Unempemployed [1 member]
I Unemployed [13 members]
I Unemployed and I Think I Like It [9 members]
I Unemployed And Injured [1 member]
I Unemployed But Found A Sliver Lining [0 members]
I Unemployed Husband [5 members]
I Unemployment [5 members]
I Unenviable [1 member]
I Unexpected Break Up [1 member]
I Unexpected Experiences [1 member]
I Unexpected Miscarriage [1 member]
I Unexpected Pregnancy [1 member]
I Unexpected Suitor [0 members]
I Unexpectedly Got a Summer Job [2 members]
I Unexpectedly Got Some Valentine Treats Today [4 members]
I Unexpectingly Expecting [1 member]
I Unexperienced [3 members]
I Unexplainable Rescue [1 member]
I Unexplained Physical And Emotional Symptoms [2 members]
I Unexpressed Love [2 members]
I Unfair [1 member]
I Unfair Arguments [1 member]
I Unfair Circumstanstances [3 members]
I Unfair Parents [1 member]
I Unfair Payments Made By Drivers In The Uk [1 member]
I Unfairly Expect Others To Know What I Do Not Share [25 members]
I Unfairly Lost My Job [3 members]
I Unfinished Love Story [1 member]
I Unflinchingly and Relentlessly Embrace My Past, Present and Future [61 members]
I Unforeseen Consequences [2 members]
I Unforgetable Experience [2 members]
I Unforgetful You [1 member]
I Unforgettable [6 members]
I Unforgettable Loss [1 member]
I Unforgettable Memories [1 member]
I Unforgettable357 [1 member]
I Unfortunately [2 members]
I Unfortunately Do Engage In Personal Attacks When Provoked [2 members] If it is brought down to a personal level, i am defending myself missy/mister
I Unfortunately Do Need Drugs And Alcohol To Have Fun [7 members]
I Unfortunately Love Him [1 member]
I Unfriedly People [2 members]
I Unfriend Ep [2 members]
I Unfriended Eparsineh And Or Ep Allie [4 members]
I Unfriended Some1 And Could See 4 Miles And Miles On Activity [1 member]
I Unfriended Someone On EP [0 members]
I Unfriendly Scandinavian [0 members]
I Ungrateful and Not a Real Friend [0 members]
I Unhappily Ever After [1 member]
I Unhappily Married [102 members]
I Unhappily Married 15 Years [2 members]
I Unhapply Married [2 members]
I Unhappness [1 member]
I Unhappy [26 members]
I Unhappy In My Marriage [11 members]
I Unhappy Lady [1 member]
I Unhappy Living With My Mother In Law With [2 members]
I Unhappy Marriage [13 members]
I Unhappy Marriage Can Affect Your Health [1 member]
I Unhappy Married [4 members]
I Unhappy With Y Marriage [0 members]
I Unhappy, Lonely [3 members]
I Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices [3 members]
I Unicef [7 members] Support UNICEF Bulgaria. Save a child. Join us.
