50 Things About Me.....

1. I'm really open to new experiences
2. I'm kinda clumsy and funny
3. I love to laugh and i have a really loud voice
4. I have been in love twice and both didn't work out for me :(
5. I'm a work hard, play hard kinda girl
6. I love to study and I study a lot.
7. I want to travel the world with the love of my life
8. I am good a understanding people's emotions since i myself am very very emotional
9. I'm extremely emotional but come off as cold sometimes
10. I love the beach
11. I'm not a perv but I love dirty hot sex
12. I like raw emotional experiences
13. I like to write about things that happen to me and interpret them in poetic ways and find meaning to them.
14. I'm busy with college like 18/7
15. I love to have alone time but I don't always give it to myself because I waste doing things like watching movies or hanging out with someone
16. I love to dance and get really crazy
17. I love to sing
18. I love spending time on the net
19. I love talking to new people and making friends online
20. I like to think deeply
22. I never relax enough sometimes
23. I'm really energetic and enthusiastic
24. I have dreams and hopes for the future
25. I'm not self sacrificing, I just wanna have fun but sometimes I do try to take time out for others.
26. I am ENFP
27. I'm a scorpio
28. I can't think of anymore things :)
egodeath88 egodeath88
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

I'm emotional too...but also come across as cold or stuck-up.:(