My First Time Bound and Gagged By Another Person.

I had always craved being gagged and/or wrapped in a blanket.  I didn't even tell my husband about it...I thought I was probably nuts.  One day just prior to my 40th birthday I got brave and put an ad in a local adult paper.  I had four immediate responses and I was instantly both turned on and scared to death.

I met the first guy at a Kmart restaurant.  He was tall and nice looking; we talked about fantasies for at least an hour.  For some reason I wasn't shy in front of him.  He said he was a switch hitter (could be ties or would tie the girl).  He asked me very pertinent questions about what materials I liked, what I didn't, and what the no-nos are for me, which made me even more relaxed but anxious to "get it on."  I was ready!

I had to figure out a day I could be gone for several hours.  My husband had a home office and even though he was out a lot, he  popped in and was always asking "how was your day," "what did you do today," etc.  When I learned he'd be away all day, I got in touch with my friend and met him in a downtown (crummy) motel.  I was very worried that if he used adhesive tape, I'd have marks on my face, but he said he knew how to stop that, and he did. 

He ******** me and bound my hands behind my back, then ankles.  while I was still standing, he crammed a motel washcloth into my mouth and put strips of tape over the gag, finishing up with one of my suggestions, an ace bandage over it all (because during years of self-experimentation, I learned I could push any gag out if I tried hard enough).  He picked me up and laid me face down on the bed and untied my hands.  He turned me over, then tied me spread eagle to the bed using ropes rigged just for this purpose which he kept with him.

I was shaking with excitement, and was ready for anything he wanted, but he added a blindfold and I saw only darkness.  He began to play with my ***** and ****, stopping just long enough for a muffled howl under my gag to get him going again.  Then I felt the LARGEST thing ever put inside of me and he pushed it as far as it would go.  Gently, he moved it in and out, fingering my **** at the same time.  Gradually the strokes got faster and harder until I had the most explosive ****** ever.  He tied me differently several times, each time bringing me to ******.  I did get wrapped, although not that day...we waited until the next time, and I was gagged and head wrapped with a blanket while he ****** me for what seemed like forever.  (He was the best I've ever had!)

I know I took a big chance meeting and hooking up with someone I didn't really know.  I guess need overrode caution, and to this day we're still friends, although he's moved to another city.

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I know the feeling. For the past several years I've been meeting strangers and getting tied up. The last time I met a guy at his house and was leather cuffed and chained and hooded and collared. Talk about scared !

I've been with him several times since and each time is a new experience.

you were lucky that you found a good trustable person and it sounds like you had an awsome time.

Awesome story!

How deliciously knotty