I Unicycle [6 members]
I Unintended Friendship [1 member]
I Unintentional Selective Memory [7 members]
I Unintentionally Lost Five Pounds In Ten Days [1 member]
I Unintentionally Ruin Surprises For Myself [1 member] Lucky guess I suppose
I Unintentionally Sleep Through Class [1 member]
I Unintentionally Stole the Show [2 members]
I Uninvited From Xmas Dinner [1 member]
I Unionsuitcv1 [2 members]
I Unique [13 members]
I Unique Black African Girl [3 members]
I Unique Motorbike Helmets [1 member]
I Unique Wall Clocks [1 member]
I Uniqueid [1 member]
I Unirecovery07 [1 member]
I Unite For Winning This War [1 member]
I Unite Force [1 member]
I United Every Christian Religion [1 member]
I United Nations [1 member]
I United Nations Propaganda [1 member]
I United States [3 members]
I United States Army Wife [3 members]
I United States Marine Corps [15 members]
I United States Of American Constitution [1 member] Congress created laws to protect U.S Citizens from being cheated or taken advantage of
I United States Of Hypocrits [1 member]
I United States Senator [2 members]
I Universal Law [3 members]
I University [3 members]
I University Life [2 members]
I Unjustly Am Being Told I Owe Child Support For A Child I Don [1 member]
I Unkind People [1 member]
I Unknow Mysteries [1 member]
I Unknowing And Unwise [1 member]
I Unknowingly Married My Cousin [3 members]
I Unknown [2 members]
I Unknown Doctor [1 member]
I Unknown Screaming [1 member]
I Unknown Tune That Sounds Like Herb Alpert And TJB [1 member]
I Unkown [1 member]
I Unkundun [1 member]
I Unleash My Wild Side At Rock Concerts [8 members]
I Unleashed My Creativity [22 members]
I Unlike Most People The Older I Get The Stupider I Get [1 member]
I Unlike The 31 Other Professional Football Teams [1 member]
I Unlined Bikini [1 member]
I Unlock Her Legs Review [1 member]
I Unlock My True Portenial, [2 members]
I Unlock The Secret Messages Of Your Body [4 members]
I Unlocked Mobile Usb Modem [2 members]
I Unlocking The Iphone [1 member]
I Unloving Marriage [1 member]
I Unloving Parents [1 member]
I Unlucky Person [1 member]
I Unmarried Mothers [0 members]
I Unmarried, Single, Having Just Decided My Boyfriend Is Intol [1 member]
I Unmasked [1 member]
I Unmotivated [1 member]
I Unmotivational [1 member]
I Unnecessary Surgery Because I Went To ER [1 member]
I Unnerstand the Legal Implications [1 member]
I UNO [26 members] UNO playing cards
I UNO 120s Cigarettes [4 members]
I Uno And Friends Hack Secrets [1 member]
I Unpacked My Suitcase [3 members]
I Unplanned Child [1 member]
I Unplug Beloved Objects During Lightening Storms [2 members]
I Unplugged the Tv [1 member]
I Unpotty Trainig [49 members]
I Unpredectible [1 member]
I Unpredictable [8 members]
I Unpredictablyme's Is Taken [3 members]
I Unprofessional People At Work [4 members]
I Unreasonable Customer [1 member]
I Unreciprocated Love [1 member]
I Unrequited Love [7 members]
I Unrequited Love- Help [1 member]
I Unreturned Love [3 members]
I Unsecured Business Loans [1 member]
I Unselfish People Are Wonderful [0 members]
I Unsettle People On Purpose [1 member]
I Unsolved Mysteries [1 member]
I Unstimulated Relationship [0 members]
I Unstuck [1 member]
I Unsubscribe [16 members]
I Unsubstantiated Biases [7 members]
I Unsuccessful Sharing Of The Experience [1 member]
I Unsupportive Parents [2 members]
I Unsupportive Partner [2 members]
I Unsure [1 member]
I Unsure Aboutmy Husband [1 member]
I Unsure Of Myself Sometimes [2 members]
I Unsure Polite Thing To Do When Ep Members Do Not Respond [0 members]
I Unsure What To Do [8 members]
I Unsuspecting Wives [29 members]
I Untangle Knots [104 members]
I Untimely But Expectant [1 member]
I Untold [0 members]
I Unusual Decorated Christmas Tree [2 members]
I Unusual Experience [1 member]
I Unusual Medical Test [5 members]
I Unusuall Work Hours [1 member]
I Unwanted [2 members]
I Unwind By Watching Dvds [5 members]
I Unwise Gal [2 members]
I Unworthy Friend You Know Who You Are [13 members]
I Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield [1 member]
I Up And Down [1 member]
I Up Coming Attemp At World Record [1 member]
I Up Dates [1 member]
I Up Skirt [5 members]
