I Have Braest Cancer

i got breast cancer at 20 years old just when i got married 2 months after i got breast cancer this is how it started i found a lump in my breast in the shower and i was quite shocked about it that i found i lump but it would not matter if  had breast cancer because my sister is a 20 year survivor i went to check it out and got told that it was breast cancer and went out they did a mastecomy when you need to remove the whole breast i was quite happy because i did not have to lose my hair i had radio while that i got the fake breast to put under my brame at  myy radio and then last i had breast reconstruction nad five years tamoxifen and now i am 85 and i know that my cancer will never come back and i have a very long life aheadme now bye

kareena065g kareena065g
Mar 13, 2009