Male to Female


   i'm 20yrs old.i'm born i'm female.i'm male till 12yrs old.when i saw sex between my sister and her boy friend.i'm innocent i asked about it my sister explain about sex,there after we usually analysis who got more statisfied.she share his experience with me.i came to know that gals can get more fun and enjoyment.i pray to go to make me female.when i'm 14 i saw a transgender sitting in a temple.i said my needs to her.she told to wait for 2 months.i deeply look my sister how she act,i followed.i tried to (speak,walk...)like her.

   one day my close friend azar come to my home.i said to night i act as gal.he took me to a home their were gals.they removed all my hairs in my body,they apply a cream all over my body so that hair doesn't that they do some thing in my face,next day they gave me a mirror in that i saw me as female.i'm in half-sari.from that i couldn't went to my home.

   after 2 months that gal come and pick me to chennai.there they were a groups.remove my scordrum.inject female harmones,it took 2-lakhs.

for 6months i follow their advice,boobs start growing,after i'm became a gal.went to azar home to thanks night we had sex.he said  i'm a complete female. i had sex everyday.i'm relaxed and i'm enjoying.i'm thanking god

rosy90 rosy90
18-21, T
Dec 12, 2008