I Up The Mountain [1 member]
I Up To Speed [1 member]
I Up Up And Up [2 members]
I Up Yours And Beyond [7 members]
I Update [1 member]
I Update Get to See a Neurosurgeon Finally [1 member]
I Update My Black History Website [1 member]
I Update On How My Interview Went [1 member]
I Update On Last Story [3 members]
I Update On My Blogs They Are Being Read [2 members]
I Update On Us [1 member]
I Update Page [1 member]
I Update The Group [4 members]
I Updated My Portfolio [2 members]
I Updated My Profile Pic [1 member]
I Updated My Story [11 members]
I Updated Photoes [1 member]
I Updated The " About Me " Details On My Profile [7 members]
I Updating My Life [1 member]
I Upgrade Mcsa 2003 To 2008 [1 member]
I Upgrade Mcse 2003 To Windows Server 2008 [1 member]
I Upgraded Your Ram [2 members]
I Upgrading [1 member]
I Uphold Gay Zombie Rights [1 member]
I Upholstery Cleaning [1 member]
I Uplifting Myself [1 member]
I Uplifting Others [2 members]
I Upload Avchd To Dropbox With Aunsoft Video Converter [1 member]
I Uploaded A Bunch Of Snow Pics [4 members]
I Uploaded A Couple More Pictures Of This Past Summer [0 members]
I Uploaded New Pics [3 members]
I Uploaded New Pics Hope You Like Them [1 member]
I Uploaded Photos [129 members]
I Uploaded The Wrong Group Logo Pic [1 member]
I Uppercut Jellyfish For A Living [1 member]
I Ups [1 member]
I Ups And Downs [1 member]
I Upset [2 members]
I Upset If Its Cold And Not Snowing [3 members]
I Upset My Dearest Friend [2 members]
I Upset Over Son [1 member]
I Upset The Little Dolt [1 member]
I Upset With My Current Sources [1 member]
I Upside Down Heart [1 member]
I Ur Fav Fastfood [1 member]
I Ur In Laws Never Can B Ur Parents [1 member]
I Urban Legend [0 members]
I Urban Salvage [1 member]
I Urbanization Promotes Construction Material Jaw Crusher Plan [1 member]
I Urcino [1 member]
I Urethral Stricture [1 member]
I Urge [1 member] Urge to pee
I Urge All Men To Grow Facial Hair , Very Tasty [1 member]
I Urge You All To Try An Alternative Treatment For Ps [1 member]
I Urge You To Do Your Own Thinking [4 members]
I Urge You To Marvel At The Majesty Of Creation [8 members]
I Urge You To Remember There Is A Person Behind That Profile [17 members]
I Urge You To Remember This Is A Support Site [21 members]
I Urge You To Stop Talking [9 members]
I Urge You To Take Off The Rose Colored Glasses [8 members]
I Urged My Girlfriend And The Guy Living Upstairs To Shower To [1 member]
I Urgent Care Clinic Clearwater Florida [2 members]
I Urgent Question Do You Shift When You Are In Danger [2 members]
I Urgently Need Your Help [3 members]
I Urgently Needs A Donor Kidney C 1 Blood Group [1 member]
I Urgently Want to Kiss Him [19 members]
I Urges To Get Violent But I Will Not [0 members]
I Urinate In My Sleep [148 members] primary nocturnal enuresis
I Urithu Play [1 member]
I URL Shorteners [1 member]
I Uroda [1 member]
I Urretha Sounding For Women [1 member]
I Urvashi [1 member]
I Us [1 member]
I Us Air Force [1 member]
I Us Elections [0 members] I LOVE US ELECTIONS
I Us Ep As Therapy [0 members]
I Us Expat In Argentina [1 member]
I Us K Honton Pe Honton Ke Nishan Chor Aaya Hoon [1 member]
I Us-trabajos Empleos Los Angeles - Costura - Limpieza - Etc [2 members]
I Usa [3 members]
I Usa Army Girlfriend [1 member]
I Usa Hand, Hairbrush For Spankings [101 members]
I Usa Needs A Revolution [1 member]
I Usa News [1 member]
I Usa Online Dating Site To Meet Other People [2 members]
I USA Politics Candidates And Nominees [1 member] And the 'wanna be's'
I Usa Propganda Artist [1 member]
I Usa War Mongers War War War [2 members]
I Usaf Wife [1 member]
I Usally Look For Fun [1 member]
I Usally Only Wear Black Shirts With Hoodies and Jeans [7 members]
I USB [1 member]
I Usb Flash Disk Supplier [1 member]
I USB Keyboard [1 member]
I Use "hella" As A Synonym For 'very' [2 members]
I Use "i Statements" To Solve Communication Problems [2 members]
I Use "lea" Vocabulary, Not That "ekloftalk" [1 member]
I Use "Well" Far Too Often [4 members]
I Use 'hospital Corners' When Putting Sheets On My Bed [8 members] For people who hate putting their sheets on any old kind of way and love to be neat with 'hospital corners'.
