2 Girls and a Guy

 my twin sister and i did my husband a few times i whant to do 2 guys but my husband says no  no other guys in bed with him

pattyann55413 pattyann55413
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10 Responses Mar 15, 2008

Tell him you will m one at a tine and he can go second....or just find 2 other guys who are willing! I know there must be lots if us!! :-)

Too bad your husband doesn't have a twin brother.

Lucky you get to **** two gorgeous ladies. a dream come true

That is one of him .I would share my wife but she wont go for it so I cheat and my friend and I do a 3 sum on his wife its the best sex ever she gets so turned on and we take turns for hours

My American boyfriend asked me to look for a housemaid to be our partner for a 3some. I find it hard since i am not a bi. I wanted to try maybe i will eventually like it....

He only has to concentrate on you, while you are turned on in other ways by the other fella. Sounds good to me ;-P

Never had a two-some,would love to try it.

If you were my woman, you would be allowed to **** as many guys as you wanted, as long as I were involved too. Ed in VA

Well then, may i volunteer to be in the middle of you and your twin :)

I'm wondering... has that changed your relationship with your sister at all? Are you closer?