One Night, Three-some.

 So It all began when I was at a party, hanging with my sister, and a couple of her friends. We began smoking, drinking, and dancing. Then I take a rest, cause I'm tired from dancing. Then a guy walks up to me and says, ''How you doing? I'm Dro.'' ''Hi Dro, I'm Breeze.'' ''That's a nice name.''

''Thanks, It has alot of meanings behind it, but the main is, cold, careless...for feelings, quarell, dangerous, and the list goes on.''

''Dat's wats up, I like dat, wanna dance?''

''No, no thanks, I'm kinda tired now.''

''O ok, wanna hit this then?''

I'm thinking really hard, cause I don't just smoke anybody's weed. Then I finally say,''Sure.''

I take a long, hard hit, I hit it atleast three times, before I quit.

''So can I have sixty minutes of yo time?''

Now I'm feeling dizzy, I don't know what I had smoked, but that combined, with three full cups of liquor, beer, and not to mention the two blunts I smoked just minutes ago, I am trashed.

I don't know what my answer was, but all I know was I was on a bed, with some chick on top of me, sucking on my neck, and Dro no where to be found.


''I'm sorry, did I hurt you?'' she says

''Uhh yeah! And where's Dro?''

''He just stepped out, he went to the store, he'll be back soon, don't worry I'll take good care of you.''

Now I'm kinda scared, I don't wanna stay here alone with her, a total stranger, but her sucking on my neck feels to good for me to have the strength to get up and leave, but I try to get up anyway.

But she pushes me back down and says, ''Calm down baby, everything is gonna be alright, I promise.''

I don't know if it was me or the drugs, but my body just relaxed.

Meanwhile Dro is still out.

I'm blinking in and out, and then I feel her moving towards my jeans.

I just let her, I'm exhausted from the dancing and the drugs, to do anything.

She unzips my jeans, start pulling them towards my ankles, then completely off. Next she kisses her way up my thighs, until she reaches my panties, then takes them off with her teeth.

I jump a bit, then moan softly, then harder when her tongue slids in my *****. Then she hardens her tongue like a ****, and slids in and out with it.

Now she has me going crazy I'm running my hands through her hair in a frinzy, clawing her shoulders, and pulling on the sheets.



Next she inserts a finger in my *****, then another one, then another one.

Now I climbing the walls.

Its crazy, cause I never though a woman could have such an effect on me.

Then, while in the middle of her sucking my *****, Dro walks in. He s miles.'' Enjoying yourself?''

She jumps. ''Sorry,I couldn't help myself, she is just so pretty.''

''It's ok, just make it up to me, move over.''

'' I told you everything would be alright, and that is just a sample baby.'' She whispers before moving.

I'm trashed, but I manage to get a few words out.

''Did you even ask to me if I wanted be ******?''

I turn to look at the woman in the room, then back at him and say,'' And in a three-some at that?''

''Yeah, well I could see it in your eyes, and the fact that you kept feeling on my ****.''

''I didn't know Brittney would be joining us, but if you want her to lave, then-

''No, it's ok, I guess you're right, and Brittney is it?, yeah she can stay I inda like her.''


He then starts to undress, I guess Brittney, really couldn't help herself, because before I know it, she's back on the bed, sucking/biting on my neck again.

Then Dro gets in between my thighs, spread my ***** lips apart and inserts his ****.

''MMMMMMMMMM.'' I bite down on my lower lip hard. I didn't know Dro would be so big, I didn't even get to see his ****.

Now he's going, until his ***** hit my buttocks. He starts out with long, slow strokes. Then he speeds up his pace, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Meanwhile, Brittney is now sucking on my breasts.


Dro turns me over on my stomach, an Brittney is under me, and were tongue kissing. I moan in the middle of our kissing, as Dro inserts his **** in my ***. Long, hard, fast strokes, are all my poor little *** is feeling. But it is all over in about a hour later.

He gets up, and that is when I see how big he is. Dro is about ten inches long, and four thick.

Brittney kisses me one last time before, she goes back to the party.

Dro and I get dressed, he kisses me, then gives me his number and says,'' If you ever want anymore of me, call me.''

''Ok.'' I smile, grab my jacket, then head out the door, through the party, and head home.

After that I needed to hit something, so I checked through my pockets, i pull out a black, lighter, and a sheet of paper with Brittney's number, on the back it says,''If you want more of that sample.''

I smile again, thinking I just might call her up now.

I did. I met her at a liquor store, we shared a blunt, and went to her crib afterwards.....and you should know the rest.

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Wow great story I know it was amazing smh I want to have one soo bad

Man lucky girl, I wana do that wit my bf! U from sa?!

yea i did! dro and i no longer speak, i guess i wasn't really that into him. Brittney and I became just friends like 2 weeks after our intercourse. I couldn't do that anymore with a female.