I Use 'like' Far Too Often [8 members] Do you ever like, sometimes like, say like like wayy to much in like a sentence, like?
I Use 'peerblock' [0 members]
I Use 24 Hour Time [21 members]
I Use 3d Software To Create Art [8 members]
I Use 4chan [3 members]
I Use 750words [2 members]
I Use 9gag As My Pass Time [3 members]
I Use A 24-hour Clock [1 member]
I Use a Brita Pitcher [0 members]
I Use a Car [3 members]
I Use A CB Radio [1 member]
I Use A Chamber Pot [0 members]
I Use A Childs Potty [51 members] Group for all big boys and girls that still use toddler potties
I Use A Cochlear Implant [5 members]
I Use a Computer [2 members]
I Use A Cpap Machine [16 members]
I Use A Dictionary,i Can't Spell [1 member]
I Use A Different Voice For Animals Than I Use For People [16 members]
I Use a Diffuser [1 member]
I Use A Expensive Laptop [3 members]
I Use a Fake Smile Most of the Time and No One Notices [29 members]
I Use A Fender Amp [3 members]
I Use A Graphic Tablet [7 members]
I Use A Handkerchief [11 members]
I Use A Headset [31 members]
I Use A Heat Pack [1 member]
I Use A Hosts File [0 members] Avoid ads, block trackers, be independent
I Use A Kiddie Toothbrush [3 members]
I Use A Knife To Cut Myself [8 members] welcome to my group
I Use A Lot Of Emoticons [5 members]
I Use A Lot Of Medicated N Antibacterial Soaps N Washes [1 member]
I Use a Lot of Napkins [27 members] Why do restaurants make you ask for more napkins?
I Use a Lot of Toilet Paper [22 members]
I Use a Mac Computer [1 member]
I Use A Magnifying Glass [1 member]
I Use A Magnifying Glass Alot [6 members]
I Use A Mattress As A Toilette [116 members]
I Use a Menstrual Cup [56 members] for us women who want to help the environment and our bodies
I Use A Mobile To Help Me Sleep [3 members]
I Use a Neighbors Wifi [5 members]
I Use a Ouija Board [69 members]
I Use A Out Of Mins Tracfone As A Flashlight [1 member]
I Use A Pacifier With My Teen Son [90 members]
I Use A Pendulum [10 members]
I Use A Pendulum And Know The Important Safety Guidelines [1 member]
I Use a Personal Trainer In Charleston Sc [1 member]
I Use A Pessary [2 members]
I Use a Program Called Getsmilie [0 members] It's kind of expensive, but so worth it. You can steal smileys from around the internet and then put them in your email and stuff. I love it!! Here's where to go::
I Use A Radio At Work [5 members]
I Use A Side Plate To Eat My Meals [5 members]
I Use a Spork [2 members] delicious!
I Use a Straw In All of My Drinks [46 members]
I Use a Talking Board [2 members]
I Use A Transitional Object [0 members]
I Use A Vibrator [11 members]
I Use A Website To Gain Free Stuff [2 members]
I Use A Wheel Chair [8 members]
I Use a Wheelchair [98 members]
I Use A White Noise App [5 members] For those who use a computer program or app to assist with sleep or block out other noise.
