Just When You Think You Know A Guy

Ive Been With Boyfriend For 10 Months but we have been friends for 3 years. we have the tightest relationship ever. like best friends, lovers, partners. for ten months we have had an adventure but we work thorugh it cuz we basiically knew eachother. today me and him were talking and he's like how he has suicidal thought about pillows and i asked why and he's like he cant tell me. i said well we tell eachother everything ,and he says , well i found out that for three years i thought that we have an open honest relationship but he's been keeping secrets . ive been spilling my guts , cryiinq on his shoulder but yet he tells me nothiinq . it makes me think, like wat is he hidinq from me. why wont he open up 2 me . maybe its My Fault : `` (
keyz2badd keyz2badd
18-21, F
May 19, 2012