So first of all the man i'm with i have been with for a little over two years at first i was in love, i'm not sure anymore. I'm am a nursing assistant and he doesn't do anything he's living off of his GI bill and my income... He doesn't let me eat what i want and B****es if i do (chips,pizza,soda) even though i'm the one paying for food. And i mean i'm not big i'm 5'5'' and only 145lbs. He never pays me any attention until i ask for it. I'm lonely when i'm with him. I'm from AK and i'm living in Arizona at the moment, none of my family/friends are down here. But he refuses to give AK a chance. He doesn't care how i feel, and i basically cry myself to sleep every night. I feel like i'm trapped down here, if i break up with him i may end up homeless without any of my money here in AZ because we have a shared saving account. I'm going to school to be an RN and school starts on Monday. If i left now i wouldn't be able to continue because none of the credits are transferable to the AK school. I feel trapped and depressed. (any feedback is greatly appreciated)
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22-25, F
Aug 16, 2014