I Use A Wind Up Pocket Watch [3 members]
I Use a Wrap Plan [2 members]
I Use Aaa Instead of Changing My Own Tire [6 members]
I Use Adblock [15 members]
I Use Adult Baby Booties [1 member]
I Use Adult Baby Hats [5 members]
I Use Adverbs Judiciously [3 members]
I Use Affirmation I Can Hold My Baby In My Hands Confidently [1 member] when I was in deep depression and shaking and having a nervous breakdown in 1998 I wanted to be married n have a baby but I couldn't find anyone
I Use Affirmations [1 member]
I Use Aim [17 members]
I Use Alcohol As a Vice [15 members] Do you drink for the wrong reasons ??
I Use Alcohol As Medicine For Depression [4 members]
I Use Alcohol To Try And Drink Away My Pain [8 members]
I Use All My Ep Points [12 members]
I Use All My Fingers To Type [12 members]
I Use All the Levels of My Existance [6 members]
I Use All the Levels of My Existence [0 members] :) i do
I Use All-natural Deodorant [6 members]
I Use Allegories [2 members]
I Use Alot Of Dryer Sheets [29 members]
I Use Alot of Post Its [22 members]
I Use Alpha-stim Technology [2 members]
I Use Ambien And It Doesn't Always Work [1 member]
I Use Amphetamine Daily [1 member]
I Use An Alias Irl [0 members]
I Use An Andrew Carnegie Funded Library Building [4 members]
I Use An E-reader [1 member]
I Use An Inflatable Rubber Ring [8 members] To relieve discomfort for those who need it.
I Use An Insulin Pump [2 members]
I Use An S Not A Z [1 member] ... as in realise, NOT realize.
I Use Analogies To Explain Myself [22 members]
I Use Analogies to Express Horror and Wonder of My Situation [3 members]
I Use And Love Melaleuca Eco-friendly Products [2 members]
I Use And Luv Female Condoms [8 members]
I Use Andrew Christian Underwear [33 members]
I Use Anthropomorphism Often [2 members]
I Use Anti-wrinkle Creams [10 members] to age gracefully
I Use Anything To Escape [1 member]
I Use Apple Mac Computers [5 members]
I Use Art As Therapy [1 member]
I Use Asio and Foobar2000 [1 member] Better Windows Sound and MP3 Playback!
I Use Aura To Fight Demons [1 member]
I Use Aussie Shampoo And Conditioner [5 members]
I Use Auto Pilot Mode [1 member]
I Use Avg To Protect My Computer [4 members]
I Use Avoidance As A Coping Strategy [6 members]
I Use Ax Body Wash [4 members]
I Use B C C [4 members]
I Use Baby Bottles [65 members]
I Use Baby Food At Times [24 members]
I Use Baby Lotion [53 members]
I Use Baby Wipes [109 members]
I Use Be A Smoker [6 members] i'm 15 years smoker! how to quit?
I Use Benadryl [5 members]
I Use Benzodiazepines [14 members]
I Use Bioidentical Hormome Replacement [2 members]
I Use Bioidentical Hormones For Menopause [4 members]
I Use Blackle [5 members]
I Use Blah Therapy To Listen [1 member]
I Use Blender 3d Animation Software [6 members]
I Use Blog To Educate About Cars [1 member]
I Use Blogger Blog Community [1 member]
I Use Bloglines [0 members]
I Use Blogtv [3 members] This is for all of the people who use BlogTV to either do a show, or watch them.
I Use Body Spray [5 members] Jasmine, Fruit Flavors, Lavender, Green Tea, White Tea, Ginger, Sweet Pea, Vanilla, Different Tropical And Non Tropical Flowers, Body Sprays Use Liberally
I Use Book Aid [3 members]
I Use Books As My Refuge [8 members]
I Use Books As My Window to the World [3 members]
I Use Booties [10 members]
I Use Brain Plasticity To Retrain My Brain [1 member]
I Use Brown Sugar [3 members]
I Use Buckleys [3 members]
I Use Buggy Site With Buggy Browser On Buggy Planet [1 member]
I Use Burt's Bees [26 members]
I Use Cable Ties [3 members]
I Use Calibre [1 member]
I Use Candy to Cook [1 member]
I Use Cannabis To Help Control My Ptsd And Muci [1 member]
I Use Care2 Dot Com [0 members] The largest online community of people passionate about making a difference.
