My Fantasy

My first FFM experience
It happened just like that. I didn’t expect it to happen that fast. Even Ii always fantasized about having two women suck my **** and blow me wet, I didn’t know that it was my day.
I’m staying with my girlfriend, Jess... Our sex life was good. I always share my fantasy while making love to her. We love dirty talks and enjoyed our sex.well we always go out to local bars and have drinks. Usually alone or with our friends.well, there was this time where she invited her friend, Eva to follow us for drinks. Eva was a married woman with a good body. She is sexy with cute small ****. I was hypnotized with the idea of having two women to drink with me.
I made Jess to wear a sexy black short dress. I dared her not to wear any panty. Since she was a bit tipsy with the drinks we started at home, she just listened to me. After picked Eva, I drove all the to a pub. In the car I made Jess to tell Eva that she isn’t wearing any panty. Both of them laughed. I knew n I’m prepared for a big event as I knew I can make it happen.
Once we reached the pub, we started to have our drinks. I made both of them to play sex games whish required to kiss each other here and there. I was really turned on with that. I was really enjoying the show and my **** was standing like a hot rod. After a while Jess suggested us to go to other club. We went to another club. On the way, I dared my girlfriend to blow my **** and Eva watched it. That’s was really good as Jess was blowing and Eva was watching it. I knew Eva was turned on as well and Jess asked Eva to touch my ****. I’m getting touched by another woman right in front of my girlfriend. Now my intensity to **** both women was on top of the world.
We went inside the club and continued our drinks. Jess was really drunk n she was horny as well. After three of us got really drunk, we moved from there. In the car Jess went down on her n I fingered Jess. Later I fingered Eva as well… we were hornier than ever. Once home, Jess striped Eva’s clothes off and they went to bed. I followed them and joined the game. Eva blows me good. I really enjoyed it and my girlfriend was kissing Eva. I couldn’t resist myself from ******* Eva and I shoved my rod inside her. Jess was kissing her still n licked her breast. I enjoyed the view. Eva was really wet and her juice poured out from her pink *****.I humped her hard and she moaned out loud. I fasten my movement and burst my loads on het tummy. That was an excellent night for me. I had the sex of my life which I never imagine of getting. One of my fantasy came true finally. Hoping for more to come true.
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4 Responses Jan 17, 2012

4 days ago wife and I always talk dirty and share stuff we would like to experience. .for a long time I always told her I wanted a ********* FMF she actually said that is crazy but thw idea got her wet..anyways the problem was that the other person who I wanted in our ********* I wanted it to be her sister
.gorgeous big *** that drove me crazy

.finally couple days ago I told her I said oh well is just a thought. she didnt get mad and we role play of her being her sister. .. I think I might atand a chance. we will see

awsome story!

i almost did, too

I came ready your story. so hotttt