...random Fifty Things About Me...

1....I was born with a heart murmur & grew out of it by age 3...
2....I lived in the Philippine Islands from age 3-6...(dad in Air Force)
3....Born in Northern California but ended up in Montana for adolescence
4....Can sing the State song of Montana
5....Love lilacs
6....I almost died in the Philippines from dysentery
7....I have worn glasses since Kindergarten
8....I had lasik eye surgery four years ago & was one of the best decision of my life
9....I have blue-green eyes...that change colors depending upon the amount of light in the atmosphere...most people always comment on my eyes
10...I have 3 brothers & 1 sister...who I love with all my heart
11...I lived in the mountains for 12 years without electricity or phone
12...I lived in a teepee for a summer in the mountains of Colorado
13...I love campfires
14...I taught Outdoor Education in the mountains which changed my life
15...I support artists...by buying their creations
16...I was married to a musician in a band...
17...I love listening to live music
18...My first job was a waitress...& had many waitress jobs since
19...I even waitressed at my nieces restaurant for the 6:00 breakfast shift on Saturday mornings for almost 2 years to help her out (even though I teach full time)
20...I respect waiters & waitresses
21...I am a devoted Aunt to 8 nieces & 3 nephews...
22...I never had children because I was concerned about over population
23...I have had vegetable gardens for many years off & on of my 59 years of life
24...I meditate
25...A spiritual life is very important to me
26...I lived in Hilo Hawaii for 4 years in my 20's which changed me forever
27...I danced ancient hula
28...I received a Hawaiian name (even though I am houli (white)) from a Hawaiian Kumu
29...I love France & have been there twice
30...I have been to Holland
31...New Mexico, the land of Enchantment, is a place I want to return to
32...I am best friends with my ex-husband...he calls me his soul mate & I agree...just can't be married to him
33..."33" is my favorite number
34...I have a male best friend that has nothing to do with sex
35...I live alone on the edge of a mountain
36...My birdbath & the visiting birds provides deep pleasure & happiness to me
37...I am a dedicated 8th grade teacher who pours my life into my students
38...I am a storyteller...while in college & newly divorced, I made money telling stories to pay the rent & buy food
39...I opened & ran a nature center at a resort for over a decade
40...I have done "body printing"....printing your body on canvas with paint...
41...I haven't eaten beef or pork since I was 18 years old
42...I love red wine
43...I believe in Astrology as a "tool" & have progression readings every 5 or 6 years just to get an insight to what's going on
44...I believe everyone should vote
45...I have never owned a dryer...rather, I hang my clothes on a clothesline...& get creative during the winter time
46...I have never had a dishwasher...would not know how to operate one
47...I am active: hike, do jazzercise, swim, kayak, walk, yoga, & love to dance
48...I will drink champagne in the morning while on vacation
49...My dad died when I was 10 years old
50...I thought this would be hard...but could continue for another 50 things...LOL
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Hello seagoat2. I just read your random Fifty Things About You. Item 32 caught my attention. I would like to think that this could happen more often but it doesn't. My marriage broke up after my wife had an affair. After avidly denying that anything was going on she left abruptly and moved in with the prime suspect on the very same day. Due to the circumstances the split was not very amicable. My lasting impression is that people who are unable to live reasonably and honestly WITHIN a relationship are equally unable to END a relationship reasonably and honestly. It takes two to tango, although my experience was more like a progressive barn dance!

We have..17 things in common!

...that is truly awesome...what is your favorite one that we have in common?...

Either: \"I have blue-green eyes...that change colors depending upon the amount of light in the atmosphere...most people always comment on my eyes\" Or \"I love red wine\" XD

....excellent, MrHazeinCherubsGrace...truly excellent!

Hmmm..I wonder how much more we have in common. State 5 more random facts about yourself.

...I am an avid reader...an excellent cook...absolutely love NYC ( was just there for 12 days)...fearless public speaker....and public radio supporter....

