Here goes,
1. I'm a lady, sometimes
2. I love animals
3. I don't think being vegan makes you love animals more
4. I have many pets
5. Most of them are rescues
6. Most people regard me with some form of skepticism during conversation
7. I like to say weird things and see how people react
8. I'm not a people person
9. I get along with animals better than with people
10. I still try to get along with people, sometimes
11. I have hair
12. There's a few specks of gold in my iris'
13. I write alot
14. I dream alot
15. I love to learn
16. I am a nutritionist
17. I graduated from an accredited university
18. I don't think that makes me better than anyone else
19. I ride horses
20. I used to play roller derby
21. I don't have many friends
22. The friends I have mean everything to me
23. I have a wide array of interests
24. I'm currently learning Japanese
25. I'm rusty but know French
26. Same for German
27. I don't like carnal approaches
28. I believe what I believe
29. I am honest
30. I love the truth
31. If you ask, I will tell you
32. I try to have a good attitude
33. People tell me I have a bad attitude
34. I try to be musical but fail
35. I think nature is beautiful
36. I would live in the woods
37. I want to travel
38. My hair needs to be cut
39. I love to read
40. I love to sleep
41. I have insomnia
42. People say I'm intimidating
43. I think people are intimidating
44. I am quiet
45. I feel comfortable in silence, even with strangers
46. I rarely smile, but I'm usually happy
47. Christmas is my favorite holiday
48. I have socks
49. I don't drink soda, sometimes
50. I just wrote 50 things
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I do your number seven to many people on a daily basis.

Why do people regard you with skepticism? Your 50 things are impressive.

Probably because I elicit that sort of attitude, somewhat on purpose ;)

A nutritionist?!?... what do you think of ketosis as a mechanism for weight loss?

One of the healthiest ways to live and lose weight :)

In fact, you might want to check out "The Milk Book". Don't be fooled- it's not entirely about milk, just mostly, and it has invaluable information about eating, and man's natural diet.

Neat. I did that and lost 45lbs. Lol