I Use Cb And Ham Radios Do You [5 members] This group is for people that use and talk on CB's and Ham Radio. Also those that once did.
I Use Cetaphil [2 members]
I Use Chapstick [101 members]
I Use Cheap Nailpolish On My Toenails [1 member]
I Use Cheats In The Sims 3 [3 members]
I Use Chi [1 member]
I Use Chinese Medicine For Hair Loss [1 member]
I Use Chopsticks To Eat Rice [2 members]
I Use Close Up Red Gel Toothpaste [4 members]
I Use Cloth Menstrual Pads [45 members]
I Use Cloth Napkins [7 members] Just another way to try to be greener around the house!
I Use Coasters [7 members]
I Use Coconut Oil For Skin [4 members]
I Use Code Names [1 member]
I Use Coffee Enemas to Help Greatly Deepen My Meditations [4 members]
I Use Coffee Whitener [1 member]
I Use College To Help Escape Home [1 member]
I Use Colloquialisms Often [0 members]
I Use Colors That Suit Me [12 members]
I Use Comedy As a Mask [348 members]
I Use Commuter Train To Work [1 member]
I Use Copaxone [16 members]
I Use Corel Draw [1 member]
I Use Corn As Fish Bait [1 member]
I Use Cosmetica [1 member]
I Use Cotton Swabs [10 members]
I Use Coupons [76 members]
I Use Coupons Religiously [7 members]
I Use Coupons To Buy Everything That You Need [2 members]
I Use Craigslist [4 members]
I Use Craigslist To Find Ick [4 members]
I Use Creative Teaching Methods [85 members]
I Use Creative Ways to Make Money [3 members]
I Use Credit Cards Abroad [3 members]
I Use Crest Vanilla Mint Toothpaste [1 member]
I Use Crunchbang [2 members]
I Use Crunchbang Linux [1 member]
I Use Curse Words Through Fighting [4 members]
I Use Custom Light Gague Strings [1 member]
I Use Dance As A Coping Method [13 members]
I Use Deodorant [486 members] Don't you wish everybody did?
I Use Deodorant Every Day [36 members]
I Use Depressing Poetry As a Gateway to My Feelings [58 members]
I Use Depression [2 members]
I Use Different Methods To See The World [3 members]
I Use Digg [2 members] If you're into Digg and are an avid user, join this group and share some of the best articles you run across and submit!
I Use Discretion [3 members]
I Use Dollar Shave Club [1 member]
I Use Dove Deodorant [21 members]
I Use Download Hd Movie French Such As For Instance A 'job' [1 member]
I Use Dreammoods [3 members]
I Use Dropbox [1 member] For the people that have discovery the genius program: DropBox
I Use Drugs [3 members]
I Use Drugs And Alchohol To Ease Pain [15 members]
I Use Drugs And Alcohol To Cope Sometimes [3 members]
I Use Drugs As A Spiritual [2 members] Drugs aren't bad, Drugs aren't just for recreation, they connect to myself and everything
I Use Drugs Responsibly [4 members]
I Use Drugs Sometimes [12 members]
I Use Dt42 [2 members] Anyone addicted to DT42? This is your place to talk about the addiction that affects us all. Leave your thoughts and comments behind.
I Use Duct Tape [32 members]
I Use Dummies [17 members]
I Use E P Like She Is Twitter [1 member]
I Use E-Cigarettes [2 members]
I Use Ecologically Safe Sprays Against Wasps [2 members]
I Use Effective Listening As A Stress Reducing Tool [5 members]
I Use Eft And It Wokrs Miracles [6 members]
I Use EFT To Heal [2 members]
I Use Elastics [5 members]
I Use Elizabeth-cigarette Regarding Commodious Smoking [2 members]
I Use Ellipses [5 members]
I Use Ellipsis [11 members]
I Use Endearments [29 members] Welcome Sweetie!
