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 My Traits.

1. Helpful, I volunteer
2. Jealous, at times
3.Shy, usally
4. Friendly, i like to talk to people
5.Clumsy, I trip over legit everything
6. Optimistic, usally the glass 1/2 full

7. Perservering, I never stop at what I do
8. Strange, I like weird things like Tim Burton
9. Curious, usally about cultures/languages/endings of things
10. Generous, I give and give and get nothing in return
11. Smart, I have a decent academic average/ and use my brain as much as possible
12. Truthful, truth is the only way to go in my eyes

13. Depressed,  often
14. Anxious, I have anxiety (somewhat)
15. Responsible, I always do my part
16. Self Conscious, mainly about my ideas/ looks
17. Busy, I'm always finding something to do
18. Hopeful, hopeful to find so much out of life

19. Mindset, once I know what I want I try/work hard to get it.
20. Messy, let's just say I'm not the worse or the best

girlie88 girlie88 13-15 Jan 7, 2012

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