50 Thing About Me

1. My name is Tammy.
2. I was born in 1969..that name was popular back then & in the early 70's.
3. My fave colors are blue, green, purple.
4. I love Sandra Bullock
5. I love country music
6. I like sleeping
7. I have a hard time sleeping at night...I sleep better between 8am-noon
8. I love paranormal romances...fave authors are Christine Feehan & Jacquelyn Frank
9. I have depression most of the time
10. I overthink everything
11. I feel lonely & "lost" a lot
12. Love to eat..which isn't good
13. I drink Diet Coke
14. LOVE Diet Cherry Coke from Sonic!
15. Wendy's is my fave fast food restaurant..though don't have one here
16. I was born in August
17. My parents were divorced when I was 12
18. My dad passed away from lung cancer in 2001
19. I have two younger sisters
20. I'm 5'9
21. I'm overweight..which upsets me
22. I'm close to my mom
23. I'm divorced
24. I have 3 sons
25. I love to play Bingo
26. I have an addictive personality
27. I believe in reincarnation
28. I'm spiritual but not religious
29. I love Heath Ledger...RIP
30. I hate cleaning house & am a bit of a hoarder...but trying to get past that
31. "Tombstone" is one of my fave movies of all time
32. I love the websites: Tagged, EP & Pinterest
33. I have more male friends than female ones
34. I'm insecure & "crazy" sometimes
35. I don't talk to my youngest sister very often
36. I have some anger issues
37. I have 2 cats..one indoor & one outdoor
38. Love astrology...the books..not random horoscopes
39. Love listening to music...all kinds
40. Love Sunsets
41. I'm NOT a morning person
42. Love Summer evenings
43. Autumn is my fave season
44. Christmas is my favorite holiday
45. I would love to have a cabin in the mountains
46. Want to visit Ireland someday
47. Want to get married again someday to the "right" person
48. Love to read
49. LOVE cemeteries!! I think it would be awesome to go to the ones in Hollywood
50. Love the actors/actresses from "Old Hollywood"
RubyLane RubyLane
46-50, F
5 Responses Sep 19, 2012

love the idea you had 2 cats with all the others

OMG we could be twins. Nice to meet you sister. Peace Miss Julie

what is your fave sex positiion ? wink

ALL!!lol Would have to say doggy

woof woof ! growl sugar ! xo

Haha, I LOVE #15. I live in rural CO, and our nearest Wendy's is 40 miles away!!

LOL...ours is 60 miles away! Horrible!!;)

Thanks for sharing this, we have August in common although I`m a year younger, also not a morning person and I love summer.