I Use Ep As A Diary [20 members]
I Use Ep As A Distraction [17 members]
I Use Ep As A Type Of Journal [10 members]
I Use Ep As An "Pensieve" [2 members] A Place For Your Thoughts...
I Use Ep As My E-diary [12 members]
I Use Ep As My Journal [24 members]
I Use Ep As My Personal Diary [1 member]
I Use Ep As Therapy [26 members]
I Use EP For Fun [169 members]
I Use Ep For My Therapy [138 members]
I Use Ep In Secret To Vent All My Problems [13 members]
I Use Ep Like A Diary [2 members]
I Use Ep Mainly For Writing Poetry [2 members]
I Use Ep Mobile [3 members]
I Use Ep More Than Facebook [102 members]
I Use Ep On And Off [1 member]
I Use Ep On My Mobile [10 members]
I Use Ep Therapeuticly [13 members]
I Use Ep To Amuse Myself [2 members]
I Use Ep to Channel My Emotions [1 member]
I Use Ep to Get My Mind Off My Troubled Life [88 members]
I Use Ep To Help Others [12 members]
I Use Ep To Keep From Cheating On My Husband [7 members]
I Use Ep To Raise My Confidence [1 member]
I Use Ep To See How Messed Up I Am [1 member]
I Use Ep To Sort My Self And My Life Out [31 members]
I Use Ep to Vent [80 members] Beware the story bias!
I Use Ep To Vent My Frustrations And To Distract Myself [10 members]
I Use EP To Write A Book [1 member]
I Use Ep While Erect [18 members]
I Use Epmini [7 members] It's The Experience Project In The Palm Of Your Hands
I Use Essential Oils [63 members]
I Use Euthymol Toothpaste [1 member]
I Use Evernote As Well As Ep [2 members]
I Use Exact Change [5 members]
I Use Exclamations Much [2 members]
I Use Expensive Perfumes [2 members]
I Use Expensive Things [4 members]
I Use Experience Project [1 member]
I Use Experience Project As A Diary [46 members]
I Use Experience Project As A Distraction [8 members]
I Use Experience Project As A Like, To Do, Have Done List [1 member]
I Use Experience Project For Pain Management [2 members]
I Use Experience Project To Improve My Life [1 member]
I Use Face Masks [11 members]
I Use Facebook [9 members]
I Use Facial Acu- Pressure [0 members]
I Use Fed-ex [3 members]
I Use Feminization Hypnosis [331 members] Feel free to join!
I Use Fender Guitars [8 members]
I Use Fiber Powder [3 members]
I Use Firearms [6 members]
I Use Firefox [1127 members]
I Use Firefox, Ie8, And Safari [1 member]
I Use Fl Studio [24 members] For those who use Fruityloops Studio.
I Use Flickr [2 members]
I Use Flower Essences [10 members]
I Use Flu Tea To Fight The Flu [2 members]
I Use Food As A Comfort Measure [2 members]
I Use Food to Change My Feelings [31 members]
I Use Forums [6 members]
I Use Franklin-covey [1 member]
I Use Freebsd [4 members]
I Use Furniture Stores Such As For Instance A 'job' [2 members]
I Use Furry Terms [36 members]
I Use Gah And Blah [4 members]
I Use Gematria [1 member]
I Use Glasses [8 members]
I Use Gold Bond Cream [1 member]
I Use Google As A Spell-checker [2 members]
I Use Google As Spell Check [31 members] If your in a word spelling bind and google is the only one to come to rescue then this is the group for you
I Use Google Chrome [70 members]
I Use Google Chrome Browser [1 member]
I Use Google Images If Someone Seems Fake [1 member]
I Use Google Talk [18 members]
I Use Google Wave [4 members]
I Use Google's Chrome Browser [109 members] Google has come up with it's own Web Browser to compete against Firefox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, SeaMonkey and the rest of the Browsers of the World. What are your experiences with it?
I Use Guts To Face Textiles [1 member]
I Use Hair Removal Lotions And Creams [40 members]
I Use Head Racquets In Playin Tennis [3 members]
I Use Her [1 member]
I Use Herbal Remedies [91 members]
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