15 And I Think Pregnant

I think im pregnant nd dont know how to tell my mama or dad i dont know what to do but cry is there anybdy i can tlk to about this
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I'm 15 and pregnant, yes it was very hard to take that test and see that it was possitve. But I talked to my teacher and counsler and they all helped out a lot! Then I told my mom she was disappointed but she has been by ,y side since day one it took me a few months to tell my dad tjht was really hard on him. But its going to be hard for you to tell your parents but you had sex so you can tell your parents grow up and raise that amazing baby! Good luck

Ok, the first thing you do is get 5-10 dollers and go to the grocery store, or drug store and buy a pregnacy test. I know you are scared to do that alone, but you MUST. They will be by the condoms, and stuff. Take the test. If It is positive then either tell your parents or the school counseler. Your life is not going to end if it is positive either you will start a very hard and new adventure with a baby, or you will give end up giving the gift of a baby to a couple that has wanted a baby all their lives. PLEASE never consider abortion! If the test is negitive, take a moment to reflect on what almost happened and take a stand to never be in this position again. By not haveing sex untill you are at least over 18 years old. If you are being molested or raped go to the police TODAY, nobody should ever touch your body, I don't care who it is. OK? Also, consider talking to your school counsler they can help you even if you are not prago.

Thnks so much i dont know what to do i just need help.