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Here Goes Nothin'..

I'm not one to really talk about myself, so this shall be interesting.
50 things about me and not in any particular order. =]

1. The first book I read was 'Alice In Wonderland'. I remember reading it until the pages withered..

2. In my world, it is ALWAYS tea time!

3. I'm good with my hands, I like to craft.

4. When I really like a song I will listen to it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over..*you get the point*

5. I'm highly aware of my surroundings and very self-aware. Paranoia much?

6. If I could have dinner with Diane Arbus and Edvard Munch, that would make me irrationally happy. *But that will never happen..sigh..*

7. I am very friendly, but try to get me to talk about anything serious about moi and it will be like obtaining super hero just won't happen.

8. I have loved many but only been in love once.

9. I like making words up. *snugglewugglepumkinwuss* Don't you dare judge me.

10. I believe silence is powerful.


12.I idolize true friendship. I don't make close friends real dexterously, but when I do, I don't let them go easily.

13. I'm barefoot whenever possible.

14. I dance A LOT when no one is looking.

15. I love all animals. I'm particularly fond of Turtles, Elephants, and cats.

16. I love to Dream.

15. The best way to get me out of a funk is to turn on the music.

16. My mother had 5 children. I was her 3rd favorite.

17. I remember being taken to see a Ballet as a child. I remember being very fascinated by it. I can't remember the name of the play though..

18. I have a problem with procrastination.

17. I don't believe in love at first sight.

18. I think about my mistakes.

19. I am much more empathetic than I am sympathetic . I feel what is being said, instead of just merely understanding it..and probably to a fault..I have to work on that..

20. I have never seen Casablanca before.

21. I have baggage.

22. I am writing this at work because I have nothing else to do (at the moment).

23. I love to read. Especially when it's cold and rainy and I'm inside.

24. I can't sing, but I still love to anyway. =]

25. I don't like being tickled.

26. I like music with sad lyrics. This does not make me permanently depressive, however.

27. I am not competitive.

28. Despite the unreliability, expense and disrepair of the subway, I am still stoked that I only have to wait 4 minutes for a train.

29. I like to walk.

30. I relish starry nights.

31. I swear too much. *I am consciously making an effort to use my inside voice*

32. I skip breakfast. A LOT.

33. I thank God for alarm clocks.

34. I'm listening to 'Catch The Wind' by Donovan right now.

35. If I don't do something myself..I'll feel like it wasn't done right. Therefore, I have a problem with Control.

36. I love to laugh.

37. I like touching, but I don't like being touched. Don't judge meh.

38. I love to cook.

39. I enjoy cleaning and organizing.

40. Sometimes, all I want to do is write.

41. I love easily. But I have a problem with being loved.

42. I like eye contact.

43. I prefer salty over sweet.

44. I love candles.

45. The Ocean scares me.

46. I love to stay up doing whatever I please.

47. I frequently get headaches/migraines.

48. I can't believe I made it to fact #48

49. I will give as much energy and attention as another is giving to me.

50. My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter.

Side Note: This was harder than I thought. =p
MadamElle MadamElle 26-30, F 5 Responses Nov 19, 2012

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Sad songs make you happy. Yes me too,the y sate there is someone worse off than me.

11 = classic

So you love to cook, just not breakfast? Miss the most important meal of the day, lol.

where's number 11? :P great list :)

Loved it! Thanks for shedding light on yourself. Loved #10 leading to #11 its SO typical of you and your humor :)

I'm glad you like it. =)