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Let's see what we have in common :)
9) Kinda. I have brown-green eyes, but they change colors depending on the light too, and a lot of people comment and have even gotten lost in my eyes xD It's creeped me out a few times! haha! But always a nice comment :)
10) I also have 3 brothers and 1 sister, who I love with all my heart! The youngest boy is 2, and I am the oldest with my sister being my twin.
20) I like to believe I respect them. Waiters/waitresses have to deal with some pretty rude people sometimes! I try not to be one of those people.
24) I pray every morning and night, pray an extra rosary daily, and spend some time reading the Bible daily also. I'm pretty sure this goes under meditate :)
34) Hey! Me too! xD I noticed I don't really get along with girls much so most of my friends are guys.
37) Not sure if this counts, but I'm considering learning to teach art. Not sure which age group I'm leaning towards, but middle school has been in my mind a few times.
45) I never had a dishwasher either. I don't think I'd every want one anyway. My mom's gives her dishes a cloudy look. haha! I'm comfortable washing by hand as long as my dad and sis don't let the dishes pile up so much! xD
lol. Just trying to find out what we have in common from this, I want to try it. Maybe I will sometime, but I've gotta get going now. This was fun. Sounds like you've had quite some fun!

You are so groovy! :)

...hahahahahaha ...I love the word groovy & it was definitely part of the lingo of my youth...I too meditate daily...and appreciated your namaste...I am calling it a night..grateful & worthwhile meeting U tonight....I hope to add more writings this summer when school is out & read yours ...

sleep well.

Now I wonder what you eyes really look like! = )

...exactly as stated...depends on the light...tonight they are a bit blood shot...12 hour school day...had the 8th grade parent mtg tonight...I am zapped...mahalo for taking the time to read my musings run2345...

You have certainly led a most interesting life and love your energy.

Hey I love many forms of dancing and I'm certainly liking the ancient hula dance. From what I've seen it tends to be a little slower and graceful than other forms of hula. I would love it if my hips moved like these Hawaiian hula dancers (the clip is not ancient hula). Chance would be a fine thing (((giggles)))


I think my back would give up on me if I tried this but I think I may go and practice, lol...

....that is "tahitian" dancing....yeah...ancient hula is different...need very strong thighs....THOSE I have....LOL...

I have strong thighs too, but those hip movements, dayum, lol... I remember the first time I saw those kind of hip moves, I was probably about 6 years old and watching the opening credits for Hawaii-Five-O, lol..

You have been living a very commendable life- Inspiring!

...so, so, kind is your remark...mahalo, omnielementalgirl...it is appreciated.

You seem like a very interesting person... :)

...I really appreciate you even taking time to read this...Mahalo for accepting me as a friend...I have seen you off & on over the past few months & always enjoy your answers...

Lol. You're the first to read me that long and think this way. You're brave... lol.


....mahalo for even taking the time to read it...lol

I cant wait to read the next 50..haha

...hahaha...well, when you are a seasoned woman, as myself, I realized I had MANY one sentences to describe myself....it could go on & on & on...LOL...mahalo for taking time to read this...

You are welcome. I enjoyed it.

Are you a Sagittarian? That would explain the goat part of your name. The name Aloha girl made me think that you were native Hawaiian before I read that you lived there for 4 years in your 20's which changed you forever. I know from your story about your 8th grade 'at risk' student, to which I posted a late reply today, that you are a dedicated teacher who pours your life into your students. I lost my dad when I was young too. My mum divorced him claiming drunkenness and cruelty as grounds, in the days before Australia adopted pan-American no fault divorce. I made contact again in my early 20's. I think he was still bitter that I chose to live with my mum rather than him. What else can a six year old do? Perhaps I really lost him to alcoholism. A boy needs a dad. Your 8th grader is lucky to have a teacher who cares as much as you do.

...aloha, will999...Mahalo for reading my 50 things about me...
no, I am a Capricorn (symbol Seagoat)...with Leo rising & Aquarius moon...about Hawaii...interestingly, just yesterday my dearest friend from Hilo was here on the mainland (and this happens only about every 20 years) & just called me...so I spent the evening with her...now my home has three beautiful green (made from the leaves & vines of Hilo) in my home...that she made...she has danced ancient hula for 30 years now & has her own halau....Very sad to hear about your dad...& yes, what else can a six year old do...but pick that which nurtures him...a natural choice & I give you kudos for seeking him out...& most likely you did lose part of him (& he, part of his-self-not to mention his family) to alcoholism...a sad life...one that my mom & step-dad chose for many years...I feel very blessed to have become a teacher...when I was younger & my husband & I chose not to have children because of over-population (which is now causing the majority of problems in the world today)...I never dreamed I would ever divorce (his choice***)...and I have always loved children...sooooooo, I am a mom to humanities children...many whose folks could care less....& especially those 8th graders, who are some of the most challenging kids to work with because of their age, hormones, & stage of life. [***he married 3x since me...& we still remain the best of friends..just saw him this past week end...we make far better friends]...again, mahalo for such a thoughtful reply...I deeply appreciate it!

