My Turn, My 50 Things :d

01. I'm genetically bald, it doesn't bother me.
02. I'm hyper-organized.
03. I'm terrified of heights. if you jokingly act as if you are going to push me. it will be your last time seeing or talking to me.
04. I'm very intelligent, but i'm not a genius.
05. I'm not socially-smart.
06. I'm Software Testing Engineer. I like it in theory.
07. I HATE cucumbers.
08. I speak French, English, Arabic, some Spanish, very little German.and from 1-10 in Italian.
09. My 1st foreign language is French not English.
10. I smoke and I like it.
11. I like drinking but do not do it often. I never drink neat.
12. I lived through a Riot-police-violent revolution.
13. My building was in a cross-firing zone several times.
14. I breathed in suffocating Teargas. Slept with vinegar bottle of my nose.
15. I constantly analyse everything I do and everything happening around me.
16. Sometimes my mind goes into an overdrives mode. Much like when your computer freezes.
17. I'm constantly self-aware of my penis and my teeth's cleanness.
18. I "discovered" ************ when I was 10 and found out what it was at 13. (I live in a sexually conservative country)
19. I like being touched by others.
20. I am an incredible procrastinator. As a result, my life has been one long, uphill battle to get myself to do things in a timely manner.*
21. My favorite thing to do is to talk about human behavior, sex and relationships.
22. I'm an INTJ personality-Type on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
23. I never watch horror movies. Hate them. such a waste of time.
24. I used to be obsessed with astrology regarding Scorpios and some other zodiacs. (I'm a Scorpio)
25. I prefer talking to and befriending women, much over men. all my close friends are women except 1.
26. My most preferred type of relationships is Close-Friends with Benefits.
27. I am not that kinky in real life, but the inside of my head is a highly perverted place.
28. I expose first my bad side and habits to people I meet, so they can save me the trouble if they do not like them and not initiate friendships.
29. I have a rare case of flat-feet in my left foot. Doing activities such as standing straight or for a longtime, peeing standing, walking distances and dancing is really painful.Hence I do not do them. Weird thing is: I do not feel bad about that :) .. well, sometimes! lol
30. I do not know how to dance. (as a consequence of the above point)
31. I've never had the chance to take a woman on a stereotyped official-date.
32. I'm sexually open-minded. No such thing as limits in bed.
33. I'm very honest. Partially because I'm too lazy to tell and maintain the lie.
34. I'm curious about nudism and some intimate activities such as poly or group-sex involving close-friends only. "Group-friends-with-benefits" if i may say..
35. I don't cook much, but when I do, I really slowly enjoy it
36. I want to Immigrate and live in Montréal-Region, Québec, Canada.
37. I take some online friends as real friends and plan to visit them around the world.
38. I like multiculturalism.
39. I do not enjoy monuments.
40. a record I'm proud of: I made my friend *** 42 times in a row including 5 ******* & 2 very intense ones. Credit to that also goes to her high sexual drive. (there were sleeping breaks of course)
41. My driving speed average is 120 km/h. yet i'm a very cautious driver.
42. I'm highly selective on people. Intelligence, sexuality and kindness are obligatory. Probably the reasons i'm single most of the time and probably the reason for my loneliness. no peers.
43. I live my life in a dynamic plan.
44. My mind draws all possible outcome scenarios of any situation or anything i'm thinking about. I lately developed some control over that.
45. I have a very small experience regarding relationships and dating.
46. I despise fights and physical violence. Yet, I will not stand still if i'm beaten.
47. I'm intolerant to injustice.
48. I'm the only one in my entire big family who has never traveled abroad. everyone did at least twice.
49. I have lived poorly my entire life despite the fact that my parents are well off. I had a terrible teenage and early 20s times.
50. I most thing I enjoy ever is receiving massages. Such a shame i have never received a professional one. Only twice I came close to proper ones.

Please note that i'm very apathetic about all of the above. No drama please. :)
sirscorpius sirscorpius
31-35, M
Dec 9, 2012