Hi again seagoat2. I read your '50 things about me' with interest, in particular that you are good friends with your ex-husband. Much of the bitterness and suffering usually associated with divorce is unnecessary. Very often divorce ends the marriage but the war goes on and nobody wins. I know from experience it can be very difficult to put disappointed expectations behind you and move on. But I know very few divorced people who manage to remain civil to one another and even fewer who could be considered friends. But best friends I find truly extraordinary. How can this be? I would settle for respect if I thought it was possible.

...we call each other soul mates...meaning our souls are kindred & have a connection...the first few years after the divorce, there was too much hurt & sadness & feelings of betrayal...but I did much inner work on forgiveness, etc...I became good friends with one of his wives (they were married 7 years)...we were married 12 years...& I will use the term "best of friends"...because we have come to each other's aid many times the past 20 years...we take pleasure in conversation & spending time with mutual friends...we share no children, so this is a relationship of choice. But, has never gone back to the physical since our divorce...he is in, yet, another relationship with a lovely woman who I have met several times...& like...He lives in another state about 6 months of each year for work...then back to the homestead here in SoCal....I guess it works because in the end, we value the friendship that our relationship was built upon...& yes, I know this is rare...

Hello again seagoat2. Thanks for listing 50 Things About You. I enjoyed reading them. I live down under (Melbourne, Australia) and do not understand the abbreviation 'SoCal'. Is that Southern California? Few intimate relationships end in lasting friendship. What a difference it would make to the world if that trend caught on. It makes me wonder if there was really any real friendship there at all when people spend the rest of their life harbouring ill feeling towards an EX. Perhaps the kind of thing that destroys marriage is usually toxic to friendship as well. All too often marriage is damaged by drugs & alcohol, violence and organised crime in my observation. These things usually do not make for lasting friendship either. I applaud your common sense decision to remain best friends with your ex husband. My long term GF and myself recently decided to separate on amicable terms. It is not an easy road to travel, then again long term hostility and resentment is costly and destructive financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. In my opinion fairness, reason and honesty always wins in life, love and yes, divorce (when necessary hopefully not too often).

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You seem to have lived a very fulfilled life, happy to hear you're still active.

....I appreciate your response...you are young & have your life before you...it's a GREAT place to be...not that you have asked me, but my advise is to always be willing to take risks, try something new...& keep a heart that is free from darkness...rather, cultivate love...(and this is not easy...for life puts people & circumstances that can make you negative & dark...& you have to do inner work to rid yourself of this....but it is so worth it)...

You're welcome, & I'm always grateful for good advise. I just got this new job, but I still want to do massage. Especially since that is what I went to school for. I have a pretty good grasp on staying positive, but would really appreciate suggestions about my "dual-job" problem.

...dual jobs are a reality of life...NEVER give up the massage...find ways to keep that going...but rent has to be paid...etc..keep "your intention" to massage full time (I have a dear friend living in the Petaluma area near San Francisco...she did dual jobs forever & finally has her own massage business that supports her full time...while going to school to become a teacher (my dream) I didn't start college until I was 36 years old....while doing that I opened a Nature Center at a resort on week ends...worked in a Health Store...did storytelling for scout groups...(you get the picture)...all the while, keeping my dream alive!....[yeah, I could tell you have a good grasp on being positive...me, too...just know many who just hang onto the darkness]....so...do your job...& maybe start cultivating a few clients...go to their place...don't know your situation...but...does this help?

Yeah, especially the part about your friend. I think I'll keep it up & just do both. I already have started to go to people's homes though. But since I'm living in a new city, finding clients has been a little difficult. It's also encouraging to hear about you pursuing your dream as well. Thanks.

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